5 Best Data Recovery Software For Windows PC

With the rise of smartphone and computer users worldwide the demand for good data recovery software is also on a rise. As with growing digital users, the issue of data loss is also increasing.

To recover your lost data you need good professional data recovery software that can retrieve data from all data loss scenarios. However, when you search online you will find hundreds of such software, claiming themselves to be the best.

But we know that not all software are the same while some actually work but some are just a waste of money. And therefore after testing some software on our own, we bring to you the list of the 5 best data recovery software for Windows that won’t let you down.

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Best Professional Data Recovery Software For Windows PC

1. Stellar Data Recovery Software

stellar professional data recovery software

The first software on our list is the Stellar Data Recovery software. It is one of the easiest and most powerful data recovery software for Windows. It can restore any form of deleted or lost data be it documents, multimedia, archive folders, etc. from your computer.

Besides recovering data from the internal storage of your PC, it can also help you retrieve data from externally connected devices such as Pendrive, hard disk, SD cards, etc.

Also, it supports data recovery from a crashed PC and CD/DVD drives. So, even if your computer is not booting up or your DVD got corrupted, you can still recover data from it using Stellar Data Recovery software.

The software uses advanced scan modes that dig deep into your memory locations to find files that were deleted due to different data loss scenarios. These include virus attack, careless deletion, power failure, or any other unavoidable circumstances. As long as your data is not replaced by some new data, it can recover it back for you even if it was deleted a decade ago.

The software does take some time when you run a deep scan test on your device’s memory location. But the time taken is worth it because it has a high accuracy rate of finding the lost files in the deep scan mode. We would highly recommend it to you if you want professional data recovery software that can recover any type of data from your Windows 10, 8, or 7 PC.

Key Features Of Stellar Data Recovery Software

1. Dual Scan Modes

Stellar gives you two scan modes to choose from based on your data recovery requirements. The first mode is the quick scan mode, which takes no time and shows results within a few seconds. But this mode only scans the memory from the surface and only recover recently deleted data. While the second mode which is the deep scan mode completely scans the memory location and recovers the lost data due to various scenarios.

2. Pause/Resume Scan

resume recovery stellar

Data recovery can take some time based on the size and complexity of your device’s location. Therefore, you get the pause and resume feature on this software that lets you stop an ongoing scan and resume it later from the same point. This saves a lot of time and effort and lets you recover data from an ongoing scan session.

3. Preview

preview of stellar

After recovering the files, this software allows you to see the preview of the files before restoring them to your device. This helps you to know whether it has actually recovered the file or not. The preview also helps you to locate and identify the nameless files.

4. Repair Distorted Images And Videos

Images and videos may get corrupted or distorted due to improper handling or careless deletion. But don’t worry this software can repair the distorted image and videos for you.


stellar pricing

Stellar Data Recovery software is available in three versions Standard, Premium, and Professional. The Standard version of this software will cost you $49.99 while Premium and Professional versions are priced at $79.99$99.99 respectively.

The professional version has all features available in the Premium and Standard version including photo and video repair function. The premium version has all features of the standard version along with the ability to recover data from a corrupted PC.

  • Easy to use software
  • Can recover data from internal as well as external storage
  • Has preview function
  • Supports data recovery from corrupted and unbootable PC
  • Lets you save the ongoing scan session
  • Takes time to completely scan a device

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2. EaseUS Data Recovery Software For Windows

Easeus data recovery software for windows

EaseUS is a big name in the data recovery industry and has been functional since 2004.  They have a lot of utilities among which one is EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Windows that lets you recover data from your Windows PC in a few simple steps.

The software is very powerful and can recover data that was lost or deleted due to any given scenario. However, what made us recommend this software to you is its clean UI and easy-to-understand dashboard. This makes it easier for you to recover data even if you have no prior experience of using professional data recovery software.

Much like Stellar Data Recovery software it also lets you restore a file from the internal storage of your Windows PC or from any other external device connected to it. Moreover, it has dual scan modes that help you run quick and advance scans on the memory location, which overall increases the chance of recovering the lost files.

Moreover, it has a lot of filter options that let you easily find the file of your interest among thousands of other files recovered during the scanning process. Stellar doesn’t provide this many filter options which is a good thing about EaseUS software.

Also, it allows you to retrieve up to 2 GB of data for free. This is also what makes this software different from others because not many data recovery software provides you data recovery for free. They do provide a trial version but don’t allow you to recover data from it for free. So, there is one more reason why you should consider EaseUS Data Recovery software over others.

Key Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

1. Advanced Scan Modes

Quick and advanced scan modes on this software are super useful when it comes to recovering your files deleted due to different data loss scenarios. If you have recently deleted the file, you can run a quick scan to recover it. However, if any file went missing from your PC due to power failure, virus attack, or any such data loss conditions then you can run the advance scan for it.

2. Save and Load Scan Session

Save and resume scan easeus

With this feature, you can pause a progressing scan session if it is taking too much time and load it later to resume the scan from the same place you left it. This way you don’t have to scan the same location again and again, which is very time-consuming and frustrating as well.

3. Preview The Recovered Files

At the time of restoring the recovered files back to your device, EaseUS Data Recovery software shows you the preview of the files so that you don’t restore the wrong files by mistake.

4. Repair Corrupted Images And Videos

repair images

This software also repairs the corrupted image and video files that no longer play or open on your computer. It automatically detects and repairs video and images that are distorted due to some reason. However, the accuracy of repairing the video and images is not very high.


pricing of easeus data wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery is available in three different versions, Free, Pro, and Pro+Bootable. The free plan lets you recover and restore files up to 2GB.

The Pro version is priced at $69.95 per month while the Pro+ Bootable version is priced at $99.90 which lets you also restore data from a non-bootable PC. The pricing is a bit on the higher side but it is really worth it due to its various features and high data recovery accuracy rate.

  • Clean UI
  • Recovers data from all storage locations
  • Easy to find recovered files
  • Repairs video and images
  • Supports all file types
  • Expensive monthly plans
  • No CD/DVD recovery

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3. Wondershare Recovereit

Wondershare recoverit

At the third position on our list, we have yet another professional and advanced data recovery software out there. It is Wondershare Recoverit which lets you recover lost and deleted data from your PC running on the Windows operating system.

Like the other two data recovery software we have listed above, it can also retrieve data from the internal as well as the external locations. It supports data recovery from all sorts of external devices and of any file type be it audios, images, documents, videos, etc.

Wondershare claims that they support 1000 file types, which we cannot validate. Obviously, because it’s not possible to test so many file types. But we were able to recover all file types that are widely used in daily life like PDF, Jpeg, MP4, MP3, etc.

It also provides you the option to recover data from a specific folder or location in your PC like recycle bin, desktop, or any other folder. This feature saves you from scanning a complete partition if you know from which folder or particular location you have lost the files.

With the advanced version of this software, you can even repair corrupted video. This makes it a great tool for videographers and content creators who are always looking for ways to recover corrupted video files.

Key Features Of Wondershare Recoverit

1. Quick and Advance Scan

Like other data recovery software, you also get double scan modes on this software. The quick scan doesn’t take a lot of time. While the deep scan mode can take hours to complete based on the complexity of the memory location but it ensures that all your deleted files are recovered.

2. Advanced Video Recovery

Advance video repair

Sometimes the software may not be able to repair the corrupt video file while recovering it. In such cases, you can use the advanced video recovery feature of this software. It scans the location for deleted video files and matches the fragments of the damaged video files and tries to repair the corrupted videos.

3. Recover During Scan

This feature is helpful when you have already recovered the file at any time during the scanning process. You can pause the process and recover the files on your device and don’t have to wait for the entire scan to complete.

However, it doesn’t allow you to save the scan session, so you cannot resume the scan later. Either you have to complete it at the same moment or rescan the entire location the next time.

4. Preview And Filter Option

Finding a file after recovering it is as tough as recovering it in the first place. Because after recovery we are left with a heap of lost and deleted files out of which most are of no use to us. But with the preview and filter option provided on the Wondershare Recoverit, you can easily find and restore your lost files.


wondershare recoverit pricing

It is available in the Free, Essential, Standard, Advanced version. While the free version only lets you recover up to 100 MB of data, the restriction is lifted in the Essential version as it lets you download unlimited data at a cost of $59.95/yearly. The Standard and Advanced versions cost you $69.95 and $79.95 yearly respectively. You can also buy the plans on a monthly retainer or for a lifetime.

  • Easy to use software
  • Lets you recover data from a specific folder and locations
  • Easy to find recovered files
  • Video repair option
  • Can recover any file type
  • Cannot save the scan sessions
  • No photo repair functionality

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4. Advanced Disk Recovery For Windows

Advanced disk recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery is an undelete tool from Sysytweak and it allows you to recover the deleted data from your Windows PC. You can recover the deleted data from partitions, hard disks, external devices using this lightweight software.

It provides you two scan options, quick scan, and deep scan. While a quick scan is enough for recovering recently deleted items. The deep scan on the other hand scans the memory location sector by sector to recover even the oldest deleted data.

What we really like about this software is its UI, which is different from all other data recovery tools we have reviewed yet. It kind of gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can recover and restore your deleted data back to your computer. It’s a software to go for if you a beginner and are not well versed with using utility tools.

Also, you can change the scan and filter settings on this software according to your needs, which helps you customize the tool for better usability. Overall, if you want an easy-to-use data recovery tool for recovering data from your Windows PC then you can also consider this software.

Key Features Of Advanced Disk Recovery

1. Effective Scanning Modes

Scan modes

Recovering a deleted file from your computer may be tough, but not with the effective scan modes on Advanced Disk Recovery. With this undelete tool, you can recover intentionally and unintentionally deleted data within a matter of some time. The quick scan mode can recover the temporarily deleted files in a few seconds while the deep scan mode takes its time to recover files that are complex to recover.

2. Filter and Review Options

There are lots of filter options you get to see on this software that allows you to easily locate the deleted file after recovering it from the memory location. Similarly, you can review the files before restoring them to your device which reduces the chance of you retrieving the wrong files.

3. Recover From Formatted Devices

If you have a formatted drive you can also recover data from it using this software which is one of its highlights. Be it internal or external formatted or corrupted drives it can recover data from all.

4. Undelete All Types Of Data From All Types Of Devices

Be it images, videos, documents, audio, etc. this software can recover it all for you. Also, it supports data recovery from all devices for example a MicroSD card, Pendrive, CD/DVD drive, or more.


Advanced disk recovery price

The software is originally priced at $69.95 but you would mostly find it at a discounted price of $39.95 annually. However, we were not able to find the monthly and lifetime plan on it which is strange. Nonetheless, if you can get it at $39.95 for a year then it’s a great deal.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scan and filter options
  • CD/DVD drive recovery
  • Save the scanning progress for later recovery
  • Supports data recovery from all device locations
  • No video and photo repair
  • No monthly plan

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5. AnyRecover For Windows

Any recovery

To end our list, we have yet another highly functional and advanced data recovery software for Windows. It is the  AnyRecover tool that gives you the most options in terms of locations to scan.

You can scan locations such as internal hard drives, externally connected devices, lost partitions, specific folders on your computer, crashed computer, and even virtual disk drives. So as long as compatibility is concerned this software is a clear winner.

Also, like every other software on this list, it also lets you recover the data in three simple steps; select the location, scan the location, and finally recover the lost data.

It runs a quick scan followed by a deep scan on your selected location and ensures that your data is recovered irrespective of the data loss scenario. The scan does take some time but if you have found the files you can pause the scan in the middle and recover the file without continuing further. However, you don’t get the option to save the scan session for later scanning as you get on the EaseUS, Stellar, and Any Disk Recovery software.

But you do get lots of filters and a preview option on it that makes locating recovered files a cakewalk. Overall, it is a pretty decent data recovery software that can help you recover your lost data from all sorts of memory locations.

AnyRecover Key Features

1. Dual Scan Modes

It can scan your selected locations with a quick scan followed by a deep scan, making sure you recover the lost files irrespective of how you lost them.

2. Supports Multiple Locations

It supports data recovery from almost all locations, be it internal, external, or even formatted partitions. So no matter from where you have lost your file this software can recover it for you.

3. Easy To Sort Recovered Files

Filter options

With its different filter options like file status, file modified date, search operator, etc. it is easy to sort and locate recovered files. Also, there is a preview option on it that lets you preview the recovered files before restoring them to your computer.

4. All File Types Supported

This software supports over 1000 file types. You can recover documents, audio, images, videos, and graphics using AnyRecover software.


AnyRecover pricing

AnyRecover software is available in 3 plans, monthly, yearly, and lifetime. The monthly plan will cost you $49.95, whereas the yearly and lifetime plans cost you $59.95 and $79.95 respectively. However, all the plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the software you can get a full refund.

  • Lightweight and simple to use software
  • Let you scan multiple locations
  • Easy to locate recovered files
  • All file types supported
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No image and video recovery
  • Don’t let you save scan sessions

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Final Verdict: What Is Really The Best Data Recovery Software For Windows?

So this was our list of the best data recovery software for windows. All these software are safe to use and are lightweight enough to run on even old Windows PCs. However, your computer must meet their minimum requirements.

If you want to use the most advanced and professional data recovery software then you can go with Stellar or EaseUS Data Recovery Software. They have all the features you would ever need to recover any kind of file. The rest three software are equally good but they have some features missing, so we can’t recommend them to someone who is looking for the most advanced data recovery software.

However, no matter what software you use if your data is overwritten by new data then you cannot recover it. So make sure you show some urgency and try to recover the file as soon as it is deleted. This way you have a higher chance of recovering deleted or lost data.


What Is The Best Professional Data Recovery Software?

Stellar and Easeus Data Recovery software has all features that make them the best data recovery software.

Does Data Recovery Software Really Work?

Yes, as long as your data is not overwritten by new data you can recover it using data recovery software.

Can You Retrieve Permanently Deleted Files From Your Computer?

Yes, using data recovery software you can recover a permanently deleted file, but there is no 100% surety of it.

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