How To Recover Deleted Kindle eBooks

Kindle is one of the best ebook reading platforms. If you miss reading your old Kindle eBooks that you have accidentally deleted then do not worry. You can get your deleted Kindle eBooks back with simple steps which I will explain in this article. Moreover, I will explore the possibilities to recover permanently deleted Kindle eBooks including some tips to keep your valuable eBooks safe from getting deleted again.

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Brief Overview
You cannot recover permanently deleted Kindle eBooks. However, accidentally deleted or removed Kindle eBooks can be restored on Kindle deceive from the Amazon account’s Manage Your Content And Devices section.

How To Recover Deleted Kindle eBooks

You can retrieve your deleted eBooks by following the Kindle ebook recovery process:

1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
Sign in
2. Then go to Your account and click on Manage Your Content And Devices.
Restore deleted Kindle ebooks
3. Next, select the Books option.
Select books
4. After this, a list of all your Purchased eBooks will appear on the screen.

5. Now, select the ebook you want to recover on your Kindle and click on Deliver or Remove from the device.
Deliver or Remove
6. Next, check the device you want to restore your deleted Kindle ebook.
recover deleted Kindle ebooks
7. Finally, click on Make Changes and your ebook will be recovered on your device.
Make Changes
Note: Keep in mind, that the above-mentioned process is not applicable if you have imported a local ebook to your Kindle device.

How To Find A Lost Kindle eBook

You can find your lost ebook from the search bar of your Kindle homepage. Just enter the name of the book or author’s name and your favorite ebook will show up on your Kindle device.
If you are looking for a title that you had read long ago and removed from your Kindle library then you can still get your long-lost Kindle ebook within a few steps.
1. First, log in to your Amazon account.
Find a lost Kindle ebook
2. Then go to the Your Account and select Manage Your Content And Devices.

3. After this, click on Books and a list of all purchased Ebooks will appear on the screen.
4. Now scroll down and check the title of the ebook you are missing.
5. If you remember the ebook name or author’s name then go to the search bar and enter the details.
search bar
6. Finally, press enter or click on Go and your lost Kindle ebook will be retrieved.

Restore Permanently Deleted Kindle Ebook On Your Device

Recovery of a permanently deleted ebook is not possible. Because when you permanently delete it from the library then it is removed from your Amazon account’s Manage Your Content And Devices also.

After that, the only thing you can do is buy your deleted Kindle ebooks again and follow the tips below to avoid losing them again.

Bonus Tips To Save Your Kindle eBooks

Here are some essential tips to save your Kindle ebooks from getting deleted:

Archive your Kindle Ebooks

Always archive your favorite ebooks, it will help you to restore your ebooks on your Kindle and other devices. If you do not know the Kindle ebook archiving process then follow the steps below:

1. First sign in to your Amazon account.

2. Go to Your Orders and a list of your orders including your Kindle ebooks will appear on the screen.


3. Then, select the ebook and click on Archive Order.

Archive Order

4. Finally, a pop-up will appear on the screen requesting you to click on the Archive Order button again. Once you do that, your ebook will be moved to the archive folder.


5. In case, you want to view your archived orders then click on the drop-down menu and select Archived orders.

Past 3 months box

Use Kindle Cloud Reader

Always use Kindle Cloud Reader because it can help you access your Kindle ebooks after removing or deleting them from your Kindle device.

Create A Backup For Your eBooks

You can create a backup folder on your PC and upload it to the cloud. This would be helpful in the restoration of your Kindle ebooks. You can do this by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Document folder of your PC’s File Explorer.
  • Then copy the My Kindle Content folder.
  • Next, paste it on your PC where you can retrieve it easily.
    Or you can upload it to the cloud.

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Final Verdict

It’s a good feeling to revisit your favorite Kindle ebooks. If you miss this feeling because you have deleted or removed them by mistake then follow the methods above to get them back. Additionally, make sure to implement bonus tips to keep your Kindle ebooks safe.


Can I Retrieve Permanently Deleted Books From Amazon?

No, once you have permanently deleted your Kindle ebooks then there is no way to retrieve them back. If you want to re-read your deleted Kindle ebooks then you have to purchase them again.

Can I Get Back the Kindle Books I Deleted?

You can restore your deleted Kindle ebook from your Amazon account’s Manage Your Content And Devices section.

How Long Do Ebooks Stay In Kindle Library?

Your Kindle ebooks stay as long as you delete them yourself from the library or you cancel your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

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