How To Recover Deleted Spam Emails From Gmail?

Gmail is the most used Email client in the world and why not? It offers so many features which make managing your personal and private emails very effective. One such feature is the spam filter. With this feature, the emails that are regarded as spam are stored in the Spam folder, the system can mark an incoming email as spam by itself or you can do it manually.

Once an email goes into the Spam folder, it is removed from your Inbox and you can’t see it there. The emails in the Spam folder will automatically get deleted after 30 days. However, sometimes due to a mistake important emails can end up in the Spam folder and if you don’t do something quickly then they will get permanently deleted.

In this article, I will show you how to recover deleted emails from Spam folders in Gmail. Meanwhile, if you are interested in recovering deleted Gmail contacts then you can read this article.

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Recover Deleted Spam Emails From Gmail?

There are two ways in which your spam emails can get deleted from your Gmail account as we have already discussed. The first way is that you have manually deleted the emails from the Spam folder and the second is that they get automatically deleted after 30 days. I will show you a method to recover your deleted spam emails in Gmail from both scenarios.

Retrieve Spam Emails in Gmail When You Have Manually Deleted Them

1. Undo Spam Delete In Gmail

When you delete an email from Gmail you get a chance to undo your actions for a few seconds. If you have done it by mistake then you can easily Undo spam delete by clicking on the Undo option that pops at the bottom of the screen when you delete a spam email on Gmail.

Undo deleted spam email

As soon as you click on Undo the spam email will get recovered and you can see it in the Spam folder again.

2. Find Deleted Spam Email In The Trash Folder

All the emails that are deleted from your Gmail account be it from your Inbox or Spam folder go into the Trash folder. These emails stay there for 30 days before they are permanently deleted from your account. So if you have deleted a spam email then it must be there in the Trash folder if it’s not more than 30 days.

All you have to do is go to the Trash folder, find the email and recover it to your Inbox or Spam folder. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Go to the Trash folder from the left side panel on Gmail.

Trash folder

  • Next, find the spam email you have been looking for. Now open it and on the top click on Move To icon. Now you can choose the folder where you want to move the deleted spam email to.

recover email from trash

You will find the recovered email in the selected folder. By doing this you can easily recover deleted spam emails from Gmail.

3. Restore Spam Emails Using Gmail Message Recovery Tool

There is an email recovery tool provided by Google which allows you to recover all the emails that were deleted by you or someone else by hacking your account in the past 30 days.

All you have to do is click on this link and you will land on the Gmail Message Recovery Tool page. It will already fetch your signed-in Gmail account from which you want to recover the lost emails. If you want to switch accounts you can also do that. After that, click on the Confirm button.

recover deleted spam email in gmail

Now it will run a scan and find if it can recover the deleted emails for you. If there are some recoverable emails you will find them here itself. In my case, all the emails were permanently deleted hence it could not recover any emails for me.

How To Recover Automatically Deleted Spam Emails From Gmail?

How to recover spam email after 30 days? Is that what you want to know? Sadly, you cannot recover the deleted spam emails that are automatically deleted after 30 days. Once an email is deleted from the spam or Trash folder, it is gone for good.

However, if the deleted spam email was really important to you then you can try contacting Gmail customer support. There’s less chance that they will be able to recover a permanently deleted email but you can try at least once.

Final Verdict

Gmail does a great job to fight against spam emails but the problem is that sometimes important emails may also end up in the Spam folder where they get deleted after 30 days. If your important email has also been deleted from the Spam folder then there’s hardly anything you could do because they are permanently deleted.

However, if you have deleted the spam emails yourself then you can easily recover them until 30 days after deletion. You can also try the Gmail message recovery tool, it may be helpful to you to recover emails that you have not deleted intentionally.


Is Gmail Spam Filter Accurate?

Yes, it’s highly accurate but sometimes a few important emails also end up in the Spam folder due to technical glitches.

What Are Spam Emails In Gmail?

Spam emails are those emails that may contain harmful links with malware, virus, adware, etc.

Do Spam Emails Delete Automatically?

Yes, emails in the Spam folder get deleted automatically after 30 days.

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