How To Recover Deleted Fortnite Replays?

Do you want to rewatch your deleted Fortnite replays? If yes, then do not worry, I will show you how you can easily retrieve your deleted Fortnite replays with a step-by-step process.

I will also guide you to recover permanently deleted Fortnite replays from your PC using data recovery tools. Furthermore, I will share some valuable tips that will save your favorite Fortnite replays from getting deleted again. So without wasting any time let’s start.

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Brief Overview
Deleted Fortnite replays can only be recovered if they are deleted from File Explorer. If the replays are deleted from File Explorer then you can restore them on your PC using Windows recycle bin or data recovery software. In case, you have deleted your replays from the game then it will be impossible to get them back.

What Happens To Unsaved Fortnite Replays?

Fortnite allows you to keep up to 10 unsaved replays on your PS4 and Xbox-1 and 100 unsaved replays on the PC. These unsaved replays are overwritten by new ones when their storage limit is over.

However, you can save your favorite replays from being overwritten. To do this follow the steps below:

1. Open your Fortnite game.

Open your Fortnite game

2. Then click on Career.

Click on Career

3. Next, select Replays.

Select Replay

4. Now you will see a list of all of your previously recorded unsaved and saved replays. Select the one you want to save and click on Rename and Save.

Click on Rename and save

Note: You can also access the Replay folder on your PC and rename and change your Fortnite Replays by selecting Open Replay Folder.

5. Next, enter the name and click Confirm.recover fortnite replays

With this, your Fortnite replay is saved and would not get overwritten.

How To Recover Deleted Fortnite Replays

Fortnite replay is an important tool for content creators and players who want to hone their playing skills. If you have lost some of your replays then do not worry, just follow the below-mentioned steps and get your Fortnite replays back.

Get Deleted Fortnite Replays From Recycle Bin

You can restore your Fortnite replays from the Windows recycle bin on your game by following the steps below:

1. Open Recycle bin on your PC.

2. Then use right-click to select deleted replays and click on Restore.

Right click and select restore

Or, you can also select the multiple deleted replay files with Ctrl+Left click. After this, click on Restore the selected items and your deleted Fortnite replays will be restored.

restore deleted fortnite replay

Retrieve Permanently Deleted Fortnite Replays

If you have deleted your replays from the Fortnite game then your replays will be irretrievable.

However, I can help you to get your deleted Fortnite replays back if they are permanently deleted from your Windows File Explorer. This is possible with the help of a data recovery tool such as Stellar Data Recovery For Windows. While using Stellar Windows Data Recovery I found out that it is one of the best Windows data recovery software.

Here I will be using Stellar Data Recovery For Windows to restore your permanently deleted Fortnite replays on your PC. To do this, follow the recovery steps mentioned below:

1. First, go to the Stellar data recovery official website and install the software on your PC.

 Retrieve permanently deleted Fortnite replays

2. Once the installation is completed launch the software by double-clicking on the Stellar desktop icon on your PC screen.

3. Select the drive you installed in which your Fortnite game is installed. For example, I have selected New Volume (F) on my PC. Now, click on the Scan button and let it finish scanning.

Select the drive and scan
4. Next, find your deleted Fortnite files and click on the Recover button.


5. Finally, once the Fortnite replays recovery is completed then open your game and select the replays. Now, enjoy rewatching your deleted Fortnite replays.

Note: Above-mentioned recovery steps would not work if your Fortnite replays were deleted from the game before saving them.

How To Watch Outdated Fortnite Replays

Fortnite does not allow you to watch replays from the older version of the game. If you miss your favorite moments of playing Fortnite with your friends then do not worry.

I have a trick that can help you to rewatch outdated Fortnite replays from the previous versions. You can retrieve and rewatch outdated replays by watching this YouTube video:

Tips To Save Your Fortnite Replays

Here are some tips that would save your favorite replays from getting deleted again:

1. Save Your Replays

Always save your unsaved replays. This will prevent them from getting overwritten.

2. Use fewer Alphabets

Keep the name as short as possible. It will help you to recognize your replay files easily.

3. Create A Backup Folder

Creating a separate folder of your important Fortnite replays can be used as a backup. In case, your Fortnite replays are overwritten or deleted then you would not have to worry much because you will know what to do next.

Just copy your deleted or overwritten replays from the backup folder and paste them back into the Replay Folder of your Fortnite game. However, you would need to save the important replays in your backup folder and update them regularly.

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Can I Recover My Deleted Fortnite Replays? Final Verdict

Yes, you can get back your deleted Fortnite Replays on your PC through recycle bin and third-party data recovery software. Also, do not forget to apply above mentioned tips to keep replays safe from getting deleted again. Such as creating a backup folder, using fewer alphabets in the name, saving your replays, etc.


Where Are Fortnite Replays Stored?

Your Fortnite replays are saved on your PC hard drive and can be accessed at any time unless they are overwritten or deleted.

How Long Does Unsaved Fortnite Replays Last?

Your Fortnite replays stay on your device as long as they are not overwritten by the new ones. This happens due to exceeding the storage limit for the unsaved replays.

Can I Recover Deleted Fortnite Replays?

Yes, you can retrieve deleted Fortnite replays from your Windows recycle bin. However, this process would not work if they were deleted from the game.

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