How To Recover Deleted Instagram Account Before & After 30 Days

We all have deleted our Instagram account one time or the other, for various personal reasons. I  deleted my Instagram account because it was having a negative influence on my mental health. Some of my close friends deleted it after a bad breakup, others did it to avoid political posts. The point is we all have done it!

However, after deleting an Instagram account sometimes you realize that you need to retrieve Instagram photos or download your data first. It can be images, text, videos, or other data that might be important for you. If you too are in a similar situation and looking for a way to recover your deleted Instagram account then you are in right place.

In this guide, I have written how to recover your deleted Instagram account, and is there any way to recover a permanently deleted Instagram account?

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Stay Away From These Instagram Account Recovery Methods!

Before we discuss the possible solutions, I want to share methods that will definitely not recover your deleted account. However, many people still do them without realizing they are wasting their time and resources.

A quick Google search on how to recover your deleted Instagram account would lead you to forums like Quora where users share their opinion on the topic. While it can be a goldmine for information but that’s not the case every time. Like in this case, many users have shared links to the websites where you can recover deleted data of your account just by entering your username.

Let me say it clearly, these tools do not work, no one else can access the deleted or deactivated account except for the folks at Instagram. Recovering your Instagram account isn’t that easy still, people get tricked by these spammy websites. There are so many websites that do this that we can’t even list them all for you here. However, I am mentioning a few ways you can spot a spam website when you stumble upon one.

1. Survey

If you ever have a problem and the solution to that issue is just behind a survey then believe me it is too good to be true. These are just marketing scams and most of the time these surveys would ask you to sign up for a service or newsletter.

In the end, you won’t get a method that restores your deleted account instead you will get more spam on your email. However, one thing is for sure, the website’s owner will get money for whatever service you end up signing up for.

fake online tool

2. Hackers

There are various ethical hackers out there that offer services in return for a charge. It can be opening an iPhone’s password, Windows password, and so on. However, restoring deleted data that was stored on Instagram’s server is impossible.

Hacking someone’s Instagram password and Instagram data centers is a different ball game altogether. If someone is offering you this service then most probably it’s a scam or they’re just reaching out to Instagram support on your behalf.

How To Actually Recover Deleted Instagram Account Before 30 Days

When you apply to delete your Instagram account, it isn’t immediately deleted. You are given a grace period of 30 days in case you change your mind. For those 30 days, your account would be deactivated and won’t be visible to your followers on your Instagram. On the 31st day, your account would be automatically deleted.

enter password to deleted

Within the grace period, all you have to do to stop the Instagram account deletion process is to log back into your account. If you will log back in, it will stop the deletion process for your account.

cancel deletion

Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account After 30 Days

If it has been more than 30 days then that means your account has been permanently deleted. There is no way that you will be able to restore your deleted Instagram account and that’s coming from Instagram themselves. There are various Reddit forums recommending you to fill out this Instagram form however, it won’t restore your account.

You can try and reach out to Instagram support (use this email address- However, I doubt they would be of much help, still it’s worth trying out. You can also use this customer care number- 650-543-4800. Different regions may have different customer care numbers so I will recommend checking out customer care numbers for your region first.

Restore Account Deleted Or Deactivated By Instagram

If you have violated any of your Instagram community guidelines then Instagram reserves the right to deactivate or delete your account. In this case, you can appeal to Instagram using this form. Several accounts have been recovered by users even after 1 week of the account deletion.

Restore permanently deleted instagram account

Once the form has been filled with all the details, Instagram support would reach out to you. It could take some time before they get back to you. However,  I would recommend re-appealing if they don’t revert back to you within 48 hours. The support would reach back to you at your email address.

The first email you will receive will contain a numeric code and the following instructions.

  • All you need to do is write down the code on a piece of paper (A4 sheet recommended) along with your full name & Instagram user name.
  • After that, get your photo clicked while holding that piece of paper.
  • Your face, username, code, & full name should be clearly visible in the photo.
  • The photo should be in JPEG image format.

You may receive an email from the support team informing you that your account has been reactivated or your account might start working again after 2-3 days automatically.


Hopefully, you were able to restore your permanently deleted Instagram account using the steps of any of the above methods. If not then I am afraid you won’t be able to restore your account.

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How To Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account Before 30 Days?

If you have applied for deletion of your account then you can stop the process by simply logging back into your Instagram account within 30 days.

How Can I Recover Instagram Account After I Forgot The Password?

Simply click on the forget password on the login page. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to recover your Instagram account.

My Instagram Was Deleted Without My Consent?

Instagram reserve the right to delete or disable your account if you violate their community guidelines. However, you can appeal to Instagram if you think it's a mistake on their part or if you think the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Can Instagram Account Be Recovered After 30 Days?

If 30 days have gone by since you applied for deleting your Instagram account then you won't be able to recover your account.

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