How To Recover Deleted Timeline On Google Maps

Some people love to travel and want to keep their special trips on Timeline as a part of sweet memories. If you are one of them but unfortunately have deleted some important places or an entire day from your Google Timeline then do not be afraid. I will tell you a simple way to recover deleted locations from the Timeline on Google Maps in easy steps. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
If you have deleted a location from your Google Maps Timeline then you can add it back manually to restore the Timeline. However, deleting a whole day from the Timeline will result in permanent deletion and cannot be recovered ever again.

How To See Your Timeline on Google Maps

You can view your Google Timeline on your PC and phone by following the steps mentioned below:

View Google Maps Timeline On your Phone

1. First, open Google Maps on your phone and tap on your Google profile icon.

Google profile

2. Next, select Your Timeline.

Your Timeline

3. After this, your Google Maps Timeline will be visible on the phone screen.

Restore deleted Google maps timeline

See Your Timeline On PC

1. First, click on the hamburger icon to access the left-side menu panel.

burger icon

2. Then select Your timeline.


3. By doing this, your Google Maps Timeline will be opened in a new browser page.

How To See Your Timeline on Google Maps on PC 

How To Recover Deleted Timeline On Google Maps

In case you have mistakenly deleted a location from the Google Maps timeline then you can get back your deleted Timeline from the Google account by manually adding the deleted locations.

However, if you have deleted the whole day or your entire Timeline is deleted due to the auto-deletion of your account’s Location history then you will not be able to restore your deleted Timeline from Google Maps.

Steps To Restore Deleted Timeline On Your Google Maps

To get back your accidentally removed locations from the Timeline, follow the steps explained below:

1. Next, open your Timeline page in a new window and select the day to restore the deleted locations.

Recover deleted Timeline on Google Maps

2. Then click on the Add Place button and enter the name of the place you had deleted by mistake.

Add Place

3. Next, fill in the details like starting time & date and select the Save option.

restore accidentally deleted locations from your Google Maps Timeline

4. Finally, repeat the steps if you have deleted multiple locations from the Timeline.

How Do I Activate Google Location History?

Once you enable the location history, Google starts to create a roadmap of all your previous visits and when you are on a new track, it suggests nearby popular places according to your choice. You can turn on the Google location history by following the below steps:

1. First, sign in to Google Maps on your cell phone and tap on the profile icon.

2. Then tap on the Manage your Google Account button.

Manage your Google Account

3. After this, a new page will open on your phone screen. Select Data & privacy.

Data and privacy

4. Now, scroll down and tap on Location History.

 Location History

5. Next, tap on the Turn On button.

Turn On

6. With that, a new page will appear on your phone screen. Informing you how Google will use your location history to recommend personalized tips and services while traveling to different places.

7.  Then, select Turn on again, and finally your location history will be activated.

How Do I Activate Google Location History

Moreover, Google auto-deletes your 18-month-old location history. This type of deletion is permanent and cannot be restored. In case you wish to increase or decrease the duration of  auto-deletion then follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to Location history and select the Deleting activity older than 18 months option.


2. Next, tap on the drop-down icon and select the duration for auto-delete in months. After that, tap on the Next button.

tap on Next

3. Alternatively, if you want to disable the auto-delete cycle then simply tap Don’t auto-delete activity and select the Next button. With that, your Google account will continue to save your location history unless you turn on auto-delete activity.

Get back deleted Timeline from the Google

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Can I Restore My Deleted Timeline In Google Maps? Final Verdict

Yes, it is possible to restore accidentally removed or deleted locations from your Google Maps Timeline and I have explained it in easy steps. However, if your location history is disabled then you won’t have any Timeline to begin with. Furthermore, keep in mind that deleting a whole day is permanent and will not be recovered.


Can I Restore My Deleted Maps Timeline History?

Yes, you can add back an accidentally deleted location on your Timeline. If you have deleted a location from your Google Maps Timeline then you can add it back manually.

Does Google Timeline Show The Exact Location?

The pinpoint accuracy of your location may vary depending on various factors such as internet availability, GPS accuracy, the sensors of your phone, etc. but still, Google Maps shows almost perfect coordinates of your whereabouts.

How Do I Activate Google Location History?

First, go to Manage your Google Account first and tap on Data & privacy. Next, select Location History and tap on the Turn on button. With that, your location history will be enabled.

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