How To Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Instagram is the biggest photo-sharing platform in the world as it has over 1 billion active users and the number keeps increasing. To keep their users engaged Instagram keeps on adding new features to it like Stories, Selfie Stickers, Disappearing Messages, and whatnot. However, you still don’t get a feature to recover your deleted Instagram photos yet.

There is an option to keep your photos in Archive and bring them back to your profile. But you can’t bring back photos that are deleted permanently.

However, that doesn’t mean that there is no way to recover your deleted Instagram photos. In this article, we share some practical tips and tricks which can be followed in order to recover your deleted pictures on Instagram. So let’s get started!

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Different Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

1. Check Archive For Deleted Photos

The first thing you could do is to check your Archive on Instagram for lost photos. The Archive feature was added to Instagram in 2017, which allows users to keep their photos in Archive rather than permanently deleting them.

When you try to delete a photo from your profile it asks you whether you want to archive your photos or delete them permanently. So there is a chance that you may have archived the photos instead of deleting them.

The Archived photos are removed from your profile and temporarily stored in the Archive folder until you delete them from there. If your photos are in Archive then you are in luck because it’s very simple to restore photos from there to your Instagram account. Here’s how you can do that:

1. First go to your profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right corner. Next tap on the Hamburger icon.

Instagram profile

2. Now select the Archive option from the options tray that shows up.

select archive

3. Tap on the Stories Archive drop-down menu at the top and select Posts Archive.

Posts archive

4. Here you will see all the photos that are archived on your account. If you found your lost photo in the Archive and want to show it again on your profile you can select it and then tap on the three dots icon over it.

Archived photo

5. Now from the options that show up select Show on profile.

Show photo on profile

With this, the photo will be removed from the Archive and will be visible again on your profile. However, if your photo is not available in the Archive you can move to the next method.

2. Recover Deleted Pictures On Instagram From The Photo Gallery

This is the easiest way in which you can find lost or deleted Instagram photos. Because when you upload a photo to Instagram from your phone, it creates a folder by the name of Instagram where it keeps all those photos. You can check your phone gallery for an album with the Instagram title.

Instagram folder on Gallery

Or you can go to the file explorer of your phone and search for an image folder that goes by the name of Instagram. You will most probably find your deleted photo from Instagram here.

3. Restore Instagram Photos From Cloud Storage

It may also happen that you deleted the photo from your phone as well. In that case, you can use the cloud storage linked to your device to recover the deleted Instagram photos. Most probably it will be Google Photos in the case of Android phone and iCloud in the case of iPhone.

You can simply find the deleted Instagram photos from the cloud storage in few steps. We have already covered an article on how to recover deleted photos from Google Photos, you can check it out for help.

If you are an iPhone user you can recover deleted Instagram photos from iCloud using this tutorial. Once you have found the deleted Instagram photos on the cloud storage you can download them on your device and re-upload them to your Instagram profile.

If for some reason you have not synced your phone to cloud storage then it’s not possible to recover it without using data recovery software because there will be no backup of the photos on the cloud. You can check the method mentioned below to know how you can use data recovery software to recover permanently deleted photos from Instagram.

4. Using Data Recovery Software

There are lots of good data recovery software that can help you recover lost data from your devices including photos. We have reviewed EaseUS Data Recovery and Stellar Data Recovery for Windows on our site, both the software are equally good when it comes to recovering data from your Windows PC.

However, these are not totally dedicated to photo recovery. If you want to just retrieve your deleted Instagram photos that you may have lost from your PC then you can use Stellar Photo Recovery instead. Here’s how it works

1. Launch the software and it will ask you to select the locations from where you think you must have deleted the photo on your computer. After selecting the suspect location click on the Scan option.

Stellar Photo recovery tool

2. Based on the size of the drive or location you are scanning it may take some time to show the results. So wait till the scan is complete.

Scanning location for photos

3. Once you have found the lost Instagram photo you can recover it on your device and re-upload it to your Instagram profile.

Recover deleted Instagram photos

It’s that simple to use this software to recover deleted photos. Moreover, you can add external devices like a pen drive, hard drive, and MicroSD card from where you think you must have lost the photo. But sadly it cannot recover photos that were deleted from the internal storage of the phone.

But don’t worry at Data Recovery Adviser we won’t let you down as you can recover photos from the internal storage of your Android phone using the EaseUS Mobisaver For Android. It needs root permissions but it works and you can give it a try.


Does Instagram Keep your Photos?

No, they don’t keep your photos.

How Do I Save My Instagram Photo To Phone?

There is a feature by the name Save Original Posts/Photos in the Instagram Account Settings. By enabling this option you can save all your posts or photos to your phone.

Can Instagram Deleted Photos Be Recovered?

Yes, they can be recovered but there is no surety, you can follow the tips shared in this article to recover your deleted photos.

How To Recover Old Deleted Photos From Instagram?

Recovering old photos is tough but you can try data recovery software mentioned in this article to recover old deleted photos.

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