How To Recover And View Clipboard History On Different Devices

You are scrolling your Instagram search feed like you normally do. And you suddenly found something so funny that it bursts your bag of endorphin hormones.

Now the first thing that you want to do is, share that video with your other friends. So you copy the link for that video and continue scrolling the Instagram feed again.

Suddenly you recall that you need to call someone urgently whose number your friend sent to you. The moment you copy the number of that person, you realize that you have done something barmy.

Now you don’t have the link for that hilarious video anymore and you go back to Instagram to search for it again. But we know very well that you aren’t that lucky.

All you are left with is the sweet memories of that video and the pain of losing its link.

Let go of what happened and try to save yourself from such a blunder next time by saving all the copied text in the clipboard history.

How to do that? Well, this is what this article is all about. Regardless of the operating system, you work on, I have some tricks to view all your copied text in the clipboard so you never lose them again. So without wasting any more time let’s see how to recover deleted clipboard history on Android, Mac, Windows, and iPhone.

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Brief Overview
It is possible to retrieve deleted clipboards on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. You can make use of these devices’ internal features to recover clipboard history and items or use third-party apps to do that.

Can You Recover Clipboard History?

Yes, you can recover clipboard history on your devices running on different operating systems. The methods mentioned in the article provide options to view and access the clipboard history on Android devices using Gboard or third-party apps, and on iPhones using Gboard or the Clipboard++ app. Also, you can find deleted clipboard history on Windows PCs using the built-in clipboard feature, and on Macs using third-party software like Clipy.

These methods enable you to retrieve and access previously copied texts and images from the clipboard history. However, it’s important to note that the availability and functionality of clipboard history recovery may vary depending on the specific device, operating system version, and installed apps.

How To Recover Deleted Clipboard History On Various Devices?

The following are ways to find and retrieve deleted clipboard history on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Let’s start with Android.

Recover Deleted Clipboard History On Android

Gboard Clipboard History Recovery

Android is the most used operating system in the cell phone industry. So, neglecting the methods for Android is not a chance.

Gboard is the keyboard by Google and comes with most Android phones. Gboard has a built-in clipboard feature to save all your copied texts. But as we are unaware of the feature, we aren’t able to savor it.

1. Install the Gboard on your Android device if you don’t have it already.

2. After making the Gboard the default keyboard for your phone, you need to open it and click on the three-dot icon that you see inside the Gboard.

clipboard option gboard

3. Select the Clipboard feature from the list of various features available.

4. Now toggle on the clipboard button to enable the feature for your cell phone.

enable gboard

With this, you have enabled the clipboard feature on your device and now you can copy multiple things at the same time. In addition to the text, Gboard also allows its users to copy the images.

saving text on clipboard

Anything that you copy with Gboard automatically disappears after one hour. But if you want the copied stuff to remain forever, you need to pin that stuff.

Pinning Text On Gboard

1. Pinning the text with Gboard is easy. All you need to do is, open the clipboard feature in Gboard and long-press the text or photo that you want to pin.

2. Simply select the Pin option to pin the photo or text. In addition to pinning, the same trick can be used to Paste the selected text in the given box and Delete the copied text.

pin important clipboard text

A pin can also be added to the copied stuff by using the Edit icon that appears on the right side. So that’s how you view clipboard history on Android. In case the Gboard doesn’t work for you, the following is a third-party app to recover deleted clipboard items on Android.

Using aNdClip Free App

There are plenty of third-party apps available on the Play Store that let the user maintain the clipboard history on their Android phone.

aNdClip Free is one such app. Once you download the app on your phone, all the text that you copy in your clipboard will start to appear inside the app with the date and time stamp attached to each copied text.

recover clipboard history mac

To copy any of the text from your clipboard history, you just need to tap on the text once. Now simply paste the text wherever you want to, just like you normally do.

The aNdClip Free app smartly extracts the email ids that are added with the contacts. And you need to simply tap on any email id to copy it.

copy emails from andclips free

You can even copy any of the contact numbers from your contact list right from the aNdClip Free app.

copy contacts

So if you want to recover deleted clipboard history on Samsung or other Android phones, then aNdClip Free is a perfect choice for you.

Recover Clipboard History On iPhone

Gboard also works for iPhone users. So if you want to quickly retrieve or view clipboard history on iPhone without installing third-party software, then Gboard can be your best option.

If you want more features on your clipboard with copied text lasting more than an hour, then we have something else for you.

Clipboard++ app for iPhone easily notices all the text that you copy.

Once you download the app from the App Store, Clipboard++ is ready to keep track of words that you copy from somewhere.

1. On the homepage of the app, you will see the list of text that you copied on your iPhone.

view clipboard history iOS

2. To view any of the text completely, you need to tap on it.

double tap to edit text

3. For changing something inside the copied text, you need to double-tap on that text and then tap on the Save option to save the changes.

text editing in clipboard

4. You can also change some of the settings inside the app if you feel the need to do so.

clipboad app settings

Retrieve Clipboard History On Windows PC/Laptops

You don’t require any special third-party software to recover deleted clipboard history on Windows 10 or 11 PC. There’s a clipboard feature right inside your Windows desktop. Let’s see how you can enable and use that feature.

1. Using your PC keyboard, press the Windows key along with the V key.

2. This will open the Clipboard feature and you need to enable the feature by clicking on Turn on.

enable clipboard feature

All the text that you copy will start to appear in your clipboard history from now on. If you use a particular text more often then you can keep it on the top by using the Pin option that appears after clicking on the three-dot icon.

pin and delete history

Similarly, you can Delete a certain text that is no more of your use.

You can have a total of 25 records in your clipboard history with each record not more than 4 MB in size.

Another amazing feature of the Windows PC clipboard is Sync across devices. After enabling this feature, it will allow you to sync the content of your clipboard across your other Windows PC that runs on the same Microsoft account.

This feature can be enabled in the Clipboard Settings of your PC.

View Clipboard History On Mac

The built-in clipboard of Mac saves only one clip at a time. So it becomes necessary to take the help of third-party software to retrieve more than one clipboard text.

Clipy extension for Mac is one such software that can easily save your clipboard text and that too for free.

Once you add the extension on your Mac device, the icon for the extension starts to appear on your PC. You need to click on the Clipy icon and select the History option to view all the copied text.

clipboard history mac

To clear the history of the copied text, use the Clear History option that appears below the History option.

Clipy extension is workable with macOS 10.10 Yosemite and all the higher versions.

How Do I Find My Clipboard History? Final Verdict

In order to find your clipboard history, you can enable the clipboard feature on your Android phone or use a third-party app such as aNdClip Free. Gboard also works on iPhone, besides that you can also use the Clipboard++ app to view clipboard history on iPhone. For Windows you don’t need any special tool, just press the Windows key + V, to find the clipboard history. In order to recover clipboard History on Mac you need to install the Clipy extension.


How To Copy Multiple Text To Clipboard In Android?

For saving the text in the clipboard you need to make sure that your phone is using Gboard. If your phone does not have Gboard installed already, you can download it from Play Store. You need to enable the clipboard feature in Gboard to save all the copied text. In addition to Gboard, there is a third-party software called aNdClip Free which gives you more options to get access to your saved clips.

How To Copy Images To Clipboard In Android?

Along with text, Gboard also allows its users to save the photos in its clipboard.

Can I See My Copy Paste History On iPhone?

Just like in Android phones, Gboard also works with iPhone devices. But if you want more features, you can download the Clipboard++ app to keep your text safe.

How Do I Recover Clipboard History On Mac?

For Mac users, there is an extension that comes by the name Clipy which lets you keep your copied text history safe.

How Do I Find My Copy History In Windows 10?

Windows users do not need to make use of any third-party software or extension to view their clipboard history. Once you press the Windows key along with V, the built-in clipboard of your PC opens. You just need to enable the clipboard feature and from now on, all the text that you copy will start to appear here.

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