How To Recover Deleted Minecraft Account?

Do you miss the time you spent playing Minecraft with your friends just because you cannot access your account which you have deleted yourself?

If your answer is yes then I can help you to find and migrate your Mojang account to the Microsoft account easily. Moreover, I will explain how to recover your deleted Microsoft account before the reactivation window closes.

Additionally, I will share some useful tips to secure your Minecraft game from getting deleted in the future again. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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Brief Overview
Recovering permanently deleted Minecraft is not possible. However, after deleting the account you have a 60 day time window in which you can restore the deleted Minecraft account. To cancel the deletion of your account, just log in to Microsoft and verify your details with a security code and your account will be reactivated. Once the 60 days are over your account will be permanently deleted and can’t be recovered.

How To Recover Minecraft Account

Minecraft’s accounts Mojang and Microsoft are managed by their parent company known as Microsoft Corporation. If you think your Minecraft account has been deleted then you can confirm it by resetting your account’s password. You can do this by following the steps below:

1. Enter the correct username that you used to log in. It could be an email address, phone number, or Skype id. Next, click on the Next button.

Enter Username and click Next

2. Then select Forgot password?

Select Forgot password

3. Next, enable the toggle to Verify your identity and enter the last 4 digits of your registered phone number. Then click on Get code.

 Verify your ID

4. Now enter the 6-digit security code that has been sent to your phone through text message and select Next.

Enter your security code
5. Finally, reset your password and click on the Next button. After this, log in to your Minecraft account using your newly updated password and enjoy playing this masterpiece.

recover deleted Minecraft account

Note: You can also access your Mojang account password by following the same password recovery process as mentioned above.

How To Find An Old Mojang Account?

To find your old Minecraft Mojang account follow the steps below:

1. Open your Minecraft game launcher and click Mojang Login.

Find an old Mojang account

2. Then enter the email address and password you used to create your account and click on Login. Otherwise, select Forgot password.

Click on forgot password
3. By doing this, you will be redirected to your web browser. After that, enter your email address and click on Request Password Reset.

Request password reset

4. If your account is not deleted then you will receive an email with proper instructions.

Now, follow the instructions and reset the password. Finally, log in to your old Minecraft account.

Note: In case, you did not get the email then check the Spam section or enter the correct email address. If still, you are unable to find your lost Mojang account then contact the Minecraft help center.

Can I Restore My Permanently Deleted Mojang Account?

No, once your Mojang account is permanently deleted, you would never be able to recover it. Furthermore, deleting your Minecraft Mojang account will result in the permanent loss of your game purchases including your Gamer tag and game progress.

How To Reactivate Deleted Minecraft Account?

Your deactivated Minecraft account can be reopened on only one condition. If you have submitted the account deletion request then you can cancel it within 30 to 60 days of deleting your account. If you fail to do so then your account will be permanently deleted and you will lose all of your games and app purchases including subscriptions with it.

If you are lucky and you have not missed the account deletion period then follow Microsoft’s account reactivation process mentioned below:

1. First, go to the Microsoft account login page and sign in using the same credentials you used to close your account.

Sign in to Microsoft account

2. Click on Reopen account on the pop-up that appears.

Click on Reopen account

3. Next, enter the last 4 digits of your registered phone number and click on Send code.

 Send code

4. Now, you will get a 6-digit security code. Enter the code and select Next.

 Enter the security code

5. Then, click on Done and your deleted Microsoft account will be reopened.

Reopen your Microdoft account

Finally, log in to your Microsoft account and all of your services including your Minecraft account will be resumed. Meaning that you will be able to recover Minecraft saved game files and worlds. Moreover, here are some things to keep in mind about the subscriptions when your Microsoft account is reopened.

You will get the remaining time of your subscriptions but you will not get back the used time when your account was in the deletion period. If your subscription was over during the Microsoft account deletion then you would have to repurchase it.

Note: In case you have created your account via Mojang then the 60-day time window after deletion is not applicable to you and your account is permanently deleted right away.

How To Migrate Your Mojang Account To The Microsoft Account?

You can shift your Mojang account before September 19. 2023. You can do this from Minecraft’s official website by using this link. First, you will need to verify your account then you will need a Microsoft account to transfer your data. If you do not have one then you can create a new account.

Moreover, migrating your account will help you to secure your Minecraft game with more updated security features like 2-factor authentication over time.

Tips To Secure Your Minecraft Game

  • Migrate your Minecraft game from the Mojang account to the Microsoft account before September 19, 2023. Otherwise, your game will be lost forever.
  • If you have accidentally closed your Microsoft account then you can reopen it within the account deletion period.
  • Do not share your account credentials with anyone.
  • Always use a strong password while resetting your password.
  • Use a password manager to keep your account safe.
  • Do not trust third-party services and websites for the recovery of your Minecraft account. Such services may misuse your sensitive data.

Final Verdict

Do you miss playing Minecraft because you cannot recover your deleted account back? If yes, then use the above-mentioned steps to retrieve your deleted Minecraft within 60 days of the account deletion window. Also, I have explained the recovery of old Mojang and Microsoft accounts along with some tips to keep your Minecraft game safe.


Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Minecraft Account?

No, once you have permanently deleted your Minecraft account then there is no way to restore it.

What Happens If You Delete Your Minecraft Account?

When you delete your Minecraft account then you get a 60-day account recovery window to reopen your Minecraft account. After that, all of your Game Data including subscription and services are permanently deleted.

Is It Too Late To Migrate My Minecraft Account?

If you still have an existing Mojang Minecraft account then hurry up and migrate your account to Microsoft account before September 19, 2023. Otherwise, you will never get it back.

Will Migrating My Mojang Account Get Rid Of My Minecraft Name?

No, your Minecraft name tag will remain the same after migrating to the Microsoft account.

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