How To Recover Deleted Skype Messages (Windows Mac Phone)

Skype is the most used messaging app by professionals worldwide. It allows them to share their work-related messages, documents, and files with colleagues and employees.

However, just like any other messaging app, the risk of messages getting deleted from the app is always there. If your Skype messages are also disappeared and now you are looking to restore them then this article is for you. Here, I am going to spread some light on how to recover deleted Skype messages on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

In case you’ve deleted your account and now you’re having second thoughts then you can recover your deleted Skype account.

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Why Do Skype Messages Get Deleted?

There can be many reasons behind Skype messages getting deleted. Some of them are listed below.

  • Accident deletion is one of the most prominent reasons why people lose their Skype messages.
  • The operating system crashing is also a reason why you may lose your Skype conversations on your PC.
  • A malware attack can also delete Skype messages on your computer and phone.

How To Recover Deleted Skype Messages On Windows 10 PC?

Method 1: Using Database Files

On Windows 10 computer all your conversations, media files, and documents that you send or receive on Skype are stored in the AppData folder in the main.db file. This means if you somehow lose your important messages from your Skype app, they are still available in the database.

To see these files you will need a special tool like SkypeLogView. Download the app and install it on your computer. Once the app is installed on your Windows PC, find and open the main.db file.

To find the main.db file, follow the path below:

Skype app data path

With this, you will be able to see and find the deleted Skype messages. Although this method works most of the time to restore Skype deleted messages, if somehow it doesn’t work for you then you can try the following methods.

Note: This method only works if you are using Skype version 7.X or older. If you are using any later version then you won’t find the main.db file.

Method 2: See Deleted Messages On Skype Using Windows Previous Version

Windows offers you a Previous Version feature using which you can recover the deleted files on your computer. In case you can’t find the main.db file on your PC then it means that it might be deleted. You can make use of the Previous Version feature to recover the deleted database file of Skype. To do so follow these steps:

Note: This method will only work if you have already enabled backup on your Windows PC.

  • Use the path below to go to the AppData Folder where the Skype database file is stored.Skype app data folder location
  • Right-click on the empty space inside the folder and then go to properties.
  • Next, click on the Previous Versions option.

recover deleted skype messages on windows

  • Select the version that you wish to recover and then click on Restore.

With this, you might be able to recover the deleted Skype messages on a Windows computer.

Method 3: Retrieve Deleted Skype Messages Using Data Recovery Program

The Skype data folder is stored in the Windows storage drive. Hence if you happen to format your PC for some reason then all your data will be deleted including the Skype data folder.

If this is the case then you can’t restore deleted Skype messages because you have no backup of the database file. It is therefore advised that you create a copy of your Skype folder in some other place. Nonetheless, if you don’t have the backup then you can run a scan using Windows data recovery software to recover the lost Skype data file.

There are lots of data recovery software for Windows PC out there but for this purpose, I would recommend Disk Drill.

  • Run the Disk Drill program on your PC and select the drive where the file was stored i.e Drive C.
  • Next, run a deep scan as a quick scan might not be sufficient to recover the deleted database file.
  • Wait for the scan to complete and then find the recovered Skype folder.

Once the folder is recovered you can easily restore deleted Skype messages from it.

Restore Deleted Skype Chats On Android

Once the Skype chats and conversations are deleted from the Android app it’s hard to recover them. But you can try the following tricks to recover deleted Skype messages on your phone.

Method 1: Check On Another Device

If you happen to use Skype on multiple devices such as your phone as well as your PC then you may be able to see deleted Skype messages. For instance, if you deleted a skype conversation on the Skype mobile app then you can log into your Skype Windows software and see if messages are still available there.

The chance of this method working better is when you want to find a recently deleted message and not for old deleted messages.

Method 2: Recover From Cloud Server

Skype deleted chats are saved in the cloud for 30 day time period. So the other trick you can try is that you can install the app on another phone and sign into your account. This might help you recover the Skype conversations deleted within 30 days period.

Method 3: Make Use Of The Data Recovery App

Skype is not only used for text-based conversations but you can also send photos and videos using it. The skype photos and videos are stored on your phone’s gallery so you can easily restore them from there.

However, in case the Skype media files are deleted from your phone’s gallery then you can make use of data recovery software to get them back.

I can recommend you EaseUS MobiSaver as it is one of the best Android data recovery software out there. But, I must tell you that the app only works on a rooted Android device.

Recover Skype Conversations On iPhone

Just like Android, you can recover deleted Skype messages on your iPhone as well. All you need to do is make use of a good Skype message recovery tool like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone or Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery.

The best part about iPhone data recovery software is that you don’t have to jailbreak your phone in order for these apps to work properly. Moreover, these apps allow you to recover deleted data files from your phone’s internal storage, iCloud, or even iTunes backup. So you get triple surety of recovering the file.

All you have to do is install iPhone recovery software on your computer and then connect your phone to the PC. Next, you need to choose the option you wish to opt for restoring deleted Skype chats on your iPhone i.e. from your phone, iCloud, or iTunes.

recover skype messages on iPhone

So that’s how you recover deleted messages on Skype mobile app on iPhone.

Get Back Deleted Skype Messages On Mac

Method 1: Retrieve Deleted Skype Messages On Mac Using Time Machine

Just like the previous version on Windows you have the Time Machine feature on macOS. With this feature, you may recover Skype messages on Mac that were deleted due to a mistake or intentionally.

Open the Skype folder from where the main.db file was deleted on your Mac.

recover skype conversations on mac

Now you need to open the Time Machine app. After that, select the time from which you want to restore the backup of the file. Once the time is selected then choose the file that you wish to restore. The restored file will be saved to its original location.

Method 2:  Use Data Recovery Solutions

If your messages are deleted from the Skype app on Mac then they will be stored in the main.db file just like in the case of Windows. You can easily restore Skype conversations on Mac from there. However, if your Skype database file is lost then you can make use of a data recovery program for Mac like Disk Drill.

recover skype chats

It is easy to use and works like charm to recover the deleted Macbook files.

Final Verdict

Skype conversations can be very important hence losing them can be disturbing. But you don’t have to worry because you can recover deleted Skype chats and conversations on your Windows 10, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices. If you are using Skype on a PC then there is a better chance of recovering the deleted messages than the mobile app itself. Nonetheless, restoring deleted Skype messages is quite possible so you don’t need to worry if you somehow lose important Skype messages.


How Long Does Skype Keep Deleted Messages?

Skype keeps deleted messages for 30 days.

What Happens When You Delete A Skype Conversation?

The messages in the conversation are deleted from your end but they remain as it is on the other end.

How To Recover Deleted Skype Messages On iPhone?

You can retrieve Skype messages on your iPhone using data recovery software.

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