How To Recover Deleted Skype Account

We all get overwhelmed sometimes by multiple emails or messages we get on VoIP platforms like Skype. It is totally plausible that you may delete your Skype or Microsoft account in a hurry, only to realize that you should have backed up that important client’s file.

If you too have deleted your Skype account, & now wondering how you can recover your deleted Skype account then this guide is for you. So without any further delay let’s start with the article.

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How To Recover Deleted Skype Account Before 30/60 Days

When you initiate a close account request on Skype, you get an option to either select the 30 or 60 days option to close the account. By default, 60 days option is selected unless you change it to 30 days manually.

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If it has not been 60 days since you initiated the Skype account deletion process then there is still a chance that you can recover it. All you have to do is simply log back into your Skype account and you will be presented with the option to reopen your account.

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Can I Recover Deleted Skype Account After 60 Days

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No, once the 60 day period expires, you can no longer recover your deleted Skype account.

What Happens When You Delete Your Skype Account

There are two types of Skype accounts, one which is created using Microsoft Outlook/Live/Hotmail service & other using a third-party email provider like Gmail.

If you have created an account using third-party email services then your email address won’t be affected. However, all the purchases such as Skype credit, and Office 365 subscription will be deleted.

For Microsoft account holders, the situation is even worse as your Microsoft email account will also be deleted. It will result in huge data loss which will include your emails, OneDrive files, one-note, & data from other Microsft services also being deleted.

How to recover deleted skype account

How To Delete Your Skype Account Without Deleting Your Microsoft Account?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete your Skype while preserving your Microsoft Account. So if you will delete your Skype account then your Microsoft account will also be deleted along with it.

There are various websites & even the Microsoft Community threads saying it is possible to unlink your Microsoft account with Skype. However, that feature has been discontinued by Microsoft & you can no longer unlink your Skype Account.

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Can You Delete Skype & Keep Microsoft Account?

No, your Microsoft account will also be deleted along with your Skype account. All your purchases on Microsoft Store, Emails, files in OneDrive, One Note, & other Microsoft services will also be lost.

Does Deleting Your Skype Account Delete Your Email?

If you have created a Skype account using a Microsoft account then your Microsoft email account will also be deleted.

Can I Create A Skype Account With Gmail?

Yes, you can create a Skype account using Gmail.

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