How To Recover Deleted Videos From MX Player

Most people don’t like the native media player of their phone because they lack the advanced features that third-party apps like MX Player provide. Over the years MX Player has transformed itself from just being a video player to an OTT platform and hence it is very popular among people because apart from watching your stored videos you can also stream content on it.

But this article is not about the advantages of MX player rather we will discuss how to recover a deleted video from it because a lot of people mistakenly delete a video from MX Player but can’t restore it. Don’t worry in this article I will share with you methods using which you can easily recover permanently deleted videos from MX Player.

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How To Recover Deleted Videos From MX Player?

If you have intentionally or mistakenly deleted a video from MX Player then don’t worry because there is still some chance that you can retrieve it. Since the MX player does not has storage of its own, all the MX Player videos are stored on your phone’s internal or external storage. So when someone says that a video is deleted from MX Player then they mean the video is deleted from their phone as well.

On Android or iPhone, when a video or photo is deleted it is moved to the trash folder for 30-days instead of permanent deletion. So if the video is deleted from MX Player and you can’t find it on the app then you can try going to the trash folder of the phone gallery and look for the deleted video there.

If the 30-day time period is not over yet then you may find the video there. From the trash, you can easily recover the video.

mx video recover


Use A Data Recovery Program To Recover A Permanently Deleted Video From MX Player

If the 30 days time period has surpassed then the video will be permanently deleted from the phone. In that case, you have no other choice but to use data recovery software. In case you have a cloud backup of your phone data then you can also try to recover the videos from Google Drive, iCloud, or iTunes. However, if you don’t have a backup then you must try a data recovery program if the deleted video is really very important to you.

If you are using an Android phone then try EaseUS MobiSaver and if you are using an iPhone then Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone will do the job. However, to use EaseUS MobiSaver you will have to root the Android phone. But the same is not the case with Stellar Data Recovery as it can recover data from iPhone without jailbreaking the device.

All you have to do is connect your phone to the PC on which you have installed the data recovery software. Next, you need to scan the phone for recovering the data from it. The scan may take some to complete so you got to wait. Once the scan is complete you can check for the deleted videos, if you find them then restore them. They will be recovered in your computer storage from there you can transfer them to the internal storage of the phone if you want.

In case you were using a microSD card in that case you don’t have to use a phone-specific data recovery tool. If you have a Windows data recovery program already installed on your PC, you can use it to recover the deleted videos from your MicroSD card.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From MX Player Private Folder?

MX Player has a new feature which is a private folder. If someone wants to hide a video then they can transfer it to the private folder. The video is removed from the MX Player list and to recover it you need a PIN that was set up at the time of transferring the video to the private folder.

If you want to recover the video without the pin then you can follow these steps;

Go to Files > Phone Storage.

phone storage

Next, choose the option MxPlayerAd. Then tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner and choose the Settings option.

MX Player permanent video recover

Under settings, enable the Display hidden files option. Now the private folder will appear, tap on it to show the hidden content.

hidden file

Open the file with the .private file extension. It is the hidden video that you wanted to see.

video file

Change the .private file extension to the .mp4 extension to change the video to normal. Now you can play the video, and share it with your friends. With this, you have successfully recovered the video from MX Player private folder.

In case the video is deleted from the private folder as well then you can recover it using data recovery software.


That’s all from this article, you can recover a deleted video from MX Player so don’t panic so easily. If the video is deleted from the MX Player try finding it in the Trash of your phone gallery. If you find it there, you can recover it from there before 30 days time period is over. If that does not work then you can try using data recovery software, it will surely help.


Which App Can Recover Deleted Video Files?

EaseUS MobiSaver and Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone can recover deleted video files.

What Is Private Folder In MX Player?

Private folder allows one to hide videos on the MX Player app.

Does MX Player Deleted Your Videos?

No MX Player does not delete your videos on their own.

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