Minitool Power Data Recovery Review: Is It Really Powerful?

Losing data is a very common problem that every PC and smartphone owners face in their day-to-day life. Therefore it is almost necessary that you have data recovery software installed on your computer all the time because who knows when you may need it. However, there are many data recovery software available on the internet but not all are the same. And therefore you need to be careful while picking one for yourself.

In this article, we bring you one professional data recovery software that you can blindly trust and its name is Minitool Data Recovery. To know more about it you can read this detailed Minitool Power Data Recovery review.

Minitool Power Data Recovery Overview

Minitool Data Recovery is a lightweight and easy-to-use data recovery software that can recover data from your computer or external devices that may have been lost or deleted due to human or system errors. It lets you recover 100+ file types that include videos, audio, photos, documents, and others. Moreover, the software can even help you recover data from your logically corrupted or physically damaged hard drive.

Overall, Minitool Data Recovery provides you all the features that you would expect from professional software. It even has a free trial that lets you recover up to 1 GB of data. To learn about the software in detail and whether or not you should buy it you can read our detailed review but if you are short on time you can skip to specific parts of the review by clicking on the links below.

System Requirements

As we have told you earlier that Minitool Data Recovery is a lightweight software and therefore has minimal system requirements. In fact, these are the lowest requirements that we have seen on any other data recovery software that we have reviewed. It is a good thing for people who are still using an old generation PC for some reason.

It can run smoothly on a computer that has at least 64 MB of RAM and 100 MB of free storage on its hard drive. Also, it is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems so there is no compatibility issue as such.

Minitool Power Data Recovery Installation

minitool power data recovery review

It is quite easy to install this software on your computer and you don’t need any technical expertise for that. Simply download the software from the official website of Minitool. It is only a 2 MB software so will be downloaded in the blink of an eye. Once the .exe file of the software is downloaded you just have to follow the normal software installation steps and it will be successfully installed on your computer.


Dashboard minitools

The dashboard of this software is pretty clean and straightforward. On the left side panel, you get the locations from where you can recover the lost data. These locations include This PC, Removal Disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive, and CD/DVD Drive. You can simply click on the location from where you want to recover the data and the software will start scanning that particular drive to find your lost files. Overall, the dashboard is easy to understand and use and we don’t think you should have any issue operating it.

Setting Up The Software


Before using the software for recovering lost files you can set it up according to your preference and the type of file you want to recover. By setting up the software before using it makes the data recovery process simpler and less time-consuming.

So to customize the software you can click on the Settings button on the dashboard next to the Scan button. As you do that a new tab will open. From here you can select the type of file system and if you want to do an extra search for a known file type that you want to recover. From the same tab, you can also select whether you want to display the results during the scan or not.  You can also leave the settings of the software as default if you fear messing it up.

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Working Of The Software

It is quite easy to use this software for recovering data lost due to various data loss scenarios. You can effectively restore the data in just three simple steps.

Steps 1:

select drive for recovery

Launch the software and select the location from where you would like to recover the deleted data. As we have told you earlier this software can recover the data from various locations including internal and external hard drives, specific folders, and CD/DVD drives. After you have selected the drive for recovery, click on the Scan button to start scanning the location for finding the lost data.

Step 2:

scanning process

As you hit on the Scan button the scanning process will start and it may take some time based on the storage capacity of your selected drive. However, you don’t have to wait for the entire scan to complete if you manage to find your desired file in the middle of the ongoing scan. You can simply pause the scan in the middle and recover your files.

Step 3:

Recover deleted file using minitool

Once you find the desired file you can see its preview on the right side of the dashboard. After seeing the preview if you are sure that it’s the file you were looking for you can restore it to your computer’s hard drive by clicking on the Save button.

So that’s how you use Minitool Power Data Recovery software to recover lost data in just three steps. However, the time it takes to recover the data may vary according to your storage device.

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Minitool Data Recovery Features

Minitool Power Data Recovery is one of the most feature-rich software out there. It provides you with the basic and advanced tools that you will find helpful while recovering lost data from your storage devices. Some of the best features of this software are:

1. Recovers Data From All Data Loss Situations

Data can be deleted from your storage devices due to various reasons like accidental deletion, virus attacks, system crashes, and more. However, with this software, you don’t have to worry because it can recover the lost/deleted data in all scenarios. However, the best part about this software is that it can even recover data from a hard drive even if it is physically damaged. By the way, recovering data from a physically damaged drive is not easy at all but with this software’s powerful algorithm it is quite possible. But if the damage is beyond recovery then even this software cannot help much.

2. Supports All Devices And File Types

With this software installed on your computer, you can recover data from all sorts of storage media and devices be it your computer, Micro SD cards, Pendrive, or externally connected hard drives. Moreover, it lets you recover all file types including photos, videos, documents, archives, and whatnot. To be precise it supports 100+ file formats so there is no issue as long as the compatibility of the software is concerned.

3. Preview The Files

minitool preview

After deletion sometimes the files may lose their original name and finding such files after recovery is not easy. But by seeing the preview of the files you can be sure that it is the same file that you were looking for. To see the preview you just have to select the file and a thumbnail will be shown on the right side of the dashboard. To see the preview on full-screen mode click on the preview button below the thumbnail or on the top side of the dashboard.

4. Easy To Locate Recovered Files

minitool data recovery features

It’s sometimes hard to locate your desired files among all other unwanted data that is recovered along with it. But you get different options on this software using which you can sort the files in order to make it easy to recover the desired files in no time. There are three sorting options you get on this software, Show Lost Files, Find, And Filter.

By selecting the Show Lost files option you can command the software to only show the files that were deleted from your device and not the existing files on it. This way it becomes easier for you to find the deleted files. The next option is Find, here you can search for the files that you were looking for by their name or extension. Lastly, there is a filter option on the software which lets you sort the files by name, size, date, extension, and more. Overall, locating recovered files on Minitool data recovery is easy and straightforward.

5. Load And Export Scan Results

Data recovery can be time-consuming based on the drive you are scanning but you don’t have to sit for hours in front of your computer as you can pause a scan session and export it to your computer. The scan results are saved on your computer as RSS files which you can load later to start the scans from the same point. It is quite a handy option to have on your data recovery software because it saves a lot of time and effort from scanning the whole drive again and again.


We have tested this software for some time and one thing we would like to confess is that this software is one of the best data recovery software that we have reviewed on this site. Although it is not as popular as Stellar, EaseUS, and Wondershare Recoverit, we didn’t find it any less than them. It can recover your data at all costs if it is not overwritten. In our test, we also found that it was able to recover even data that was lost 7 years ago i.e. 2014. If you don’t believe us you can see the screenshot below. But the results may be different for you, there is no guarantee that you may recover this old data with it.

2014 old files

We tested it on a formatted hard drive and it was able to recover data from deleted partitions on it which is again very impressive. However, there’s a lack of photo and video repair function on it as you see on other professional tools like EaseUS and Stellar data recovery software but for most that shouldn’t be an issue. Overall for such lightweight software, the performance it provides is just incredible and we are happy to recommend it to you.

Minitool Data Recovery Pricing

minitool data recovery pricing

The software is available in monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription plans which costs $69, $89, and $99 respectively. However, there is also a free version of it that allows you to recover up to 1 GB of data but it lacks features like load scan sessions and recovering files from the crashed computer. Therefore the free version of it is not that worthwhile but it’s good for testing the working and performance of the software.

Overall, we felt that the pricing is a bit on a higher side and it could have been a bit more aggressive but we have no issues as such because it does work really well. You can go for the lifetime version of this software because it is way cheaper than the other two plans in the longer run.

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Final Verdict

So that was our review of the Minitool Power Data Recovery software. We are quite satisfied with its performance and would like you to test it yourself. Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything upfront as you can try the free version of it first and then upgrade to the paid version once you are sure that it really works.

The thing that makes us recommend it to you without any doubt in our minds is the fact that it is really powerful when it comes to recovering deleted data. Moreover, it can also recover data from the crashed PC as well as from optical drives which makes it a complete data recovery solution. So, if you are looking for a powerful data recovery software that can work well in all scenarios then this software is definitely you should try.


Is Minitool Power Data Recovery Safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe and free of any malware.

Should I Save The Recovered Files To Their Original Location?

No, you should never do that because this way you will overwrite the original file, which may cause some issues.

Is MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free?

No, it’s not free but you do get a free trial in which you can recover up to 1 GB of data.

Is It Possible To Recover Data From An External Hard Drive?

Yes, you can really recover data from an external hard drive using a data recovery software like Minitool Power Data Recovery.

Minitool Power Data Recovery


User Interface


Scan Speed






Probability of recovering deleted data


Value For Money



  • Easy to use software
  • Supports all devices
  • Can recover all types of data
  • Shows a preview of recovered files
  • Provides 1 GB of data recovery for free
  • Allows recovery from crashed PC


  • No photo video repair feature
  • Free version does not allow you to recover data from crashed PC
  • Monthly plan is costly
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