How To Recover Audio From Silent Video On iPhone & Android

Are you a content creator who creates videos for a living? If yes then this article is going to be a life savior for you because here I am going to tell you how you can recover audio from a silent video on Android, iPhone, or computer.

There can be many reasons why your video does not play the audio but don’t worry after reading this article you will be able to restore audio from a silent video. So are you ready to recover audio from a muted video? If yes, then let’s get going.

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Can You Recover Sound From A Mute Video?

Yes, you can recover sound from a mute video but it depends on some factors like if the video was recorded while the mic was mute then you can’t recover the audio because it wasn’t even recorded. On the other hand, if you have lost the audio from the video while transferring the file or converting it to another format then there is still some chance that you may recover the audio.

Also, it may be possible that you may have muted the video while editing it on your phone. Don’t worry I have a solution for all the problems related to restoring sound from a muted video.

Recover Audio From Silent Video On iPhone

If you have mistakenly muted a video on your iPhone while editing then no need not worry because you can easily restore audio from a muted video on iPhone.

All you have to do is go to the Photos app and find the muted video. Now tap on the video and once it opens click on Edit.

edit the video

Now if the video was muted while editing then you can see a greyed-out mute icon on the top left corner of the video. If you see this icon then you can tap on it.

recover a muted video on iPhone

Next, the greyed-out mute icon will turn yellow in color which means the video is unmuted. Now simply click on Done to save the changes.

Restore audio from videos

With this, you have recovered the audio from the silent video on your iPhone.

Note: This method only works when you have muted the video on your iPhone while editing, it can’t recover audio from a corrupted video file.

Restore Audio From Mute Video On Android

Unlike iPhone, on Android when you mute a video while editing, the edited video is saved as a new clip which means the original video is not overwritten. So, if you have not deleted the original video after editing it then you can use it and deleted the muted video. However, if you have deleted the original video then you may need to recover the video from your Android phone using data recovery software for Android.

Repair The Video To Recover Audio From It

It’s common for a video file to lose the audio while you are transferring it to another device or converting it to another format. In most cases, you will see that the video is playing just fine but there is no audio whatsoever. Don’t worry you can still recover audio from the video using video repair software. But before we move to the repairing part, let’s find out why your video does not have sound. There are many reasons for it but the most prominent ones are.

  • Used unreliable software for converting audio format
  • Saved the video file in a corrupted hard drive with bad sectors
  • Power loss or other issues while transferring the video
  • Due to malware attacks

How To Repair A Video

As I said earlier, you will need good video recovery software if you want to recover audio from a video. In my personal opinion, Stellar video repair software is the best tool for this job. Here’s how you can use it to repair corrupted video files and restore audio from them.

1. Download the software from the official site and launch it on your computer. Now add the video file to the software from which you want to recover the audio.

add video

2. Now simply click on the Repair button on the dashboard and the repairing process shall begin.

unmute a video

3. It may take some time to repair the corrupted video based on the severity. Wait till you see the Complete status on your dashboard. To download the repaired video file click on the Save Repaired Files button. You can also see the preview of the repaired video before saving it on your computer if you want.

save repaired video

Most probably, this will solve the audio problem from your video. If this doesn’t work then I am afraid to say that you might have to record the video again. Or you can only record the voiceover and then add it over your video using a video editing tool.

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Is It Possible To Recover Audio From A Video?

Yes, you can recover audio from a video if you have lost it while transferring, converting, or editing it. However, if the video was not recorded with the audio then there is no chance because you have nothing to recover. If you have muted the video while editing it on your iPhone or Android then you can easily recover it on your phone itself. Moreover, if the audio was deleted from the video while transferring or converting it then you can repair the corrupted video using a video repair tool.


How Do I Unmute A Muted Video On iPhone?

It's simple, go to the Photos app on your iPhone and find the muted video. Click on Edit and then unmute the video from there.

Why Can't I Hear My Video?

It may be due to some system issues or the video is corrupted.

Is Stellar Video Repair A Free Software?

It's not free but it does provide a free trial so you can check it before purchasing.

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