Stellar Repair For Video Review: Does It Really Repair Corrupted Videos?

Videos are fun to watch and share with friends. But what if your favorite video gets corrupted? Is there anything you could do to fix a corrupted video file? Yes, sure you could, there are plenty of good repair video software that can fix a corrupt video file that won’t play anymore.

However, the most sought-after way to repair a damaged video is by using a professional video repair tool that can effortlessly repair a broken video and make it playable again. One such software is Stellar Repair For Video which we are going to review in this article. So without wasting any time let’s get on with the Stellar Repair For Video review.

Stellar Repair For Video Overview

Stellar Video Repair software can repair all sorts of video files that you may have shot from your smartphone or DSLR and even clips that you may have downloaded from the internet. It can fix videos that don’t play or videos that are blurry, shuttering, or flickering for no obvious reason.

Some other important features of Stellar Video Repair software include;

Advance Repair: Sometimes the video file is beyond repair in the normal repair mode and that’s where the Advance repair feature of Stellar Repair For Video comes into play. It can repair and recover videos that are severely corrupted.

Preview: This is a great feature where it lets you preview the repaired video file before saving them to your device.

Repair Videos Captured From Any Device: With Stellar Video Repair software you can repair videos shot from any device be it your phone, DSLR, Action Camera, Drone, etc.

What Is Good About Stellar Repair For Video?

The best part that I like about Stellar Repair For Video is that it is very easy to use. Even if you are a technophobe, you will be able to use this software to fix your corrupted video files. Moreover, it is available in 5 different languages so you will have no issues using it if English is not your native language.

Additionally, the advanced repair function ensures that no matter how corrupted a video file is as long as you have a sample video file, it will get repaired using this tool.

What Is Not So Good About Stellar Repair For Video?

While using the Stellar Video Repair tool I found that it may not fix a severely corrupted video file that has been corrupted more than 30% without using the Advanced Repair software. Also, to use the Advanced repair feature you need a sample file of the same format and preferably shot from the same device that the corrupted video was shot from. If you don’t have a proper sample file then you may never be able to repair the corrupted video.

Stellar Video Repair Quick Review

In my opinion, Stellar Video Repair is a great tool for video creators or anyone in particular who creates lots of videos on a daily basis. It can help you fix corrupted videos so you don’t have to shoot them again. It might not repair each and every corrupted video file but it can help you repair most of them. Also, it allows you to try the software for free, you have to only pay if it is able to repair your video. Overall, I would like to encourage you to try this software at least once.

Free TrialYes
Money Back Guarantee30 days
PriceStarts at $49.99
Supported Operating SystemWindows & Mac
Data Recovery Adviser Rating8.5

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Full Stellar Video Repair Review

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Stellar Repair For Video System Requirements

It is a small and lightweight software that doesn’t use extra resources on your computer. You can run it on any computer that has a minimum of 2GB RAM and at least 250 MB of storage space left on the hard drive.

Talking of operating system compatibility, it can run on PCs that are powered by the Windows operating system(10/8/7/Vista/XP). It can also run on macOS but since I have only tried it on my Windows PC so I am only going to talk about Windows.

Are you thinking about whether this software will work on your PC or not? Then let us assure you that as long as your PC meets the minimum requirements it will work smoothly on even the oldest computer out there.


If you are not using the computer for the first time then you will surely not have any problem installing this software on your PC. It has a simple and conventional installation procedure that requires no technical knowledge as such, just follow the standard software installation protocols and you are good to go.

Install Stellar

For installing this software you need to first download it from the official website of Stellar. It’s a 21 MB software and will be downloaded in no time. Once the software is downloaded you can install it and start using it for repairing your corrupted video files.


Dashboard stellar video repair

If there is one thing that could define simplicity then it has to be the dashboard of this software. Yes, I am not kidding, Stellar Video Repair software has one of the cleanest dashboards I have seen on any other repair video software that I have reviewed till now.

It’s as clean as a slate, which is great for beginners in order to learn how to use it to repair their damaged video files.

You can see an Add File option in the middle of the dashboard, here you have to upload the videos that you want to fix. You can add one or more than one video at a time. Other than that, there are some options on the top of the dashboard from where you can change the language, activate, and learn more about the software.

Keeping the dashboard clean and simple Stellar has really made this software easy to understand and use. However, if you still need some guidance on how to repair videos on this software then you can take the help of our step-by-step guide.

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How To Use Stellar Repair For Video

Using this software for repairing your corrupted video is indeed very simple. You just have to add the damaged videos to this software and then wait for its algorithm to do the magic. You get two repair modes on this software, one is the basic mode which can fix minor issues in the video and make it playable again.

On the other hand, the second mode, which is the advanced repair mode is for repairing heavily corrupted video using a sample file.

Now you must be wondering what is a sample file. A sample file is nothing but a playable video file of the same format as the corrupted video file and it will be better if the sample file is shot from the same camera or device. This software uses information from the sample file to fix errors in the corrupted video. However, in this process, the sample video file stays harmless so you can be free of worries. Here is a step-by-step working on how to use this software for fixing video errors.

Steps To Repair Corrupt Video

1. Launch the Stellar Repair For Video software and then add the corrupted video file to it by clicking on the Add File option.

Add files for repair

2. If you want you can also add more than one video for repairing by clicking on the Add button on the bottom left side of the dashboard. After you have added all the corrupted videos to the software click on the Repair button to start the repairing process.

Stellar repair for video review

3. Repairing the corrupted video may take some time. Wait till you see the message Repair process completed.

Repair Process completed

4. Once the video is repaired you will see the Completed Status on the dashboard. You can also see the preview of the fixed video from here before saving it to your computer. For saving the repaired video to your system you can press the Save Repaired Files button.

Completed repair

With this, the video file will be saved on your device. However, if the video is highly corrupted then you will get a message like this on the dashboard.

Severely damaged video

This means that the basic repair method is not sufficient for fixing your video and you must use the Advance Repair function for it. You can follow the given method to repair a severely damaged video file using this software.

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Steps To Repair Severely Corrupted Videos

1. Click on the Advance Repair option.

Advance Repair

3. A popup will appear. Select Next to proceed and then add a sample file to the software.


4. To add a sample file click on the Browse option and add a sample video of a similar format as the corrupted video. For better results, the sample video should be shot from the same device from which the corrupted video was shot. After adding the sample video click on Repair to start repairing the files.

Browse video

It will take some time for the software to repair your damaged video file. Once the process is completed you can save the repaired file to your computer and start using it.

Stellar Repair For Video Features

1. Advance Video Repair

Some video files may get severely corrupted due to various reasons, but you don’t have to worry because the advanced video repair feature of this software can fix it for you. You just have to add a sample file to the software and it will try to repair your corrupted video by taking information from the sample video.

2. Repair Videos Shot From All Sorts Of Devices

These days you don’t have to rely on a DSLR to capture videos because now you can shoot films from a variety of devices like Drones, Smartphones, CCTVs, and more. Therefore on this software, you get the support to repair videos shot from different devices.

3. Preview The Repaired Videos

Without seeing the preview you can’t be sure whether the videos are actually repaired or not unless you save them on your device. However, on this software, you get to see the preview of the fixed videos so that you can check the video before actually saving them to your device saving you some time and effort.

4. Fixes Different Corruption Issues

There can be more than one reason why your video may not play properly or not play at all. This software can repair various video corruption issues that give error messages like ‘could not play video’ or ‘error loading media files.’ Moreover, you can fix issues like the video getting frozen, blurry, or going out of sync.


If I talk about the overall performance of this software then I am very pleased to tell you that this software does work and can repair your corrupted videos which may be of great importance to you. For testing purposes, I have corrupted some video files using an online tool that can corrupt the video up to 30 percent.

In my test, I found that the software was not able to repair the corrupted videos on the first attempt. After the first attempt failed it asked us to use the Advance Repair option by adding a sample file. So I added the sample file to the software and it was able to easily repair all the manually corrupted videos this time.

Overall, I had no major issues with this software while testing it for you and can recommend it without any doubt in my mind.

Stellar Repair For Video Pricing

Stellar repair for video pricing

The software is available for free to download so that you can check whether it can repair your videos or not before paying for it. However, on the trial version of this software, you don’t get the option to save the video to your computer. But you do get the preview option that only shows a preview up to 20 % of the length of the entire video. Nonetheless, once you are sure that this software can fix your video, you can pay for its paid version, which allows you to save files to your device.

It is available in three plans Standard, Premium, and Toolkit. Out of these, the Premium version is the best choice because along with video repair, it also supports data recovery and png and jpeg photo repair.

Moreover, it is only $20 more expensive than the Standard version which only features video repair and no data recovery or photo repair. The Toolkit version on the other hand offers similar features as the Premium version, but it’s just that it can be used on three systems, which makes it great for agency owners and professional videographers.

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Stellar Repair For Video Review: Final Verdict

Stellar Repair for Video is a great tool for content creators who rely heavily on video content to stay in touch with their viewers. It helps them to repair their videos which may get corrupted during the different phases of video production like editing, converting, and uploading. The software can fix a video file with various issues and using its advanced repair function it can also fix severely corrupted video files with ease. Overall, it’s great software and you must try it at least once before skipping to some other video repair tools.


1. How Do I Fix Corrupted Videos?

You can make use of video repair software like Stellar Repair For Videos to fix corrupted video files.

2. Is Stellar Repair For Video Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe.

3. Is Stellar Repair For Videos Free?

No, it’s not free but it does provide a free trial.

4. Which Video Formats Does Stellar Repair For Video Support?

It supports almost every major video format that we use in our daily lives including MP4, AVI,  MKV, FLV, ASF, WMV WEBM, and many more.

Stellar Repair For Video


User Interface


Scan Speed






Probability of Repairing Corrupted Videos


Value For Money



  • Super easy to use
  • Can repair video files shot from any device
  • Supports different video file formats
  • Shows preview of the repaired videos
  • Supports 5 different languages


  • No monthly plans
  • Can't recover data in the standard version
  • Doesn't let you save repaired videos in free version
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