EaseUS MobiSaver For Android & iPhone Review

Have you ever lost your data from your Android phone? If yes, then let me tell you that you are not alone. Almost everyone who owns a phone has at least lost their data once due to a virus attack, software failure, or physical damage. Carless deletion is also one of the main reasons behind people losing their valuable data from their phones. However, no data is permanently lost until it’s not completely overwritten by new data. So you still have a chance to recover lost data from your Android phone.

But for that, you will need data recovery software that can scan the device to recover data from it. Some good examples of data recovery software are EaseUS Data Recovery and Stellar Data Recovery software.

However, both the software are for PC and they can’t help you retrieve data from iPhone or Android phone’s internal storage. But don’t worry there is also data recovery software for iPhone and Android phones and one of the best among them is the EaseUS MobiSaver.

In this article, I will review EaseUS MobiSaver in order to see whether it stands up to the expectations or not. So let’s start the EaseUS MobiSaver review!

What’s Good About EaseUS MobiSaver?

The best thing about the EaseUS MobiSaver is it allows you to try its software for free. It has two plans Free and Pro. Obviously, the free plan offers a limited amount of data that you can recover but still, it’s good enough to try the software before upgrading to the paid plan.

Also, it lets you recover data from both Android and iPhone which is again a good thing. Also, apart from computer software it also comes as an Android app so that you can recover data on the go from your Android device. Apart from internal storage, it can help you recover data from a corrupted SD card.

What’s Not So Good About EaseUS MobiSaver?

The thing I did not like about EaseUS MobiSaver is that you need to root the Android phone before you could recover data from it. Also, the pricing of the EaseUS MobiSaver for iPhone is different for Windows and Mac, which is not good since the software works similarly on both platforms so the pricing should be similar.

Quick MobiSaver Review

In my honest opinion, I feel that EaseUS MobiSaver is a pretty good data recovery software with some drawbacks. It can help you recover deleted photos, contacts, videos, etc. from your smartphone be it Android or iPhone. However, it needs the Android phone to be rooted in order to recover all the lost files. But that’s fine because every data recovery software needs root permission to get full access to the phone’s storage to scan it completely in order to recover all the lost data.

It can recover data lost due to all data loss scenarios and can recover data from all major Android brand phones including Samsung, Google, Sony, Etc. Also, it supports almost every file format that is used on an Android phone. So you can easily recover any file type including photos, contacts, videos, SMS, etc.

So I would recommend you should go for this software, at least give it a trial. You can sign up for the free trial and then upgrade to the paid plan if you like it. To make a better decision, you can read my full EaseUS MobiSaver for Android & iPhone review.

Free TrialYes
Money Back Guarantee30 days
Monthly priceStarts at  $39.95/ month
Supported Operating SystemAndroid & iPhone
Works Without Rooting & JailbreakYes
Data Recovery Adviser Rating8.3

Detailed EaseUS MobiSaver Review

Here I review EaseUS MobiSaver in its complete form. If you wish to skip to a specific part of the review you can do that by clicking on the links provided below:

EaseUS MobiSaver System Requirements

The software is lightweight and can easily run even on the oldest PC, so you won’t have any issues running this software on your computer.

It supports all Windows operating systems be it Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and even Windows XP. Also, you can easily run it on macOS versions 10.6 to 10.13.

Moreover, the hardware requirements are also quite low for this software. It will run smoothly on your PC if it has 2 GB of RAM and a processor faster than 500 MHz With 100 MB of free space on your hard disk. So as long as system requirements are concerned you can rest assured.

EaseUS MobiSaver For Android Review

To recover data from your Android phone using MobiSaver you can either use the Windows software on your PC or install the EaseUS MobiSaver Android app on your Android phone itself. I have discussed both methods in detail below.

How To Install EaseUS MobiSaver For Android?

EaseUS Mobisaver for Android Installation

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a lightweight software (21 MB) that you can download from the official website of EaseUS. You can either download the free version or buy the Pro version. If you want to test the software before investing in it then you can also download the trial version of the MobiSaver Pro version and then upgrade later.

Once you have downloaded the software you can simply install it on your PC following the basic software installation protocols. Even if you have not installed a single software on your PC in your life you would still be able to install it, it’s that simple.



In my test, I found that EaseUS MobiSaver has one of the cleanest dashboards that I have seen on any of the data recovery software yet. I have also reviewed EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Windows and there also I loved the way EaseUS has kept their dashboard clean and simple to understand, which is very helpful for beginners.

There’s nothing much on the dashboard, you will see a start button on it, which only activates when you connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. Once the button activates you can click on it to start the data recovery process and wait till the scan is completed.

How To Use EaseUS MobiSaver?

While testing EaseUS MobiSaver I found that using this software is one of the easiest tasks you could do. It is super simple to operate and even a kid can recover data using it. In a few clicks, all your deleted and lost data will be in front of you, ready for being retrieved. Here’s how you can actually use EaseUS MobiSaver to recover data from your rooted Android phones.

1. Connect your phone to the PC via USB and wait till the software recognizes it. Once recognized click on the Start button to start the scanning process.

Start the scan

2. You will get a pop-up message on your rooted Android device to give root permission to the software in order to run a scan on it. Allow the permissions on your phone and wait till the software digs into your phone’s storage to bring back lost files.

Pop Up message

3. Now once all the recovered files show up, select the ones that you want to retrieve. After that, click on the Recover button at the bottom right corner.

Recover data

So, that’s how easy it was to use this software to recover deleted photos from rooted Android phones. However, one thing you should remember is that you must enable the debugging mode on your phone in order to let the software recognize your phone. If you don’t know how to do that you can learn it from our article on how to recover deleted photos from Android phone. In that article, we have also talked about EaseUS MobiSaver software and how to properly use it.

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EaseUS MobiSaver Features

EaseUS MobiSaver For Android is not as powerful software as the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Windows and neither does it support that many features. But whatever features it has are enough for recovering data from a rooted Android device. Here’s what you can expect to see on this software.

1. Preview And Filter

It shows you the preview of the recovered files once they show up on the dashboard. It’s a good thing to have because this way you will get to know whether your file is actually recovered or not. Also, it has filter options that let you select the type of file you want to recover to make it easier for you to locate your files among a heap of other recovered files.

2. Recovers Data Lost Due To Different Scenarios

There can be so many ways in which you may delete or lose data from your Android phone. For example, a virus attack can delete your important files or SD card corruption may be the reason.

Device failure and accidental deletion are also big reason behind data loss from phones. Also, you may delete files while rooting your device. But, no matter how you lost your files you can recover them using this software, and this is one of the best features of it.

3. Recovers All Kinds Of Data

Be it contacts, photos, videos, documents, audio, or SMS this software can help you recover all types of data you may have lost from your Android phones.

4. Recovers Data From Internal As Well As External Memory

It can scan both the internal memory of your phone and the SD card mounted on it. So no matter where the data was stored before deletion you can recover it using EaseUS Mobisaver for Android.

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EaseUS has always impressed me with its performance and this time too I am nothing but dazzled by how such lightweight software can work so effectively to recover lost data.

I first tried it on an unrooted Nokia 2.1 device, so it didn’t work. Well obviously because it only works on rooted devices.  I knew it but I did it on purpose to see whether I could get something out of it. But no you need to have a rooted device in order to recover something from it.

Next, I tested it with a rooted OnePlus 2 phone. At first, I had some difficulties providing the root permissions but after some research, I was able to give permission to the software. Once the permission was granted it took some time to scan the entire storage of the phone and was able to provide me with all the data including, photos, contacts, and documents that I deleted intentionally, and unintentionally.

Overall, in terms of performance, EaseUS MobiSaver can recover even the oldest files lost from your Android device’s internal as well as external storage with ease. I am quite satisfied with its performance. But the fact that you have to root your phone to use this software is something I didn’t like that much.

MobiSaver For Android Pricing

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android pricing

The EaseUS MobiSaver is available in two plans Free and Pro. The free plan lets you recover 1 contact or multimedia file from your Android device at a time. On the other hand, the Pro plan costs $39.99/month and provides unlimited recovery with lifetime updates and technical support.

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EaseUS Mobisaver App For Android

Mobisaver For Android App

You can also use the MobiSaver app that lets you run a quick scan on your device without rooting permission. However, it’s not very effective when it comes to recovering old lost files. Moreover, it’s not as powerful as the Windows version of this software. For proper results, you have to anyway root your device.

In my test, I was able to recover intentionally deleted photos using this app without providing any root permissions. So you can also try it once before rooting your device. Who knows you may recover your lost data without even rooting your device.

EaseUS MobiSaver For iPhone Review

EaseUS MobiSaver For iPhone lets you recover deleted data from your iPhone in three ways; From the device’s internal storage, iTunes backup, and from iCloud backup. Unlike EaseUS MobiSaver Android which is available for Windows only, here you can download it on both Windows and Mac.

After downloading EaseUS software from their website and launching it, you will find three options available for data recovery from iPhone which are as follows:

1. Restoring data from the device

recover from iOS

If you wish to restore deleted data directly from your iPhone’s internal storage then simply connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Once you open EaseUS MobiSaver, it will automatically detect your device.

Once your phone is detected, you can then proceed with the data recovery process. The software will scan your device for all available files, including both present and deleted ones. After the scan is complete, you can select the files you want to restore and click on the “Recover” button to save them to your PC or Mac.

Later you can transfer your recovered data from your PC to your iPhone if you want.

2. Recovering data from iTunes backup

recover from itunes

If you have created an iTunes backup of your iPhone data then you can easily recover your lost files from it. But make sure you have EaseUS MobiSaver installed on the computer where you have created the iTunes backup.

You don’t have to do much as the software will automatically detect your backups. It gives you the option to choose the one you want to scan. After scanning your desired backup, you will see a list of available data files. From there, you can simply select the files you wish to recover and save them to your computer.

3. Retrieving data from iCloud backup

recover from iCloud

To recover data from an iCloud backup, launch the MobiSaver software on your computer and then connect your phone to it. The software will then scan your iCloud for available data to be recovered. You can select the files you want to retrieve and recover them on your computer.

The best part about EaseUS MobiSaver for iPhone is that it lets you recover selected files from the backup otherwise you have to restore the entire backup. Besides that it even lets you recover app data from WhatsApp, Kik, and LINE such as your chats, photos, etc. For the same reason, I would like to encourage you to give this software a try. You can start with the free trial and then upgrade to the pro plan if you like it.

Click Here to Try EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS

EaseUS MobiSaver For iPhone Pricing

EaseUS MobiSaver for iPhone offers two editions: Free and Pro. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The Pro Edition for Windows is priced at $59.95, while the Pro Edition for Mac costs $79.95.

EaseUS mobisaver for iPhone pricing

On the other hand, the free version of EaseUS MobiSaver allows you to recover lost files one by one. It allows you to restore up to 5 contacts, 1 picture/video, and retrieve notes, call history, calendars, reminders, and Safari bookmarks.

By upgrading to the Pro Edition, you can recover unlimited contacts, media files, and other file types available in the free edition. Moreover, with the Pro Edition, you receive free lifetime technical support and access to future upgrades of the software.

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EaseUS MobiSaver Review: Final Verdict

If you don’t have an issue rooting your device in order to recover data from it then EaseUS MobiSaver is one of the best data recovery software for Android. It can easily recover all your lost data due to different data loss scenarios.

You can recover any sort of file be it a document, photo, video, and more. In the case of the iPhone, it gives an even better data recovery solution because not just from the device but you can also recover data from iCloud and iTunes backup.

So, finally, if your data is super valuable to you even more important than your phone, then we will definitely recommend you this software. It is one of the best we have tested and also comes at a quite reasonable price, so go for it if you don’t mind rooting your device.


1. Is There A Refund Policy On This Software?

Yes, it is covered with a 30-day refund policy so if it doesn’t work for you, you can get the refund.

2. How Long Will It Take To Receive My Download URL?

You get the download link in your E-mail almost instantly.

3. Do I Need To Repurchase The Software If I Change My Computer?

No there’s no need to do that as you can reset your license by contacting the EaseUS customer support team.

EaseUS MobiSaver


User Interface


Scan Speed




Value For Money


Customer Support



  • Great UI
  • Supports different data loss scenarios
  • Support Multiple File Formats
  • Easy to use
  • Also available as an app
  • Recovers data from internal and external storage


  • Android phone needs to be rooted for deep scanning
  • Android app is not very effective
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