Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Review

In terms of data security, iPhones are always considered safer than Android. However, data loss is still possible on iPhones as it is on Android smartphones. There can be many reasons behind data loss in iPhone like careless deletion, jailbreaking, virus attacks, etc.

Sometimes the iPhone may also crash while updating it to the latest iOS firmware. In that case, you may want to recover important data from the crashed iPhone. And therefore in this article, I have brought the Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone review for you that lets you recover data from iPhone in any data loss scenario and can even recover data from a crashed iPhone.

The name of the software is Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone and the best part about it is that it doesn’t need you to jailbreak your iPhone in order to retrieve data from it.

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Overview

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone is previously known as Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery For iPhone. It is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, this software lets you recover lost data from your iPhone using three different modules. From the internal storage of the iPhoneiTunes backup, and from iCloud backup.

The three-module recovery option overall increases the chances of retrieving data from your iPhone or iPad device. Moreover, it can restore all types of data like pictures, videos, audio, messages, etc. And from all data loss scenarios like file corruption, intentional and unintentional deletion, virus attacks, jailbreaking, and more. However, in order to recover data from the iTunes backup, you must have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.

Some other cool features of Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone are as follows

Recover Data From iTunes Or iCloud Backup: The software lets you recover data directly from the iTunes or iCloud backup. Even if the iPhone is switched off and can’t be turned on for some reason, you can still recover data through iTunes or iCloud backup.

Retrieve Selected Data From Backup:  If you want to restore data from the backup manually, you have to sync the entire backup as you can’t recover a specific file from the backup. But that’s not the case with Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone, here you can choose specific files to restore from the backup.

Recover Any File Type: No matter whether you have deleted photos, videos, or documents from your iPhone, this software can help you recover all of them.

What Did I Love About It?

The best part about Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone is that it doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone in order to recover data from it. Also, it shows you the preview of the data before recovering so you can be sure that you are retrieving the right file. Moreover, the software is available on both Mac and Windows so there are no compatibility issues.

What I Don’t Like?

I have recently reviewed EaseUS Mobisaver which offers a dedicated data recovery app for Android. Similarly, Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone should have provided an app for iPhone as well but it does not. Also, while testing I found that it takes quite some time to scan the entire iPhone for lost data, if you are a little impatient kind of a person then you are not going to like it.

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Quick Review

In my honest opinion, Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is one of the best iPhone data recovery tools available online. Not just from the iPhone’s internal storage but it even allows you to recover the data from iTunes and iCloud backup. Although it does take some time to scan and find the lost files, the wait is worth it because it lets you recover your permanently lost data on your iPhone without needing to jailbreak it.

Free TrialYes
Money Back Guarantee30 days
PriceStarts at $39.95
Supported Operating SystemWindows & Mac
Works Without Rooting & JailbreakYes
Data Recovery Adviser Rating8.5

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Detailed Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Review

In this article, we review Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone in full detail. For skipping to a specific part of the review you can click on the links provided below.

System Requirements And Compatibility

For the smooth operation of this software, the Windows PC must be running on the operating system 10/8/8.1/7 while for Mac, it must be running on Mac OS X 10.8 or above. Moreover, both the PC and Mac must have a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and 250 MB of free space on the hard disk.

In terms of compatibility, it is compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 12. So as long as compatibility or system requirements are considered you will not face any problem as such.

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Installation

To install this software on your computer you must have iTunes installed on it. Without iTunes, you won’t be able to use the software for retrieving data from your iPhone. If you don’t have iTunes on your PC you will get a pop-up message like this.

install iTunes

But if you already have it installed then you must update it to the latest version. Once you are done with the prerequisites you are ready to install Apple iPhone data recovery software on your computer. To install the software you should download it from the official website of Stellar and install the software on your PC following the normal installation procedure.



The dashboard of Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone is clean and simple to comprehend. On the left side panel, you see the three modules, which are Recover from iPhone, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud Backup.

On the main dashboard, you have all the recovery options. Like Camera Roll which contains all videos and photos, Messages & Chats which includes your chats from Text and WhatsApp, or Contacts & Call Logs which have your contacts and call details. You can select all the options or just those which you would like to recover.

Selecting only the files you want to recover takes less time when compared to recovering everything at once. There’s a Next button on the bottom right side of the dashboard which you can press after selecting what to recover. Overall, the dashboard of this software is easy to understand and use. You won’t face many issues learning how to use it. If you still feel the issue you can learn here how to use this software and start recovering files from your iPhone.

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How To Use Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone?

As we have already told you that there are three modules for recovering data from the iPhone using this software. Let’s start with ‘Recover from iPhone’ as the other 2 will only work for you if you have backed up your iPhone on iTunes or iCloud.

Recover Data From Internal Storage Of iPhone

If you have lost the data from your phone’s internal storage then this software gives you the opportunity to recover the data in a few simple steps.

1. Launch Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone and iTunes software on your PC. Now plug in your iPhone to your PC via USB cable.

The software will recognize your phone automatically. For the first time, you may have to provide some permissions from your phone to trust the PC. After allowing the permissions your phone will automatically sync to the computer.

2. Now on the dashboard of the software click on Recover from iPhone on the left side panel. Then select what type of data you want to recover from the main dashboard. For example, we are here selecting Messages & Chats as we want to recover our deleted WhatsApp and text messages.

Recover from iPhone

You can select any other data type according to your need like video, Safari bookmarks, contacts, etc. Or you can select all to recover all the lost data at once but it will take more time. Then click on Next.

3. The scanning process will start. It will take some time. Wait till it shows you all the results.

Scanning the iPhone

4. Once the data is recovered, which may take some time based on the data size. You will be shown all the recovered files. You can sort the results by Show All, Deleted Only, or Existing Only. If you want to recover only the deleted data then select Deleted Only. It will save you some time to locate the deleted recovered data.

Sort the files

5. Once the files are sorted you can select the one you want to recover. You will see the preview of the selected files on the right-side panel. When you are sure that the files are recovered you can retrieve them to your device by clicking on the Save button at the bottom right corner.

Recover data

So that’s how you recover data from the internal storage of the iPhone.

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In case you have created a backup of the file in iTunes then you can also recover data from there using this software. Here’s how to do that.

Recover Data From iTunes

The process of data recovery from iTunes is similar to recovering data from the internal storage of the iPhone. You just have to select the option of Recover from iTunes Backup on the dashboard the rest of the procedure remains the same.

Recover From ITunes

This option gives you the opportunity to recover the files from iTunes backup to your computer. Moreover, you can also recover encrypted iTunes files from it if you have forgotten the encryption password and can’t access the backup files.

Recover Data From iCloud

recover from icloud

iCloud is Apple’s own cloud storage platform, which lets you backup your important data to it. If your iPhone or iPad is synced to iCloud then you must have a backup of the deleted iPhone data in the iCloud itself.

Using this software you can restore the data from the iCloud backup to your computer. For recovering data from the backup, you don’t have to even connect your phone to your PC. Just select the option Recover from iCloud Backup on the dashboard and then enter your iCloud username and password. From here you can also recover data from iCloud even if it is protected with two-factor authentication.


1. Dual Scan Modes

Like most data recovery software, it also has dual scan modes; quick scan, and deep scan respectively. The quick scan as the name suggests is conducted in a quick session. Whereas the deep scan takes more time but also provides better results. The recovery process starts with the quick scan test and then you can move on to the deep scan if you can’t find the files in the first attempt.

2. Recover All Types Of Data

From photos, videos, and contacts, to voice memos, you use and store different types of data on your iPhone. To recover such a wide range of data types we need software that supports all these file types. Luckily, Stellar iPhone Data Recovery software can recover all types of data for you and can even retrieve bookmarked Safari pages, calendars, and even deleted app data.

3. Data Recovery From Different Data Loss Scenarios

There are more than one ways in which a file can be deleted from the iPhone. However, the most prominent reasons for data loss from iPhone are accidental deletion, jailbreaking, virus attacks, water damage, etc. However, this software right here can recover data from all data loss scenarios.

4. Permanently Erase Data

If you want to permanently erase your personal and sensitive data from an iOS-enabled device before selling it off to someone or throwing it in the trash then this software can help you with that as well. It completely wipes the data from your device that no data recovery software can recover. So you can be relaxed that your privacy stays intact, even if the phone is not in your possession anymore.

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The overall performance of this data recovery is quite impressive. You get three modules (iPhone, iCloud backup, and iTunes backup) to recover data from different sources. This overall enhances your chances of recovering lost data from your iPhone or iPad devices. Moreover, the quick scan and deep scan modes on this software make the data recovery process furthermore effective.

However, the quick scan mode is not as quick as we have seen on other data recovery software, it takes more time than usual. Also, the quick scan is not that powerful either you have to run the deep scan in order to recover all the deleted data at once. Nonetheless, in terms of performance, we have no complaints as such and you won’t have either.

Is Stellar Data Recovery Safe?

Yes, it is one of the most reliable data recovery software out there. Moreover, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to jailbreak it so your phone is at zero risk.

How Is Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone Customer Support?

Stellar Data Recovery offers multiple support channels to its users, including phone, live chat, and online ticket support. Phone support is accessible globally; however, it is only available in English at the moment. In my test of the live chat support, I found that within a minute an agent was assigned to me who helped me with my queries.

Additionally, users have access to various self-help options. The FAQ section provides straightforward solutions to frequently asked questions. Additionally, the comprehensive knowledge base contains extensively written and visual documentation to assist users in detail. Overall, Stellar Data Recover For iPhone has one of the best customer support, and you can totally rely on them.

How Much Does Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Cost?


The software comes in three variants Standard, Toolkit, And Toolkit Plus. The standard version is priced at $39.99 per year, whereas the Toolkit and Toolkit Plus versions will cost you $49.99 and $149.99 annually.

You can also download the trial version of this software for free. But, it only allows you to scan and view the recovered data. You cannot retrieve recovered data on your computer in the trial version. Only the paid versions of this iPhone data recovery software let you save the data on your device.

If you are confused out of three paid versions, then you can go with the Standard version, if you just wish to recover data from your iPhone. However, if you also want to erase the data from any of your iOS-enabled devices then you can go with the Toolkit version.

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Stellar iPhone Data Recovery Review: Should You Buy It Or Not?

So we are at the end of the review and you must have a doubt in your mind that whether you should go with this software or not. Then let us tell you that, Stellar is a big name in the data recovery industry. All their software are of top-notch quality and this software is no different. It provides you with all the tools which are helpful in recovering data from your iPhone.

So should you buy it? You can try the free version first and see if it actually recovers the lost files for you. If you could locate the deleted file after running the scan using the trial version then you can pay for the paid version of this software.


1. Can I See The Preview Of Files Before Recovering Them?

Yes, you get the preview option on this software.

2. Do I need To Have iTunes Installed On My PC?

Yes, without iTunes Installed on your PC, you won’t be able to recover data from iTunes backup.

3. Can It Recover Data From iPhone That Has Crashed After An iOS Update?

Yes, even if your iPhone has crashed due to a recent update then also you can recover data from it.

4. Does iPhone Recovery Software Really Work?

Yes, it works and can really help you restore your lost iPhone data.

Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone


User Interface


Scan Speed




Value For Money




Probability of Finding Lost Files



  • Good user interface
  • Recovers data from all data loss scenarios
  • Can recover any type of data
  • Available on both Windows and macOS
  • Shows preview of recovered files
  • Lets you recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup
  • No Jailbreaking required


  • Slow scanning
  • Quick scan is not powerful
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