How To Recover Deleted Facebook Marketplace Listing?

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to get rid of unwanted stuff which may be useful to someone else. However, for that, you have to create a listing for the item on Facebook Marketplace first.

Now, suppose you create a listing for a product you wish to sell but it got deleted. What will you do? If this ever happens to you then you may want to know how to recover deleted Facebook Marketplace listing. But is it even possible to find deleted Facebook Marketplace listings? Let’s find out.

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Brief Overview
It is not possible to recover a Facebook Marketplace listing hence be 100% sure whenever you delete your listings. Once it is deleted you cannot do anything. However, if the listing was deleted by mistake or it is lost without your actions then you can try contacting customer support. If nothing works out and you are not able to get back the deleted listing on Facebook Marketplace then you should move on and relist your item.

What Is Facebook Marketplace Listing?

recover listing from facebook

Before we move on to how to recover deleted FB Marketplace listings let’s learn more about it. Facebook Marketplace is a feature of Facebook that allows you to buy and sell items within your local community. Basically, when you create a listing on Facebook Marketplace, you are creating an advertisement for an item that you are selling.

Other users on Facebook can browse the listings on Marketplace and contact you if they are interested in purchasing the item that you have listed. You can list almost anything for sale on Marketplace, including clothes, electronics, furniture, and more.

Can I Recover A Deleted Listing On Facebook Marketplace?

Unfortunately, once a Facebook Marketplace listing is deleted it cannot be recovered. For the same reason, Facebook asks you twice to confirm your action before deleting your listing, because once your listing is deleted they are gone for good.

Although you cannot get back the deleted listing of Facebook Marketplace, there is still something you could do. Keep reading the article to know what can be done in case your FB Marketplace listing is lost or deleted.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Marketplace Listing?

I don’t want to give you false hopes but as I said earlier that it is not possible to retrieve deleted Facebook Marketplace listings. That said, don’t worry you can try the following things.

1. Reach Facebook Customer Support: If the Facebook listing was not deleted by you but it’s still missing then you can contact Facebook customer support and seek help.

It may be due to some technical glitch. If it was so then you may get back the deleted listing on Facebook Marketplace with the help of customer support. However, if you have intentionally deleted the listings then even the Facebook support team can’t help you with it.

2: Relist Your Product: If even after contacting the support team you can’t find your Facebook Marketplace listing then you should stop putting more effort because you’re wasting your time. In this case, the better option would be relisting your item on the Facebook Marketplace. Here’s how you can do that.

How To Relist Items On Facebook Marketplace?

In order to relist a product on Facebook Marketplace you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone. Now, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.

fb menu

  • Next, choose the Marketplace option to open the Marketplace home page.

find fb marketplace listing

  • After that tap on the Sell option in the top left corner of the screen.

sell item

  • Choose the category of the item you wish to sell.

item category

  • Enter a title and description for your item. Add photos of the item and set the price. Choose the location where the item is available for pickup or shipping. Finally, tap on “Publish” to create your listing.

facebook listing

With this, your item will be listed again on Facebook Marketplace, and other users will be able to see it and contact you if they are interested in purchasing it.

How To Find Deleted Facebook Marketplace Listing? Final Verdict

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that allows users to buy and sell items within their local community. However, once the listings on the Marketplace are deleted by mistake or if you have intentionally deleted them then they can’t be recovered. But you can try to contact Facebook’s customer support for help or create a new listing for the item yourself. It’s easy to relist the items, just follow the similar steps you used before to list the product the first time.


Is It Possible To Retrieve A Deleted Facebook Marketplace Listing If It Was Deleted A Long Time Ago?

No, it is not possible to retrieve a deleted Facebook Marketplace listing regardless of how long it has been since the deletion.

Why Did My Facebook Listing Got Deleted?

There can be many reasons for that, you may have deleted it yourself or there may be some technical glitch. It might also be possible that Facebook has deleted it because your listing did not meet their guidelines.

Can I Relist My Deleted Listing?

Yes, you can re-list your deleted listing on Facebook Marketplace.

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