How To Recover Deleted Reels Draft On Instagram On iPhone & Android

Instagram reels are a new trend these days and everyone seems to be liking them. Some prefer creating reels while others have fun scrolling through them. Apart from just fun, it has become a means of extra income for many influencers around the world as well.

However, it takes some creativity and commitment to make viral reels. But what if you have put creativity and commitment into your reel and it got deleted? It can be very heartbreaking for you. But don’t worry in this article I am going to show you how to recover deleted reels draft on Instagram so that your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

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Brief Overview
Recovering deleted Reels drafts on Instagram is quite possible on Android and iPhone. You can check for them in the recently deleted folder but they will be there for only 30 days. You can also check on the upload screen or try to update the Instagram app to recover disappeared reels.

Is It Possible To Recover Dissaperard Reels Draft On Instagram?

restore deleted drafts

Yes, you can actually get back deleted reels draft on Instagram similar to how you can recover deleted Instagram photos and accounts? However, there are a few things that you need to consider before recovering lost draft reels on Instagram which are as follows.

1. The Reels draft created may not stay on Instagram forever. As the story draft, gets deleted after 24 hours, the reel draft may also get deleted after some time. Instagram says that your Reels draft will not be deleted until you delete it yourself. However, there are people whose reels draft gets deleted for various reasons. Hence, you should publish your reel as soon as possible.

2. It is not possible to recover lost draft reels on Instagram, after logging out. This means if you have saved a draft and you log out or uninstall the app the next time you log in, the draft will not be available there.

Where Are Reels Draft Stored On Instagram?

Some newbie Instagram users don’t know where are reel drafts stored on their accounts and consider them to be deleted or lost. But don’t worry, you can find the lost Reels drafts by following the below steps.

Note: The steps to find the Reels draft on Android and iPhone is similar.

  • Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile icon.

tap on profile

  • Under your profile, tap on the Reels option. Next, tap on Drafts. With this, the saved reels will open on your screen.

disappeared reels draft

How To Recover Deleted Reels Draft On Instagram On Android & iPhone

1. Find Deleted Reels Draft On Instagram In the Recently Deleted Folder

Instagram has included a new feature by the name of Recently Deleted, where you can find the deleted reels draft. The deleted draft are stored in this folder for 30 days before they are permanently deleted. Here’s how you can restore deleted reels draft from the Recently Deleted folder.

  • On the Instagram app, open your Profile page. There you need to tap on the Hamburger icon.

hamburger icon

  • Next, choose the Your Activity option. Now scroll down and find the Recently Deleted option.

recover deleted instagram reels draft

If you find the reels you are looking for then you can retrieve them from here. However, if the reels are not present in the recently deleted folder then it means it’s gone for good and you cannot recover them. Here’s how to recover the reel if you find it in the deleted folder.

  • Choose the Reel you want to recover. Next, tap on the three dots icon.

choose the reels

  • Finally, tap on Restore.

restore reels draft

2. Find Deleted Reels Draft On Upload Screen

It happens sometimes that while editing your reel you receive a phone call, your battery dies or your app suddenly crashes and shuts down. In that case, it is a possibility that your reels are automatically saved and are still available on the upload screen.

To find lost reels on the upload screen you need to go to the home screen of your Instagram account and swipe left. Next, you need to tap on the Reel option at the bottom.


Now if you get a popup message like Continue editing your video then it means you are lucky and your reel is still secure. However, if you don’t get any such option then it means the reel is not saved.

continue editing

3. Update Instagram App To Fix Bugs That Are Making Reels Draft Disappear

There are lots of people out there who have lost their reel drafts from Instagram even after saving them properly. Later it was found that it was some sort of a bug that was disappearing the draft reels. If you also lose your reel drafts for no reason then it means that this bug has affected your account as well. Don’t worry, such bugs can be fixed by updating your app.

To update your Instagram app you need to go to App Store or Google Play Store. Now go to the installed app list and select Instagram. Click on the Instagram icon and see if there’s any update available. If it is available then you will see the Update option. Click on it and wait till the update completes.

update instagram

Once the update is complete, open the Instagram app and see if you have recovered the disappeared Reels draft or not.

How To Prevent Reel Draft From Disappearing From Instagram?

It is possible to find the lost reel draft on Instagram but I would recommend that you should take precautions and prevent the reel draft from disappearing in the first place itself.  Prevention is better than cure, we all know that, right? Here’s how you can properly save a reel on Instagram so you don’t lose it.

  • Once you are done shooting the reel, tap on the Next button.
  • On the next screen, you will see the Save draft option, tap on it.

save draft

With this, your Reels draft will be saved under the gallery section and you can access it anytime you want.

How To Recover Lost Draft Reels On Instagram? Final Verdict

After reading this article you must have known how to recover deleted reels draft on Instagram on iPhone or Android. I would recommend that you save your reels as soon as you are done editing them. Also, you should never uninstall or log out from your Instagram account until you have published your reels saved in the draft because the reel will disappear once you sign out of the app.

Also, as soon as your reels are deleted you must go to the recently deleted folder and recover it from there. If you take too much time then you may not find the reels there.

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Can I Get Back My Deleted Drafts On Instagram?

Yes, as long as your reels draft is not permanently deleted, you can get it back.

How Long Does Deleted Reels Stay In The Recently Deleted Folder?

After deleting, the reels draft stays in the Recently Deleted Folder for one month period.

Can You Recover Reels Drafts After Logging Out Of Your Account?

No, once you log out the reels will disappear from your Instagram account and you cannot recover them.

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