7 Best Partition Recovery Software For Windows

Disk partitions are very helpful in properly storing your data for quick and easy access from a hard drive. However, if the partition gets corrupted all your data stored in them becomes inaccessible all of a sudden. There can be many reasons why your disk partition may get corrupted, out of which the most prominent ones are virus attacks, sudden power loss, physical damage, or due to creation of bad sectors.

But, irrespective of how your partitions become inaccessible you can still recover your data from them using partition recovery software. However, there are plenty of such software in the market, picking one from them is an overwhelming task. But don’t worry we have created a list of the best Windows partition recovery software to make the decision easier for you. So without wasting any more time let’s get started!

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Partition Recovery Software Comparison Table

SoftwareVerdictUSPCheck On Official Site
Disk DrillBest Overall* Powerful partition recovery tool
* Support all file formats
* Data protection and backup
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EaseUS Partition RecoveryEasy To Use* Simple UI
* Recovers entire partition
* Shows preview
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TestDiskFree Partition Recovery Software* Recover all partition formats
* Fix partition issues
* Open source program
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MiniTool Partition RecoveryAll-In-One Partition Recovery Software* Manage and recover partitions
* Preview of recovered content
* Select scanning range
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Best Partition Recovery Software For Windows 10

1. Stellar Data Recovery Software

Stellar data recovery

The first software that we would like to recommend for lost partition recovery is Stellar Data Recovery software. It is one of the most powerful Windows data recovery software with advanced algorithms that scans your drive for lost disk partitions and recovers data from them. Stellar can effectively fetch data from RAW, inaccessible and corrupted disk partitions using its deep scan mode.

Moreover, it can recover data from all partition types including NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and more. What’s amazing is that it can even let you recover data from an encrypted drive or from an unbootable PC.

Besides recovery, the software also allows you to create a backup of your drive so that you can recover partitions from it even if the drive is lost or damaged. Overall, Stellar Data Recovery is among the best partition recovery software out there that you can go for. Click here to learn more about the software.

  • Supports all major file formats
  • Has advanced scanning modes
  • Can recover data from raw, corrupted, and deleted partitions
  • Recovers partitions form encrypted drives

  • No partition management
  • Deep scan takes a lot of time

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2. Disk Drill

best partition recovery software

Second, on our list, we have Disk Drill, a complete data recovery solution that not just recovers data from all data loss scenarios but also provides data backup and protection services. It has a powerful algorithm that digs deep into your memory location and finds out all the lost data which is not yet overwritten.

If you have a drive with RAW or corrupt partition then Disk Drill can very well recover data from it for you. Moreover, you can create a byte-to-byte image of the disk so that you can later recover the partition from that image even if the disk fails. Also, it supports the recovery of all types of partitions including a logical, MBR, NTFS, or primary partition.

It even lets you recover any type of data from the partition be it video, images, audio, documents, and more. You can even see the preview of the data in the recovered partition before restoring it to your device. So overall Disk Drill is a great tool for recovering deleted or lost partitions and it even lets you recover up to 500 MB of data for free which makes it a great choice. Check our Disk Drill review to learn more.

  • Has powerful algorithm that recovers data from all scenarios
  • Easy to operate
  • Lets you create a backup of your drive
  • Supports all partition formats
  • Great UI
  • Free version only recovers up to 500 MB of data
  • No partition managment function

Click Here to Try Disk Drill

3. EaseUS Partition Recovery

Easeus partition recovery software

EaseUS is one of the most trusted data recovery companies in the world. They have products for all sorts of data loss problems like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for PC, EaseUS MobiSaver for Android, and similarly EaseUS Partition recovery for recovering lost partitions.

This software, not just recovers lost data from a partition but also recovers the file structure so you don’t have to reorganize all the files after recovering them i.e. with EaseUS partition recovery you can recover entire partitions and not just the data stored in them.

It runs a quick scan followed by a deep scan to find all the lost partitions on your drive. The scanning process may take a long time but if you find the desired partition in the middle of the scan you can pause and recover it without completing the entire scanning process. Overall, EaseUS Partition Recovery is one of the best partition recovery software you can go for.

  • Recover partitions from all data loss scenarios
  • Provides a free trial
  • User-friendly software
  • Shows preview of recovered files
  • Expensive plans

Click Here to Try EaseUS Partition Recovery

4. TestDisk

free partition recovery software

Fourth on our list, we bring you the best free partition recovery software and it is called TestDisk. The software is free but at the same time very powerful and can convert non-bootable partitions into bootable partitions. So if you are unable to retrieve your data from unbootable partitions then TestDisk can prove to be a helpful solution.

It can fix partition tables, rebuild boot sectors, recover deleted and lost partitions and solve many such partition-related issues. However, it is based on a command-line interface similar to CMD so it’s not feasible for beginners. Also, there is no preview function like you get on most of the premium partition recovery software.

However, the good thing is that the software is open source which means it can run on any operating system be it Windows, Mac, or Linux. So overall if you have knowledge of the command line and want to recover deleted partitions for free then TestDisk is a great option.

  • Free to use
  • Works on all operating systems
  • Support all file types
  • Recovers deleted data and partitions
  • Not easy to use
  • No preview function

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5. Minitool Partition Recovery

partition management and recovery

The Minitool Partition Recovery is a one-stop destination for all partition-related issues. Not only does it recover deleted partitions but also helps you manage your partitions by deleting, resizing, and manipulating them. It has quick and deep scan modes that thoroughly scan your drive for lost partitions and deleted data.

Also, it shows a preview of the content in the partition in advance so that you can confirm before recovering. Moreover, it also gives you the ability to select the scanning range like Full Scan for scanning the entire disk, Specified Range for scanning the selected sectors, and Unallocated space which only scans the free space on the drive.

This software is also available for free to use. However, the free version has very limited features. You can only manage the partitions for free but if you want to recover lost partitions and data then you have to buy its paid plans. Overall, MiniTool Partition Recovery is a versatile partition software that does more than just recovering lost partitions for you.

  • Can recover lost files as well as partitions
  • Lets you manage your partitions for free
  • Advanced scan modes for recovering deleted partitions due to different scenarios
  • Allows you to scan the specific sectors
  • Free version lacks most features

Click Here to Try MiniTool Partition Wizard

6. DiskGenius


DiskGenius is an all-in-one data recovery software that also provides hard drive management services. You can use it to recover data/partitions from your drive as well as manage partitions on it by extending, splitting, and resizing them without losing any data.

Besides that, DiskGenius also allows you to clone your hard disk and create its image to keep a backup of all your data and partitions in it. Also, you can even fix some issues on your drives such as repairing bad sectors on it, converting dynamic disk to basic, and a lot more. However, unlike other software on this list, you don’t get a monthly or yearly subscription on DiskGenius you can only buy it for a lifetime. It may be a problem for some but most users will still be fine with it.

Overall, DiskGenius is one of the most feature-rich partition recovery software and everyone must have it installed on their computer if they care about their data. However, its UI looks old school and lacks that modern touch that most other software on this list have, but that shouldn’t be a problem either as long as it works properly.

  • Lets you manage your partitions for free
  • Effectively recovers lost partitions and data
  • Allows you to create an image of your drive
  • Can repair bad sectors on hard drive
  • Old school dashboard
  • No monthly or yearly plans

Click Here to Try DiskGenius

7. DiskInternals Partition Recovery

diskinternal partition recovery

Last but not least we have the DiskInternals Partition Recovery software, which is advanced software that can recover data and lost partitions from different data loss scenarios. It is special because it has three scanning modes which give the user more power to recover the deleted partitions. The three modes consist of Fast Scanning, Full Scanning, and Readers Mode respectively.

The Fast Scanning as the name suggests recovers the deleted files in a quick session. However, it only recovers deleted data from the partition but does not build the file system. The full scanning mode scans your drive completely and recovers data as well as the lost partition itself. However, it does take more time. The Reader Mode on the software allows you to restore files from an unreadable or corrupted hard drive.

Moreover, DiskInternals is available for download on both Mac and Windows operating systems for free. But the free version lacks a lot of features, you need to upgrade to the pro version if you want to use the software to its fullest. However, it is one of the most expensive partition recovery software on this list so choose it only if your budget allows.

  • Supports all major file systems
  • Can read undetectable partitions
  • Available on both Mac And Windows OS
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive software
  • Allows limited trials in free version

Click Here to Try DiskInternals

Best Partition Recovery Software: Final Verdict

So that was our list of the best partition recovery software, all the software on this list are capable enough of recovering your deleted files and lost partitions. However, the software you choose depends on factors like its price, compatibility with your device, and whether it is easy to use or not.

If you have no budget then you can definitely go with the free partition recovery software like TestDisk. However, it is not meant for beginners and has a steep learning curve. That’s why we recommend you to go with software that is easy to use and also allows you to manage your drive apart from just recovering data from it.


What Is The Difference Between Data Recovery And Partition Recovery Software?

There is not much difference as both allow you to recover lost data from your drive. However, in partition recovery software, you can also recover the lost partition with the data stored in it. While a data recovery software may not recover the lost partition but only recover the deleted data which was stored in those partitions.

Partition Management Vs Partition Recovery Software: What's The Difference?

A partition recovery software restores a lost partition and recovers deleted data from it. Whereas, partition management software only allows you to manage your partition by allowing you to extend its size, rename it, or format the partition. It does not recover lost partitions and deleted data for you.

Which Is The Best Partition Recovery Software?

Our top three favorite partition recovery software are Disk Drill, EaseUS, and MiniTool partition recovery software.

Can You Recover Lost Partitions For Free?

Yes, you can recover lost partitions for free using CMD and free partition recovery software like TestDisk. However, both are operated using command line hence they are not suitable for beginners.

Can Partition Recovery Software Recover Partitions From A Physically Damaged Drive?

No, partition recovery software cannot recover data from a drive that is dead or physically damaged.

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