EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review [Windows]

“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby

Whether you know Clive Humby or not, you have to agree with him on this quote. In today’s digital era, data is the most valuable asset of all. Therefore, you will see most software companies provide backup and data management services these days to help you manage and store your valuable data.

However, due to human or machine errors, data loss is a common phenomenon, and we all are affected by it at some point in time. But that’s where data recovery software comes to the rescue. The data recovery software runs a scan on your data storage devices and tries to find the deleted and corrupted files.

One such data recovery software is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which I will review today in this article. It’s one of the best Windows data recovery software out there, and I have heard many good things about it. So I thought to put it to the test to know how good it actually is. So let’s get started, shall we?

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Overview

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an all-rounder data recovery software that can effectively resolve all your data loss related problems with ease.

It can restore deleted data from hard drive partitions, and external devices. It can also recover lost data due to deletion or emptying of the Recycle Bin and corrupted files due to power failure, system crash, and virus attacks.

Moreover, it is a super easy software to use that recovers deleted or lost files in just three easy steps. You need not have prior experience in data recovery to retrieve lost data using this software.

EaseUS software is available for download on all Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. However, the pricing is different for all the variants, but you do get a free trial to check the software before investing in it.

Some of the cool features of EaseUS Data Recovery software that make it a great tool to find lost files on Windows are as follows:

Dual Scan Mode: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides dual scan modes: Quick and Advanced scan. You can choose one based on your data recovery preference.

Filters: EaseUS Windows Recovery software provides lots of filter options which makes it easy to choose your desired file among the plethora of other unwanted recovered items.

Repair Videos & Images: Media files may get corrupted in the process of deletion and recovery but EaseUS Data Recovery allows you to repair them with a click of a button.

What Is Good About EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

The first thing that I personally like about EaseUS Data Recovery is that this software is very user-friendly and hence quite easy to use. Even if you are a total beginner you will be able to recover data using it. Secondly, the software allows you to recover 2GB of data for free so you can test it before purchasing. Also, it can recover all types of data from internal as well as external memory, which is a good thing.

What Is Not Good About EaseUs Data Recovery Software?

In my opinion, it is slightly overpriced. Also, the software may take a lot of time to entirely scan the complete hard drive. In my test, I found that it does not complete the hardware scan at once but you can save your progress and start again from the same point.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Quick Review

As far as I am concerned, I really like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows. If you don’t care much about the price as long as the product works well then you will also love it. Moreover, it gives you a free demo so you can try it yourself without paying anything upfront.

The best part about the software is that it not just recovers deleted files but it even lets you repair corrupted videos and JPEG files and other image formats. Also, it’s really simple to use and there’s no learning curve to it. I would highly recommend this software to you. Also, if you have some time then do go through the detailed EaseUS Data Recovery review for better insight into the software.

Free TrialYes
Money Back Guarantee30 days
PriceStarts at $69.95
Supported Operating SystemWindows
Data Recovery Adviser Rating8.7

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Comprehensive EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Installation

EaseUS Installation

The good thing about this software is that it is easy to use software and easy to install. You need to download the software from the official EaseUS website. It’s a lightweight software that will be downloaded within a minute or so, depending on your current internet speed.

Once the software is downloaded, you need to launch it, and it will start installing. Remember you have to be on an active internet connection because the software downloads its resources from the internet. In a little time, the software will be completely installed and ready to use.

EaseUS Data Recovery Dashboard

Dashboard EaseUS

Data recovery is complicated, but the data recovery software shouldn’t be. And therefore, EaseUS has provided a super simple dashboard with a minimalist design and a beginner-friendly setup even a kid can operate.

The dashboard is divided into two parts Drives and Devices and Specify A Location. Under Drives and Devices, it shows you all the disk partitions on your PC and the external device connected to it.

While under Specify A Location, it allows you to select specific folders and locations on your PC like Desktop, Recycle Bin, or any other folder of your choice.


Overall it is one of the cleanest dashboard layouts I have seen on any of the recent recovery software. The dashboard allows even beginners to use this software without any external help.

Working Of EaseUS Data Recovery For Windows

This software’s working is straightforward and robust; it can recover even the oldest data if it is not overwritten. In my testing, I found that even data deleted years ago was in proper condition. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how this data recovery software works.

1. To use the software, you need to start by selecting the location or storage you want to scan. You can select any disk partition or folder on your PC, or you can also connect external devices like pen drives, SD cards, external hard drives, etc. to your computer for recovering data from it.

Select folder for scanning

2. Now, once you have selected the location and initiated the scan process, the software will start scanning the selected location for lost and deleted data.

It will perform two types of scans: the Quick scan and the Advanced scan. The quick scan results will be shown almost instantly, but you will have to wait for the advanced scan results for some time.

Recovered files

You can even pause the advanced scan in the middle if you have found your lost files already and recover them without even completing the scan.

3. Once all the lost files are found. You can select the ones you want to recover and then click on the Recover button on the bottom right corner of the dashboard to recover the selected files.

Easeus Data recovery Wizard review - Restore lost files

Note: You have to store the recovered files in a new location other than the file’s original location. If you recover the deleted file in its original place or folder, you may overwrite the existing data and lose all of it. So make sure you store the recovered files in some other/new place on your computer.


By performing just three steps, you will be able to successfully restore your lost and deleted data from the desired disks, partitions, folders, or external devices. Yes, it’s that simple.

Supported File Types

Supported Files

You can recover almost any type of file that exists in the Windows ecosystem with this software. It supports over 100 file types, so you don’t have to worry whether it will be able to recover your file or not. From audiovideodocuments, and pictures to archives, all types of files are recoverable using the EaseUS data recovery software.

It also supports prominent Windows file systems such as FAT, NTFS, and EXFAT, which allows you to recover data from all internal and external locations and devices. However, it does not support data recovery from optical disc drives, and that is its only shortcoming.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Features

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is loaded with features that help you recover your deleted files from different storage locations and devices. Here’s a list of all features that you’ll find handy while restoring your data.

1. Quick Scan

Quick scan results

The first important feature of this software is a quick scan that helps you recover recently deleted files in no time. When you scan a location on your computer, the quick scan automatically starts followed by the advanced scan.

However, the quick scan as the name suggests recovers the deleted files quickly and makes them available for recovery. But it will not be able to recover corrupted files, deleted partitions, and data that was lost due to system crashes or power failures. For that, you have to wait for the Advanced scan results.

2. Advanced Scan

Advanced scan results

The Advanced scan scans the desired location thoroughly by digging deep into it, and that’s why it takes more time. Now how much time it takes depends on the complexity and size of the location/device you are scanning.

In my testing, I found that it takes some time to recover files from formatted and crashed locations. Still, you can run it in the background and work on your computer as usual, and you won’t even feel a lag in the PC’s performance, and that’s because the software is lightweight and very well optimized.

Also, the good thing is you don’t have to wait for the entire scan to complete as you can pause or stop the advanced scan if you happen to have found the lost files in the middle of the running scan.

3. Save And Load Scan Sessions

Save scan session

Since the advanced scan takes a lot of time, it can be frustrating to scan the already scanned location again if you need it in the future.

But with the EaseUS data recovery software, you can save your scanning sessions and load them later whenever you need them. This way, you don’t have to rescan the already scanned location again and again, and you save yourself a lot of time and effort.

4. Search The File


Now once the scan is complete, you will be shown thousands or even hundreds of thousands of lost and deleted files. To find the file of your interest among a heap of files is not an easy task and therefore you get a search operator on this software from where you can search your file by typing its, name or file type/extension.

You can even search for the file if you only remember the half name of the file just type the name or file type like video, audio, document, etc. in the search box at the top right corner and hit enter.

5. Tags And Filters

Apart from the search, you can also use the Tag and Filter options on this software to locate your lost files. Once the scan is completed you will be shown thousands of files out of which 90 to 95% will be of no use to you. To find your specific file you can use the tag and filter option.



Some files also lose their name in the process of deletion. Now recovering such files can be a headache because you cannot even locate them by their names. And that’s where Tags comes to the rescue.

On the EaseUS software, all the nameless files are given a tag, or you can say are sorted differently in their respective file type folders. For example, all nameless audio files will be stored under the main Tags folder in the Audio subfolder. Similarly, all lost files without a name are accessible under the Tags folder, which makes locating files a simple process.


Filter options

The filter option is a bit different from the tag option as it shows you only specific types of files. If you want to recover a video file, you can apply the video filter, and then only the recovered video files will be shown which makes retrieving data a cakewalk.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters

The Advanced filter option is similar to the filter option but it’s just that it provides more filters like you can reorder the files by File Type, File Status, File Size, and Initial Letter of the file name. By doing so you make locating files even simpler for you.

6. Change The Way Files Shows Up

Large icons

There is one more option available on this software similar to one we find on Windows computers where you can change the way the information is shown on the screen. You can arrange the file by Details, Large Icons, or Preview Pane.

By default, the files are shown with details like name, size, date modified, etc., but you can change it to see large icons where you get to see a file with large thumbnails. Or you can even select the Preview Pane option to see the preview of the selected file or folder on the right side of the screen.

7. Preview


The preview option this software gives you is a great insight into the recovered files. You can preview the file before restoring it to ensure that the file is completely restored or not. Also, it tells you whether the file you are about to restore is the right file or not?

8. Repairs Corrupted Images And Videos

Repaired image

EaseUS Data Recovery software has a smart feature that automatically detects corrupted video and photos and it tries to repair them. While this feature doesn’t seem to work all the time but it’s still a good feature to have in data or photo/video recovery software.

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Overall Performance

I have tested this software on an old laptop that has 500GB storage and 2 GB of RAM; however, it ran easily on it; thus, it can run on any Windows PC.

For testing, I have deleted some files from our PC storage using Shift+Delete for permanently deleting the file and also used the normal delete option where the files are stored in the Recycle Bin.

In both cases, it was able to recover the file in the quick scan under the Deleted Folder. I also ran the Advanced Scan test on it to see if I could find some old lost and deleted files, and I was amazed to see the results.

It showed some files that were dating back to 2017. However, some of those files were corrupted due to overwriting, but I was still able to recover the files I wanted.

Also, I tried it on an external hard drive by formatting the data in it, and it was able to recover the formatted data in the deep scan mode. It took an hour and a half to scan a 256 GB external hard drive, but it was able to recover all file types including, images, raw files, deleted partitions, and much more.

Overall, the performance of this software is second to none, and as is a must-have for people who store a lot of data in their computer and other storage devices.

EaseUS Data Recovery Windows Pricing

EaseUS data recovery wizard cost

Paid Versions

The Windows version of this software that I am reviewing today in this article is available in two paid versions, the PRO and the PRO+ Bootable Media.

The Pro version starts at $69.95 per month. You can buy the Yearly subscription at $99.95, and for a lifetime, you can get this software for $149.95. In comparison, the Windows+ Bootable Media version starts at $99.90 per month. 

The difference between both paid versions is that the PRO+ Bootable version can create a bootable media/ USB for recovering data from a crashed device or a device that won’t turn up. You don’t get this feature on the PRO version, and that’s the only difference. The rest of the features are the same. However, you get technical support and assistance from the EaseUS team in emergency cases on both paid versions.


If you plan to use this software for a longer term, buying the lifetime version makes more sense. However, if you want it for a short period of time, you can get the monthly version of it.

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Free Version

Apart from the paid versions, there is a free version available for download that allows you to retrieve 2GB of lost data as advertised by EaseUS.

But in reality, you only get 500 MB of data recovery capacity at first. To get the remaining 1.5 GB of data recovery, you have to share this product on your social media platforms. You also don’t get customer support from the EaseUS technicians like you would get on paid versions here.


If you are not a professional IT guy or someone who runs a data recovery business, then the free version is good enough for you, considering you only have to recover your lost files less than 2GB in size.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review: Final Verdict

After testing this software for days, I have concluded that it really works. If your file is not overwritten, it will definitely dig deep into the storage and bring it back to life. The speed at which it works is also commendable as its deep scan takes less time than most top-rated software out there.

But what made me a fan of this software is its simplicity and that it uses fewer resources on your computer and quietly runs in the background without disturbing your PC’s performance.

So, overall if you are concerned about losing your data, then you must try this software for once, and we guarantee you that all your worries will be taken care of by this software.


1. Is EaseUS Data Recovery Free To Use?

EaseUS Data Recovery software is not free to use but you can use its free trial version to recover lost data up to 2GB.

2. Is EaseUS Safe To Use Or Not?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use.

3. IS EaseUS Made In China Company?

Yes, EaseUS is a Chinese software company.

4. Do They Provide Refunds?

Yes, EaseUS provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Windows


User Interface




Probability Of Finding Lost Files


Scan Speed




Value For Money



  • Lightweight software can run on even the oldest Windows PCs
  • Easy to use the software even a beginner can use it
  • It can restore data from internal and external storages devices
  • Supports over 100 file types
  • Shows a preview before recovering the file
  • It's easy to locate the recovered file using tags, search and filter options
  • Repairs images and videos


  • The monthly plan is expensive
  • No Optical device recovery
  • It can not scan the entire hard drive at once
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