How To Recover Deleted Word Documents On PC And Phone

Microsoft Word is the most trusted tool for editing documents worldwide, the reason being that it is easier to use and most importantly it can be used offline. Unlike Google Docs where the files are stored online, the Word files are stored locally on your device. So the chances of Word documents getting deleted by mistake is very high.

But in most cases, you can restore deleted Word files from the recycle bin, but what if you have permanently deleted the file by either pressing the Shit+Delete or have emptied the recycle bin?

Don’t worry you could still recover permanently deleted Word documents which may be of great importance to you. Just follow the tips shared in this article and you will surely have the deleted files back.

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Restore Deleted Word Files From Backup

Microsoft Word provides you cloud backup feature which lets you backup your important Word documents to your OneDrive account. If you have synced your Microsoft Word to OneDrive then you are in luck because this way you can easily recover the permanently deleted Word file without paying anything and installing any software on your computer.

The steps to recover a deleted Word document from the backup are as follows:

1. Log into your OneDrive account which is synced to Microsoft Word by providing the login details.

Onedrive login

2. Once you are in your OneDrive dashboard locate the document which you want to restore to the computer. After selecting the file, click on the Download option to download the file to your device storage.

Download word file from onedrive

3. If you can’t find the files on the main dashboard then you can also select the Recycle Bin option on the left side panel. Here you will find all the deleted Word files. Once you find the document which you want to recover, click on the Restore button at the top left corner and your files will be restored within few seconds.

Restore deleted word file from backup

It is an easy way to recover lost and deleted Word files but it is only feasible for people who have created a backup prior to losing their important Word documents. However, if you haven’t created the backup you can recover the permanently deleted files using data recovery software.

Recover Permanently Deleted Word Documents Without Backup

So you didn’t create the backup of your Word files? Don’t worry using professional data recovery software you can easily recover a deleted or lost Word file. For demonstration purposes, we are using Stellar Data Recovery software for recovering a lost Word document.

You can also use the software of your choice but we would recommend choosing Stellar because it can recover all sorts of data deleted due to any kind of given scenario. So, let’s see how you can recover a deleted Word file even if you don’t have its backup.

1. Launch the data recovery software on your computer and select the location from where you have lost the files. You can also select a specific folder if you know exactly from where the Word document was deleted. This makes the recovery process less time-consuming and easy. After selecting the location click on the Scan button.

Select drive location

2. Now wait for the scan to complete. Once the scan is completed it will show you all the recovered data. You can search for your file by searching its name or by entering the DOCX file extension.

search for files

3. After finding the file you can see its preview and recover the document by clicking on the Recover button.

Recover deleted word documents

So, that’s how you can recover a deleted Word file using data recovery software. This method is helpful for recovering lost files from the internal storage of your computer or even the externally connected devices like pen drive, SD card, and external hard drives. But what if you have lost the Word document from the internal storage of your phone.

You can also check our comprehensive review of Stellar Windows Data Recovery here.

Well, in that case, either you can recover the document from the cloud backup of your phone. Like iCloud in the case of iPhone and Google Drive if you are an Android user. However, if you don’t have a backup of your phone data then your last resort to recover deleted Word files from your smartphone is by using data recovery software for smartphones like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone and EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

Recover Deleted Word Document From Android

Note: To recover deleted data from an Android phone using data recovery software you must root it first. While on iPhone you can recover deleted data without jailbreaking it.

1. Launch the EaseUS MobiSaver for Android tool on your PC and then connect your rooted Android phone to the computer via USB cable. Wait until the software recognizes your rooted device. Once your phone is recognized by the software click on the Start button to begin the recovery process.

recover deleted word file from android

2.  Now before running a scan on your phone’s internal storage to find the deleted word files, the software will need some permissions. You will get a pop-up message on your connected Android phone. Click on Allow to give permission to initiate the scanning process.

Give permissions

3. Wait for some time till the software completes the scan. Once it shows you all the recovered files click on the Documents tab on the left side panel. After that, select the file you want to recover and click on the Recover button to restore the lost documents.

Recover documents

That’s is how you can recover deleted Word files from Android using a data recovery tool. Also, find out in detail what we think about EaseUS MobiSaver For Android in this review.

Similarly, you can recover data from your iPhone using Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. For detailed info and guide, you can check our review of it.

Final Verdict

Word documents are important as they hold our crucial work and personal information. But since they are stored locally on our computer the chances of them getting deleted are always there. But you don’t have to worry because recovering deleted Word files is very much possible. By using the methods shown in this article you can easily restore your valuable Word documents.

However, you should show some urgency and recover the lost Word file as early as possible. Because the longer you wait the chances of your files getting overwritten increases. And once the files are overwritten they are gone for good and no data recovery software can recover them back for you. So hurry and take quick action.


How To Recover Permanently Deleted Word Document?

You can recover a permanently deleted Word document either by using a data recovery software or from backup.

Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Word File Without Backup?

Yes, using a good data recovery software you can recover lost Word files.

Which Is A Good Data Recovery Software For Recovering Word File?

There are many but you can try Stellar Data Recovery software. It is one of the best. 

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