How To Get Back Deleted Text On Google Docs

It’s common to accidentally delete important text or paragraphs from a Google Doc, which can cause a great deal of frustration and stress. The good news is that Google Docs has several built-in features that allow you to recover deleted text or paragraphs almost instantly. In this article, I will show you different ways to retrieve deleted text in Google Docs, you can rest assured that your work is not lost forever. So without wasting any more time let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
Google Docs offers revision history, a trash bin, and undo shortcuts to recover deleted content. These features can help you get back deleted Google Docs text and paragraphs. If you have a copy or backup of the edited Google Docs on your computer then you can re-upload it to your Google Docs account and start editing it again. In case the file was shared with you by someone else then you can request them to send it again.

Can You Recover Deleted Text On Google Docs

Google Docs have provided lots of recovery options to its users using which they can recover deleted Google Docs files or get back deleted comments on Google Docs. Similarly, you can get deleted text back on Google Docs.

So yes, it is possible to get deleted text or paragraphs back in Google Docs. Google Docs has several built-in features including a revision history tool and a trash bin that allows users to restore deleted Google Docs content. The revision history tool allows you to view and restore previous versions of your document, including deleted text and paragraphs. While on the other hand the trash bin, stores deleted files for 30 days before permanently deleting them, giving you a chance to restore the files you have deleted.

How To Get Back Deleted Text Or Paragraph On Google Docs?

If you have saved your Google Docs file after deleting a text or paragraph and are worried you cannot get it back then don’t worry because you can. Following are ways using which you can recover deleted paragraphs or text on Google Docs.

1. From The Previous Version

  • Go to File > Version history from the drop-down menu. Next, click on the See version history option. It will give you access to the revision history tool.

get back deleted text in Google Docs

  • Make sure to check the Show changes box at the bottom of the page to view the revisions. Now, locate the specific version of the file that you want to restore.

Deleted text

  • Once you’ve found the desired version, select it and click on Restore this version.

restore this version

With this, you have restored the previous version of the file. Go back to Google Docs and reopen the file. By now the deleted text should be restored in your Google Doc.

2. With Undo Shortcut

If you have recently deleted the text or paragraph from Google Docs then you can easily get it back by using the undo shortcut (ctr+z). This will help you undo the delete action and recover the deleted text and paragraph instantly.

However, you must note that once you have closed the Google Docs after deleting the content you cannot use the undo shortcut on it. Hence, it is recommended that you undo your mistakes instantly after making them.

3. From The Backup

If you have saved a backup of your Google Doc file by downloading it on your computer then you can easily upload it again to your Google Docs and start using it. This backup file will have all the content intact and you will be able to update it as per your wish.

In case the backup file is missing from your computer or it is deleted then you can make use of good data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery to restore the deleted Google Docs files on your device.

It is very simple to use this program. All you have to do is download the software on your computer from where you have deleted the backup file and follow the below steps.

  • Run the program. Select the storage location from where the file was deleted.
  • Now run a scan on that particular storage location. Wait for some time.
  • Once the recovery results show up, find and select the file you wish to restore. Finally, click on the Recover button to get back the backup file.

4. Ask The Owner Of The File To Send It Again

If you didn’t own the file from which you deleted the text or paragraph then you may not be able to retrieve deleted content using the Revision History tool. And that is because only the owner of the file can use this feature. No worries, you can ask the owner to send the file again to you.

Final Verdict

The revision history and the trash bin features are effective options for retrieving deleted content or files on Google Docs. Moreover, the undo shortcut can be used to recover recently deleted content such as text or a paragraph.

Moreover, if you have downloaded a previous version of the edited Google Docs on your device then you can simply re-upload it to Google Docs and start using it. Also if someone has shared the file with you then you can ask them again to send it to you and this time make sure you keep a backup of it so that even if you delete the text, you will easily be able to recover it.


Is Deleted Google Docs Text Recoverable?

Yes, you can recover the deleted Google Docs text and paragraphs.

Can You Recover Deleted Google Docs Files?

Yes, you can recover the deleted Google Docs files from Google Docs trash or using third-party software.

Do Data Recovery Software Really Work To Recover Deleted Google Docs Files?

Yes, as long as your deleted Google Docs file is not overwritten, it is recoverable.

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