How To Retrieve Snapchats You’ve Sent?

Snapchat remains one of the most liked social media apps to date, especially among the youth. Despite lots of dangers associated with Snapchat, it is praised for its privacy feature where a snap is automatically deleted after it is seen by the receiver.

But lots of people want to know “can I retrieve a Snapchat I sent” because a snap created using the Snapchat app is not saved on the phone. So people always want to see a snap they have sent but didn’t save. Well keep reading this article and I hope you will get an answer to your question about whether you can retrieve Snapchat you’ve sent or not?

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Can You Recover Snapchats You’ve Sent?

No, there is no official way to recover the Snapchat you’ve sent. I know this can be heartbreaking for you but that’s the truth. Once you have sent a message on Snapchat it cannot be retrieved.

However, you can ask the person on the other end to take a screenshot of the sent message and send it back to you. But since the photos are deleted once they are seen by the receiver, it’s always not possible to take a screenshot.

If you don’t want to lose the snap you’ve sent then you should save them before you send them to your friends. This way you will never lose your snaps. Here’s how you can save snaps before sending them to anyone on Snapchat.

How To Retrieve Snapchats You’ve Sent?

It’s easy to save your snaps before actually sending them to the other person. To do it you can follow the below steps.

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your phone and log into your account. If you are already logged in then you will land straight on your Snapchat app where you can capture snaps. If not then you will have to enter your username and password.

2. Now capture a snap on your phone by tapping the circular button. Tap once for a photo or press the button for some time to capture a video.

capture snap

3. Once the snap is captured, instead of directly sending the snap to someone, tap on the download icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.

save snap

4. It will ask you where you want to save the snap, in memories or memories & camera roll. Choose the second option.

camera roll

5. With this the captured snap will be saved on your device and you can see it even after sending it. Now simply tap on the Send To button and send the snap to anyone you want.

recover snap

So from next time whenever you send a snap make sure you save it in your memories or camera roll. So that you don’t have to look for other ways to retrieve Snapchat you’ve sent.

See Snapchat Sent & Received History

If you are still wondering how can I see all the Snapchat I’ve sent then sorry I have already told you that’s not possible. However, what is possible is that you can see the history of all your sent or received Snapchats. It will tell you the time of the Snapchat sent and also whether the Snap was a video or an image. If you want to know how to do that then here’s a quick tutorial for that.

1. Open Snapchat and log into your account. Now on the home screen tap on the profile icon at the top left corner. Now go to Settings and scroll down and tap on My Data.

snapchat settings

2. On the next screen, you will be asked to log in to your Snapchat account. You might be asked to verify the login using phone number or email id.

3. Under the My Data section you will be shown all the data which can be downloaded. Confirm your email and tap on the Submit Request.

submit request

3. In some time an email will be sent on your registered email ID. Click on the provided link and you will land on the file download page.


4. Click on the link to download the file. The file will be in an encrypted folder so it will be better if you open the file on your PC rather than on your phone.

snap history

5. After opening the file go to History and open it on any browser to check your Snapchat history.

So that is how you can see Snapchat history to find out to who did you send a snap to and when. It is a good feature that Snapchat provides to its user.

Can I Retrieve A Snapchat I Sent? Final Verdict

It would defeat the whole purpose of Snapchat if you could recover the sent or received snaps because unlike other social media apps it does not keep a log of your activities and that’s what makes it unique. So the answer is no, you can’t retrieve a Snapchat that you’ve sent.

But as a precaution, you can save a copy of the Snapchat before sending it to anyone by downloading the story on your phone. If you just want to recover the Snapchat history then that is possible using the My Data function of Snapchat.

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How Do You See Previously Sent Snapchats?

You cannot see previously sent Snapchat, there is no way to get them back.

Where Can I See My Snapchat Memories?

On the camera screen in Snapchat just do a swipe up and you will be able to see the Snapchat memories.

Does Snapchat Save Everything?

Snapchat deletes all your snaps from their server in 30 days.

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