How To Recover Deleted POF Account?

Plenty of Fish sounds like a weird name for a dating app, isn’t it? But much like Tinder and Hinge, it is also very popular among youth and millennials to find new partners on the internet. In this article, I am not going to bore you with what is POF and how does it work? Rather I will show you how to recover POF account, which most people want to know. But before that let’s see if it is possible to recover the Plenty Of Fish account or not.

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Brief Overview
You cannot recover a deleted POF account. However, if you have forgotten your password then you can easily restore it if you know the registered email id. Also, it is possible to reactivate your Plenty of Fish account if instead of deleting it you have deactivated your account.

Can You Recover Deleted POF Account?

can you recover pof account

Recovering a deleted POF account is not possible. And that is because your account gets permanently deleted once you choose to delete it.

Unlike some other apps, it’s not possible to delete your POF account accidentally, you have to go through a step-by-step process to delete your account. Therefore your account is non-recoverable because POF deletes all your information and chats once your account is permanently deleted.

So you can’t recover a Plenty of Fish account, but is there something you can do to reactivate your POF account? Well, yes, POF gives you the option to deactivate your account instead of permanently deleting it. Hence if you have chosen to deactivate your account instead of deleting it then you can reactivate it anytime you want. Keep reading the article and you will learn how to reactivate the Plenty of Fish account.

How To Recover Plenty of Fish Account After Permanent Deletion?

Once your account is permanently deleted there’s no way you can retrieve it and I have already told you about that. However, if the account was very important to you then you try contacting the customer support of POF.

But once your account is deleted I don’t think there’s anything that customer support can help you with. However, if it was not your fault then you must contact the support team they might have some solution for you.

If you cannot get back your deleted Plenty of Fish account then the only option you have is to create a new account and start from scratch.

How To Reactivate POF Account?

If you have not deleted the POF account but instead deactivated it then you are in luck. Because you can anytime reactivate your account and start using it as usual. Here’s how to reactivate your Plenty of Fish account.

  • Open a browser of your choice and log into your Plenty of Fish account from there. Now go to your Profile.
  • Next, click on the Edit option and then select Account.
  • Click on Activate option.

With you have successfully reactivated your Plenty of Fish account.

How To Recover An Old POF Account If You Forget The Password?

If you have an old POF account that you stopped using a while ago and now you want to use it but don’t remember the password then don’t worry. You can still recover an old POF account if you still remember the email ID that you used while creating the account.

If you know the email address you used to create the old POF account then you can follow the steps mentioned below to recover the POF password.

  • You need to first go to the official POF website. Next, head over to the POF login section.
  • Now you need to fill in your username, if you don’t remember it either then you can enter your email ID into the textbox. Now, since you don’t remember the password leave the password box empty and click on the Forgot your password option.

recover deleted pof account

  • Next, you need to provide the registered email address and click on Reset.

reset password

  • As you do that, you will receive a password reset link in your email. If you don’t find it check it in the Social tab of your email account.
  • Once you find the password reset link, click on it and you will be forwarded to the password reset page. Here you need to enter a new password and confirm it by entering the password one more time. Finally, click on update password and with this, your POF password will be reset.
  • Now you can simply go back to your POF log in page and enter your email and newly created password to log into your old POF account. It’s that simple.

recover old pof account

Final Verdict

Recovering a POF account is not possible once it’s permanently deleted. For the same reason, the Plenty of Fish app allows you to deactivate your account so that you don’t have to delete it if you want to hide your POF profile for some time. Hence, I recommend you deactivate your account instead of deleting it. This way you always have a chance to get back your POF account whenever you want.

In case your account was not deleted but you have forgotten your password then don’t worry. As long as you remember your email id registered with POF, you can always recover your old POF account.


Can I Reactivate My Deleted POF Account?

No, you cannot reactivate a POF account that has been deleted.

Does Plenty of Fish Delete Accounts?

Yes, if they found you scamming people on their platform or abusing their guidelines then POF can delete your account without your permission.

What To Do If I Forgot My POF Password?

Don’t worry, you can recover your Plenty of Fish password if you know the email id registered with your account.

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