Stellar Repair For Outlook Review: Does It Really Repair PST Files?

PST files are great as they store your emails, calendar, contacts, and other valuable stuff from your mail server to the local storage of our computer. This way you can keep your server clean and free from the extra burden and at the same time have a backup of all your important emails. However, the problem with the PST files is that they are prone to corruption. Even a small error can make your PST file go corrupt, and suddenly all your important emails and calendars that you have archived on the PST files become inaccessible.

Keeping this thing in mind Outlook has provided you a tool called the Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) so that you can repair common PST errors for free. However, not all errors are repairable by the free tool and that’s where professional Outlook repair tools come to the rescue. Once such software is Stellar Repair For Outlook that can effectively repair all the issues and make any corrupted PST file uncorrupted again.

If you want to know more about this tool and how effective it actually is then you can read our full review of Stellar Repair For Outlook. Besides repairing if you also want to recover deleted PST files then you can take the help of this guide. Now then let’s get started!

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Stellar Repair For Outlook Overview

Repairing a corrupt PST file may sound a bit overwhelming at first but when you have this software you don’t have to worry much. This Stellar PST Repair tool can effortlessly fix errors in your corrupted Outlook data file which Inbox Repair Tool cannot fix.

With this software, you can easily recover inaccessible emails, contacts, attachments, and calendars from a corrupted PST file. Moreover, it shows you a preview of all the recovered files. Besides that, the software is very fast when it comes to repairing the PST files and is quite easy to use as well. Overall it is one of the best Outlook repair tools out there and you must try it once.

System Requirements

Stellar Repair For Outlook is simple and lightweight software that has no special requirements. It can smoothly run on any PC that has a minimum of 4GB of RAM and at least 250 MB of free space in the hard disk. As long as the operating system is concerned it can work on all computers that are powered by Windows 10,8,8.1, 7. So if you are not using a decade-old computer with outdated specs you will have no issues running this software on it.


Installing this software on your computer is child’s play, anyone with basic computer knowledge can do that. You just have to download the software from the official website of Stellar. Once the application is downloaded you have to follow the basic software installation protocols to install the software on your PC.

The good thing about it is you don’t need an active internet connection to install this software. It means even if you are offline you can still install this Stellar PST repair software and fix your corrupted outlook files with ease.


Stellar repair for outlook review

The dashboard on this software looks clean and simple. So no matter whether you have prior experience of using such software or not you will still get hang of it in no time. You can also change the style of the software by applying a colored or plain white theme based on your personal preference. From the dashboard itself, you can also change the language of the software. It supports 5 languages including English, German, French, Italian and Spanish respectively. The ability to use the software in your own language makes it even easier to use.

Working Of Stellar Repair For Outlook

Although it is very easy to use this software if you still need a quick walkaround of how this software works then here’s a step-by-step guide of its working.

1. Upon launching the software you will see a popup window that asks you to browse or find the Outlook files on your computer. After finding and selecting the corrupted PST file click on Repair to initiate the repairing process.

Repair corrupted PST file

2. After hitting on the Repair button wait for some time as it may take a while to repair a corrupted PST file based on its size and amount of files stored in it.

Scan session

3. Now as soon as the file is repaired all its content will be shown to you on the dashboard. You can select any file to see its preview.

preview of pst file

4. Once you are sure that the file is now fully repaired you can simply click on Save Repaired File and it will be saved on the local storage of your device.

save pst file

While saving this file to your device make sure you don’t save it to the same location it was stored before as it may cause overwriting issues. Also after repairing the corrupted PST file you need to import it to Outlook in order to view its content. You can learn more about it in our other article on how to repair a corrupted PST file.

So that was the simple working of the software. In few simple steps, you can repair all major issues in your corrupted PST files using this tool.

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Now let’s talk about some important features of this tool that makes it repair a large and severely corrupted PST file that the Inbox Repair Tool can’t do.

1. Repairs Severely Corrupted Files From Different Scenarios

No matter what causes your file to corrupt this PST repair tool can help you recover your valuable data from it. There can be many reasons behind a severely corrupted PST file that Inbox Repair Tool cannot fix such as corruption due to virus attack or large size of the files. It can also effectively repair other unknown errors such as Unknown Error: 0x80040119 and Unknown Error: 0x80040600.

2. Save And Load Scan Sessions

load scan sessions

You cannot say how much time it may take to repair your corrupted PST files therefore on this software you get the option to save an ongoing scan session which you can load later. It helps you repair large corrupted PST files in multiple sessions which otherwise would take several hours if done in one continuous session.

3. Shows Preview Of Repaired Files

Once the repairing process is completed this software shows you the preview of the repaired PST files so that you can confirm whether the files are actually repaired or not. Once you are sure that the files are repaired then you can then save them to your device in full confidence.

4. Recover Data In Multiple Formats

multiple formats

After the file is repaired, this software gives you the opportunity to save the repaired PST files in multiple formats including PST, HTML, RTF, PDF, and other formats. This allows you to access the repaired PST files on various applications other than Outlook such as web browsers and PDF readers.

5. Split Or Compact Files

One of the main reasons PST files getting corrupted is their large size. However, with the Technician and Toolkit version of this software, you can split a large file into multiple PST files and then compact them together for easy repair.

6. Recover Deleted Mails

Other than repairing PST files you can also recover the deleted emails from your inbox. It can also recover mail attachments that were deleted due to a mistake or system formatting.

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In terms of performance the software delivers what it claims, it does repair corrupted Outlook data files. We tested it on a large PST file that we have archived for a long time. We also tried to repair the same file using the free ScanPST.exe tool but due to its large size, the file was not repaired by it.

However, during the repairing process, the software did hang a bit, we don’t know why it happened but the issue was automatically resolved and we were able to repair our corrupted PST file. Overall, there is no major issue with the software and it works as stated. So we would like to encourage you to check this tool out if the free Inbox repair tool is not fixing errors for you.

Stellar Repair For Outlook Pricing

pricing of stellar pst repair

The software is available in three editions naming ProfessionalTechnician, And Toolkit. These editions will cost you $99, $249, and $299 respectively and all come for a lifetime period. There is no monthly or yearly plan available as of now. If you are looking for just repairing the PST files and nothing much then the professional version of this software is sufficient. However, if you want to fix large PST files by splitting and compacting them then the Technician and the Toolkit version is what you should pick.

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Final Verdict

If you use Outlook and keep an archive of your important emails on your computer in the form of a PST file then you need to keep a professional Outlook repair tool handy. Although you do get the Inbox Repair Tool for repairing the errors in a PST file, however, it is not always successful in repairing a severely corrupted file. So, by getting Stellar Repair For Outlook you are making sure that you always repair a corrupted PST file no matter how badly corrupted it is.


1. How Much Time It Takes To Repair PST Files Using This Software?

There is no certain time period, it depends on the size and complexity of the corrupted file.

2. Can You Recover Email Contacts Using Stellar PST Repair Tool?

Yes, it can help you recover your email contacts.

3. Is There A Free Version Of Stellar Repair For Outlook?

You can download the software for free and repair your corrupted PST files and see their preview. However, you cannot save the repaired file to your system in the free version.

Stellar Repair For Outlook


User Interface


Scan Speed






Probability of Repairing Corrupted PST file


Value For Money



  • Easy to use software
  • Repairs all sorts of corrupted PST files
  • Shows preview of repaired PST files
  • It can repair large PST files
  • Recover deleted PST file


  • Expensive plans
  • No recovery in the free version
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