Different Types Of Data Recovery Software

Losing data from a hard drive, Pen drive, cell phone, or computer is a common thing. Now there are two reasons why one may lose data; the first one is that they have mistakenly deleted the files or it got deleted by itself due to some glitch. The second way to lose data is when the storage device gets physically damaged.

Recovering data in the first scenario is called logical recovery and in the second type, it is called physical recovery. If your storage device is physically damaged then you may need to take professional help. However, if the data was deleted due to some logical issues then you can recover it at home on your own with special tools known as data recovery software.

Now just like different types of recovery, there are different types of data recovery software as well. These different categories of data recovery software help you with the recovery of different types of data. Let’s talk about these different types of data recovery software in detail.

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Types of Data Recovery Software

types of data recovery software

1. Regular Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is a special type of computer program that allows you to recover deleted, corrupted, or inaccessible data from your storage device. It can be any device be it a hard drive, pen drive, etc.

A data recovery software scans the entire storage device to find the deleted or corrupted data. If the data is not overwritten yet, it will make it accessible to you so that you can restore it to your device and start using it again.

Some good examples of data recovery software are Stellar Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery, and Disk Drill.

2. Partition Recovery

There are various reasons why hard disk partitions may get deleted or lost. Some of the prominent reasons are malware attacks, sudden power loss, or accidental deletion. When a partition is deleted all the data stored in that partition is also deleted.

A partition recovery software not just recovers the lost partition but also the data stored in it and keep it in the same manner it was prior to deletion.

Some of the best partition recovery software are Minitool data recovery, Stellar Data Recovery, etc.

3. iPhone and Android Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software for Windows or Mac does not work on Android and iPhone. So you need a special type of data recovery tool that can extract the deleted data from the internal memory of your smartphone.

In the case of Android data recovery, you might need to root your phone because it won’t scan the phone without root permission. However, that’s not the case with an iPhone. Apart from recovering deleted files from the internal storage of the iPhone, a data recovery software also recovers data from iTunes and iCloud backup.

One of the best iPhone data recovery software is Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone and the best Android data recovery software is EaseUS MobiSaver which I have used so far.

4. Video Recovery Software

A Video Recovery software is a special data recovery tool that is specially built for recovering videos. A regular video recovery software might not be able to recover all types of videos which are were lost from the hard drive.

Apart from recovering a video, video recovery software can help you repair corrupted video files before recovering them. They even allow you to see the preview of the video before recovering them to your device so you can be sure that it’s the right video. Stellar Video Recovery is one of the best video recovery software out there.

5. Video Repair Software

A video repair software is different from a video recovery software because it does not let you recover a deleted video rather it repairs the severely corrupted video for you.

A good example of video repair software is Stellar Repair for Video which lets you repair severely damaged and corrupted videos easily. No matter if the corrupted video was shot on a DSLR, Drone, Smartphone, or any other device, it repairs them for you.

6. Image Recovery Software

Just like videos there a many image formats used on a daily basis, not all data recovery software can recover all types of images. Therefore you need a special tool that can recover each and every type of image.

PhotoRec, Stellar Photo Recovery, and AnyRecover are good examples of Image Recovery software.

7. Image Repair Software

Just like video repair, an image repair is a different software that does not recover the deleted image file rather it repairs the corrupted photos. Most of the time an image or data recovery software can recover a deleted photo but it cannot fix the images that got damaged while deletion or recovering them.

In such a case, an Image Repair software like Stellar Repair for Photo can help. It can fix pixilated, greyed-out, grainy, and fragmented photos easily.

What Are The Types Of Data Recovery? Verdict

As I have told you at the starting of the article there are two types of recovery; logical recovery and physical recovery. If you have lost data due to logical recovery then there are different types of data recovery software that can help you with recovering the data back.

However, if you have lost the data due to physical damage to your storage device then the chances to recover the deleted files are less. But you can take the help of a professional to retrieve your lost data from the damaged storage device.


What Is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of recovering your lost data from storage devices using a data recovery software.

Can Data Recovery Software Recover Data From A Damaged Hard Drive?

If the hard drive is damaged and can't be read by a data recovery software then you can't recover data from it.

Are All Data Recovery Software The Same?

Although all data recovery software work in the same way, they have different features which make them different from others.

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