How To Recover Deleted Starmaker Song?

Are you a singing enthusiast? Well, guess what, you will love the Starmaker app if you haven’t used it already. It is a karaoke app where you can sing your favorite song and post it online with your friends.

The songs you sing are stored in the online draft and it’s hard to get songs back from Starmaker once they’re deleted from there. In this article, we will look into how to recover deleted songs on Starmaker and is it even possible to do it?

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Can You Recover Deleted Song From Starmaker?

No, unfortunately, you cannot recover the deleted songs from Starmaker once you have deleted them from your draft.

In case you have downloaded the Starmaker song to your phone gallery and have lost it from there then you can very well recover the song. And I will tell you how in the latter part of the article.

Similarly, instead of deleting if you have hidden the song on Starmaker, you can recover it i.e. make them public again from the app itself.

How To Recover Deleted Starmaker Song?

As I told you, you cannot recover Starmaker songs if you haven’t already backed up the songs in your phone gallery. Since once you hit on the delete button your songs on Starmaker will be gone for good. But if you have downloaded the song to your phone gallery then you have a backup, so even if you delete the song from the app you can listen to it easily.

But what if you have mistakenly deleted the song from your phone gallery as well? In that case, you are left with no other option but to use a data recovery program to recover deleted Starmaker songs from the phone’s internal or external storage.

There are different types of data recovery software available online but for this case, you will need data recovery software for a cell phone that can scan your smartphone in order to recover the deleted songs.

If you are using the Starmaker app on your iPhone and you have lost your song from it then you can use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. Not just can it help you recover the song from the internal storage of the phone but also from iTunes or iCloud backup. To know more about the apps working you can check out my Stellar data recovery for iPhone review and see how the app performs.

recover songs from starmaker

Similarly, you can recover deleted Starmaker song from Android using EaseUS MobiSaver software. However, for the app to work you need to root the Android phone. Without rooting, the app can’t scan the phone storage to restore the deleted songs.


How Do I Get My Songs Back From StarMaker?

Starmaker gives you the option to hide a song you don’t want to share with others anymore instead of deleting it. So if you have hidden a song and now want to get the song back from Starmaker or in other words you want to make your song public again then you can follow these steps.

1. Open the Starmaker app and tap on your profile at the top left corner.

2. Now under your profile tap on the Moments tab next to the Homepage option.

3. Under Moments you will find your private songs. Tap on the three dots icon next to the song that you want to recover or make public again.

hidden songs
4. Now simply tap on Public and you can easily get songs back from Starmaker.


Final Verdict

It is not possible to recover deleted songs on Starmaker, once you remove a song, they are gone for good. However, if you don’t want to lose your songs, you should make them private instead of deleting them. This way you can hide the song from others but still be able to listen to them or recover them at any point in time.

You can also choose to download your recorded songs on Starmaker. This way even if you lose your song from the Starmaker app, you will still have them in your phone gallery, which you can access at any time. In case you lose the song from the gallery as well, you can always recover them using good data recovery software.


Can We Delete Songs From Starmaker?

Yes, you can delete songs from Starmaker. Once the songs are deleted they are gone for good.

Can You Recover Deleted Songs From Starmaker?

Once the song is deleted from Starmaker it cannot be recovered unless you have downloaded it to your gallery.

How To Download Starmaker Songs To Phone Gallery?

There is no official way to download your Starmaker songs to the phone gallery but there are third party websites and apps like sing downloader for Starmaker that can help you with it.

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