How To Recover Deleted Fortnite Account

Fortnite is one of the most played Battle Royale games. If you love playing this amazing game but have lost your Fortnite account then follow this article on how to recover deleted Fortnite account.

Here I will share a step-by-step recovery guide to retrieve your deleted Epic Games or Fortnite account.  Also, I will explain how you can easily access your Epic Games account by resetting your password. Furthermore, you will get some bonus tips to secure your Fortnite account from unauthorized access. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
You can recover deleted Fortnite account easily by canceling the deletion request within 14 days of requesting account deletion. If you have changed your mind then go to Epic Games and sign in to cancel your account deletion. However, failing to log in within the deletion period will result in the permanent deletion of your Fortnite account.

How Can I Retrieve My Fortnite Account?

First of all, a Fortnite player’s account is managed by its parent company known as Epic Games Inc. If you are not able to log in to your Fortnite account then you have to recover your Epic Games account. You can do this by following the methods mentioned below:

Sign In to Epic Games using the correct email and password

It is possible that you may have used the wrong email or password. You can fix the problem by using your login credentials correctly.

Sign in using the correct details

Reset Your Epic Games password

Still, if you are unable to remember your Epic Games password then don’t worry, follow the steps below to set a new password.

1. Open the Epic Games launcher app on your PC, there you will get multiple options to log in to your account. Select the same option you used to log in with.

Sign in to fortnite account

2. Click on Forgot Your Password.

Click on Forgot your password

3. Then enter your email address and an email will be sent to your email id.

Send an email

4. Now open the email and click on the Reset Password button.

retrieve Fortnite account

5. After this, you will be redirected to the Epic Games launcher. Next, enter your new password and confirm it by typing the same password again then select Reset Password.

Rest Fortnite account password

6. Finally, log in to your Epic Games account using your new password and get access to your Fortnite game.

set new password fortnite

Note: The process for password recovery for Google id, Apple id, etc. is the same as explained above.

How To Recover Deleted Fortnite Account

A deleted Fortnite account can be reopened by canceling the account deletion request within 14 days. You can get permanent access to your Epic account by simply login to your Epic Games account. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Open your Epic Games Launcher app or go to Epic Games website on your browser and select the correct option that you used to log in.

Select correct login option

2. After this, you will get a pop-up on your screen stating, ‘Your account has been deactivated‘. Here, select the Login button.

select Log in

3. Then click on Reactivate Account and you will be redirected to the account sign-in page.

Click on reactivate account Fortnite

4. Select the correct option, enter the email address and account password then click on Log In Now.

recover deleted Fortnite account

5. Fill in the captcha and select Verify.

Fill in the captcha

6. Finally, log in to your Epic Games launcher and select Launch to run your Fortnite game.

launch fortnite

Note: If you missed the 14 days account reactivation window then your Epic Games account will be permanently deleted. Moreover, if your account is deleted by Epic Games then the recovery of your deleted account would not be possible.

Some Anti-Hacking Bouns Tips

Here are some precautions for the safety of your Fortnite account from hacking.

Do Not Share Your Username And Password

You should never share your login details with anyone.

Use Password Manager

The use of a password manager saves your username and password and helps you to sign in quickly.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

The use of two-factor authentication or 2FA protects your account from unauthorized access. Enabling 2FA sends a security code to your registered device through SMS or email to confirm authorized access.

Cancel Your Purchases Before You Delete Your Fortnite Account

Always cancel your purchases before deactivating your Fortnite to protect yourself from unnecessary charges.

Final Verdict

Lost your Fortnite account? Don’t worry, you can recover it, and I have shown you how. Just be aware and try to recover the account within the first 14 days. Also, don’t forget to implement the tips I have shared to prevent your account from getting deleted or hacked.

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Can I Find My Lost Fortnite Account?

Yes, you can get your lost Fortnite account back using the correct email address and password. If you have forgotten your password then use the above-mentioned steps to reset your password.

What Happens When You Delete Your Fortnite Account?

When you select the Request Account Delete button, you get 14 days to reactivate your account. After that, all data including game progress, and purchases are permanently deleted from your Epic Games account.

How do I Reactivate My Fortnite Account?

You can reactivate your Epic Games or Fortnite account by logging in to your Epic account within 14 days of submitting account deletion.

Why Did My Fortnite Account Get Deleted?

Your Epic Games or Fortnite account can be deleted for various reasons such as being inactive for a long time, using cheats to get an unfair advantage, etc.

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