The 9 Best Android Data Recovery Software

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world with a userbase of over two billion, that’s a huge number and it keeps increasing. However, with an increasing number of users, the problem of data loss from Android is also increasing. Android does provide backup services like Google Drive and Google Photos so that user can protect their data from deletion but most users never use these services.

For such people, there is still a ray of hope which can help them recover their deleted data and it is called data recovery software. In this article, I am going to share with you a list of the best Android data recovery software that can help you retrieve your lost files even if you don’t have a backup. So are you excited? If yes then let’s start the list of best Android file recovery tools.

Note: Android data recovery software works best on a rooted phone. However, if you don’t have a rooted phone or you don’t want to root your phone, some software may still allow you to recover some data without rooting. But for best results, the software needs root permission from your phone.

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Best Android File Recovery Software Comparison Table

NameKey Features
EaseUS MobiSaver - Best Data Recovery Software For Android

  • Simple UI

  • Dedicated Android App

  • Recover all types of data

FonePaw Android Data Recovery - Android Recovery Tool

  • Supports over 6000 phone models

  • Recovers data from internal as well as external storage

  • Fast & accurate recovery

PhoneRescue For Android - Advanced Android Recovery Tool

  • Recover all types of data

  • Bypass lock screen password

  • High data recovery success rate

Best Android Data Recovery Software

1. EaseUS MobiSaver

best android data recovery software

The first Android data recovery app on our list is the EaseUS MobiSaver, a tool that can recover all types of deleted data from your Android devices be it your smartphone or tablet. The software is really easy to use and in just a few clicks you can retrieve all the lost files that you may have lost by accident or deleted intentionally.

You just need to connect your rooted Android phone or tab to your PC and wait till the software recognizes and syncs it. Once you see your device on the software dashboard, start the scanning process and wait till it’s completed. The time it takes to recover all your data depends on the size of your phone’s internal storage and how much data is to be recovered.

The good thing is that all the recovered data is placed in a separate section based on their file type and it also shows a preview of the selected files making it easier for you to locate and recover the files in less time.

It is available for free to download and lets you recover a limited amount of files for free. However, for proper data recovery, you may have to buy the paid plan of EaseUS MobiSaver which costs $39.95.

Overall, while using the EaseUS MobiSaver I found that it is among the best Android data recovery software you can buy and it is also available as an Android app. However, the EaseUs Android recovery app isn’t that effective and I would recommend you check the Windows version of EaseUS MobiSaver only.

  • Simple to use software
  • Can recover data of all types
  • Easy to locate recovered files
  • Shows preview of files
  • Also available in the form of an app
  • Cannot work without rooting your device
  • The Android app is not as effective as the Windows software

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Check our full review of EaseUS MobiSaver For Android.

2. FonePaw Android Data Recovery


Available for both Mac and Windows, FonePaw is an advanced Android data recovery software that recovers deleted data from Android devices in the blink of an eye. When compared to other data recovery software for Android FonePaw is slightly faster at recovering lost files, all thanks to its powerful scan algorithm.

It can scan your phone’s internal storage, SD card, and even SIM Card so you can recover all types of data using this software which includes documents, media, and contacts. Moreover, this software can recover data from all data loss scenarios such as virus attacks, SD card corruption, accidental deletion, and OS crash.

And don’t worry about the compatibility of the software as it supports over 6000 phone models from all major phone manufacturers that are running on Android 2.3 or above.

The software is available for free to download and allows you to see the preview of the recovered files without paying anything. However, if you want to recover the data then you must upgrade to their premium plan which costs $49.95 for a single user. Overall, FonePaw is a great Android data recovery software and you can go with it without any doubts in your mind.

  • Recover all types of data
  • Supports all major phone brands
  • Shows preview of files for free
  • Faster data recovery
  • Available for both Mac and Windows
  • Expensive than others
  • Need root permissions

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3. PhoneRescue For Android


PhoneRescue is among the most trusted data recovery software for Android as it has one of the highest success rates at recovering your lost data. As long as the deleted files are not overwritten Phoenrescue can bring them back from the void for you. Moreover, it can recover all sorts of data be it your photos, videos, PDFs, and contacts.

Also, it is the only Android recovery app that restores data directly back to your phone whereas other software recovers data to the PC, and then you have to manually transfer it to your phone. Besides that, is one more unique feature of this software which is bypassing the lock screen of your device. Sometimes we forget our password and cannot access our phone anymore but with PhoneRescue, your phone is safe.

In my experience with this software, I noticed that it can recover deleted data with or without rooting the device. However, for better chances of recovery, you must root your phone because then only this software can work to its full potential. You can download the software for free and test whether it can recover your lost files or not. Once satisfied you can get their yearly or lifetime plan. Overall, it’s one of the best Android phone recovery software that can recover deleted data as well as rescue your phone when you forget your password.

  • Higher data recovery rate
  • Recovers data directly to phone
  • Can remove forgotten passwords from the phone
  • Lets you recover all types of data
  • Supports all Android devices
  • Trial version has limited features
  • Cannot do much without root permissions

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4. Dr.Fone


Coming from the house of Wondershare, Dr.Fone is one of the most popular Android data recovery software. The USP of this Android file recovery tool is that it can recover data from literally any scenario be it accidental deletion, virus attack, factory reset, damaged phone, forgotten password, and more.

Also, it can recover data of every type for example videos, audio, call logs, contacts, and more. So as long as you have this software you don’t have to worry about losing any of your data. Available for both Mac and Windows operating systems, you can download it free of cost for testing purposes. After you are sure that this software actually works then you can buy its premium plans.

The software has various plans to choose from a simple data recovery plan which costs you about $39.99 and lets you recover deleted data. While there is also a toolkit plan which allows you to recover data as well as unlock phones when you forget the password and it is priced at $79.95. Overall Dr.Fone is a powerful Android recovery software with a great design that is also easy to use. So you must have a look at it once before going with any other software.

Apart from Android, Dr.Fone is also available for iPhone which is one of the best data recovery software for iPhone.

  • Recover data from all data loss scenarios
  • Supports all file formats
  • Clean and simple UI
  • Available for both Mac and Windows
  • Various plans to choose from
  • The free version lacks features
  • Cannot recover data from non-rooted phones

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5. DiskDigger For Android

android data recovery app

Next, we have an Android data recovery app by the name DiskDigger that lets you recover data from your phone without needing a computer. So if you don’t have access to your PC but still want to recover data from your Android device then this software is here to help.

It also lets you recover data without rooting your device. However, you can only recover deleted images and videos that way. If you want to recover other types of data like documents, contacts, messages, and more then you have to give it root permissions. However, the app is quite easy to use and anyone can recover data using it.

Once the data is recovered you can save it in 3 different ways. The first way is to save the recovered files to the local storage of your device, the second is to save the data to another app on your device like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. The third and last way is to upload the recovered file directly to an FTP server. However, it is only available in the free version of the software. Overall, if you are looking for a data recovery app for Android and not PC software then you can definitely go for DiskDigger For Android.

  • No PC required
  • Works on all Android devices
  • Can recover data with or without backup
  • Quite easy to use
  • Can save recovered data to different locations
  • Can only recover music and video files without root
  • Cannot recover data from old Android devices

6. MiniTool for Android

Minitool for android

If you have a limited amount of data to recover, for example, let’s say you want to recover a few photos and a couple of video files that were deleted from your phone. In that case, you can recover those files for free using MiniTool data recovery software for Android as it allows you to recover up to 10 files for free. However, if you want to recover more files then you have to upgrade to their premium plan which costs about $39 for a year and $49 for a lifetime.

The software has an intuitive design and is really easy to use which requires no prior knowledge of using data recovery software. Using MiniTool you can undelete data from Android devices like smartphones and tablets and also from SD card that is mounted on those devices.

Moreover, it has the capability of restoring all types of data for you like videos, messages, contacts, photos, and more. Also, it doesn’t matter how the data was lost, it can recover the data deleted due to different scenarios. Overall, MiniTool is an easy-to-use data recovery for Android that you can go with if you are a beginner.

While testing MiniTool, I came to know that it also offers software for Windows data recovery. You can check the detailed review of the software here.

  • Easy to use software
  • Recover data from the phone as well as the SD card
  • Affordable lifetime plan
  • Works in all data loss scenarios
  • Lets you recover some data for free
  • Doesn’t work well without root permissions

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7. FoneLab Data Recovery For Android

Fonelab for android

Last but not least we have FoneLab Data Recovery, powerful yet easy-to-use software for retrieving lost data from your Android devices. It can effectively restore deleted videos, documents, photos, contacts, and more from your phone’s internal storage, SD card, and SIM Card.

Moreover, it supports all  Android phones from major brands like Samsung, LG, Google, Sony, etc. However, the smartphone must be running on Android version 4.0 and above.

Also, it can retrieve data from all prominent data loss scenarios like accidental or intentional deletion, virus attacks, system crashes, and more. Also, it shows you the preview of the recovered data which makes it easier for you to restore the deleted files.

You can download it for free on your Mac or Windows PC. However, for recovering data from it, you have to buy its paid plan which is currently on sale for $44.76 while its actual price is $55.95. So grab it before the sale ends!

  • Supports all major phone brands
  • Can recover data from SD card as well as SIM card
  • Available for Mac and Windows
  • Recovers data from all scenarios
  • Can also recover data from broken phone
  • Only works well with rooted phones
  • A bit expensive than other software

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8. Tenorshare UltData

android recovery app

Tenorshare UltData offers a comprehensive set of features to cater to your Android data recovery needs. With its powerful capabilities, you can recover WhatsApp Business data, including videos, photos, and documents. Additionally, it provides a cutting-edge Photo Enhancement feature that repairs the recovered images by enhancing their resolution, providing you with better-quality visuals.

One remarkable aspect of Tenorshare UltData is its ability to recover Google Drive Data. Whether you encounter water damage, lack a backup, face an OS crash or update, or deal with System Root issues, this software can recover your data in any scenario.

With support for over 6000 Android phones and tablets, Tenorshare UltData ensures broad compatibility. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the recovery process, requiring just three simple steps: connect your device, initiate the scan, and recover your valuable data. While using the software, I found that it has one of the highest data recovery success rates in the industry, guaranteeing effective retrieval of your lost information.

In terms of pricing, Tenorshare UltData for Android offers three flexible plans: a 1-Month License for $35.95, a 1-Year License for $39.95, and a Lifetime License for $49.95. To further instill confidence in your purchase, the software provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Recovers data from all scenarios

  • Support for over 6000 Android phones and tablets

  • Free Version Has Limited features

9. iCare Data Recovery

icare recovery

The last Android recovery tool on the list is iCare Data Recovery, it is a reliable data recovery software for Android that can help you retrieve old and difficult-to-restore data. It has a special feature called “Advanced Data Recovery” that anyone can use to recover data in complex loss situations.

To use the advanced recovery feature, you connect your phone to a computer running iCare software. Then, you choose the recovery mode you want and select the drive on your phone that you want to scan. Once you start the software, it will immediately show you all the files that can be recovered. You can simply click on the file you want to restore.

iCare has some useful features, such as the ability to recover data from the Recycle Bin, advanced data recovery options, and targeted scanning. It works with all major Android devices, so you can use it regardless of the Android phone you have.

Overall, in my test, I found that iCare is a great choice if you’re facing a serious data loss situation. Its Advanced Recovery Mode can quickly recover all types of data from your Android device.

iCare offers three pricing plans Home License, Workstation License, and Tech License. These plans are priced at $69.99, $99.99, and $399.99 respectively. 

  • Advanced recovery mode for complex data recovery scenarios

  • Faster recovery with targeted scanning

  • High data recovery accuracy

  • Prices are a little on the higher side

What Is The Best Data Recovery Software For Android? Final Verdict

All the nine data recovery software that we have discussed in this article are great for recovering data lost from your Android phone or tablet. You can go with any of the given software you may like based on your budget and preference. If you do not have a computer then you can also go with the DiskDigger app as it is also quite effective at recovering data from your phone. However, no matter what software you choose, all of them work best only with a rooted phone.


Is Android Data Recovery Free?

While some software does allow you to recover some data for free but for best results you need to pay for them.

Can We Recover Data Without Rooting A Android Phone?

Yes, but without rooting you may not be able to recover all the data. The software needs root permissions to scan your device completely.

Is It Safe To Recover Data From Android Using Data Recovery Software?

Yes, it is totally safe to recover data from Android using these software.

Is It Harmful To Root Your Phone For Recovery?

Rooting your device is indeed risky but if done right it can help you recover your valuable data back.

Where Does Android Deleted Files Go?

They do not go anywhere, they stay in the memory location of your device as long as they are not overwritten by some new data.

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