How To Recover Deleted Spotify Account & Playlist

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services available out there. For a reasonable price, you get a huge library of music, podcasts, & other exclusives.

And, we all at one point have messed up our Spotify accounts. It could be while tinkering with the settings or disconnecting our Facebook account. Sometimes we even straight up delete our Spotify account only to realize later that we have also deleted our Spotify playlist along with it.

If you find yourself in the same boat then this how to recover deleted Spotify account data recovery guide is for you.

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How To Recover Deleted Spotify Account Within 7 Days After Deletion

When you initiate the Spotify account deletion process, you are given 7 days by Spotify to restore the account. A link that will allow you to restore your Spotify account will be sent to your email account.

This link will only be valid for 7 days after that you won’t be able to recover your account. Simply click on this link to recover your Spotify account.

Recover permanently deleted Spotify account

How To Restore The  Account If It Has Been More Than 7 Days

Spotify gives you a 7-day window to restore your Spotify account. Within 7 days, all you have to do is log back into your Spotify account using the link provided in your email. Failing to do so in 7 days will lead to the link expiring which will result in your Spotify account getting deleted permanently.

If 7 days have gone by already then you won’t be able to recover your Spotify account any longer. You can sign up again as Spotify does give you an option to signup using the same email address after 14 days. However, your data like music liked & playlist won’t be restored.

Account no longer be activated

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My Spotify Account Got Deleted Itself

Not every time a user intends to delete his or her account. Sometimes while tinkering with settings like disconnecting your Facebook account from your Spotify account can result in losing access to your account.

If you have lost access to your Spotify account after disconnecting your Facebook account then follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the Spotify login page
  • Click on the Forget password option.
  • Type the email address used by your Facebook account which you had linked with your Spotify account.
  • An email will be sent to you with the link to set a password for your account.
  • After setting the password, log in to Spotify using the email & newly set password.

However, if your account got closed due to some other reason then you will need to contact support. There are three ways to contact support.

The first one is by the Twitter page SpotifyCares. Type in your email id from which account was registered along with the device/OS & nature of the issue; a support executive will revert back to you soon.

Spotify care twitter

While you wait to hear back, I would recommend checking the Spotify Community page as you will find a lot of useful community threads. If you are someone who has a very specific problem then there are a lot of savvy Spotify Legends ready to help you there.

Spotify community

The last option will be to reach out to Spotify Customer Support. Initially, a bot will answer all of your queries and if the bot gets stuck it will be replaced by a human customer support executive.

spotify support

Why Did My Spotify Account Got Deleted?

There are a lot of reasons why Spotify can disable your account. If Spotify detects any fraudulent activity like using a tempered version of the app, VPN, or other similar activity.

Another major reason your Spotify account can be deleted is because of payment getting canceled. If you reverse your Spotify premium payment through the bank then Spotify can delete your account.

If you have not violated any of the other policies set by Spotify then I would recommend contacting Spotify Support.

How To Recover Deleted Spotify Playlist

I remember accidentally deleting my Spotify account on my phone once. Thought of not being able to play my playlist ever again infuriated me.

In the past, it was not quite possible to do that without reaching customer support. However, Spotify has made it easier to restore your deleted Spotify Playlist.

log in to Spotify

Account Overview of Spotify

  • On the next page, you will be presented with all the playlists you have deleted within the 90 days. There will be a RESTORE button right next to each deleted playlist. Click on it to restore the deleted Spotify playlist of your choice.

Recover deleted Spotify playlist

playlist restored

  • If you have just deleted your playlist then wait for at least 20-30 min as it takes some time for the deleted playlist to show up on your account.

Can I Restore Deleted Spotify Playlist After 90 Days

Unfortunately, there isn’t any method to restore deleted Spotify playlist after 90 days. Still, you can consider reaching out to Spotify customer support.

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Can I Restore Permanently Deleted Spotify Playlist?

Yes, you can restore your deleted Spotify playlist within 90 days from the day of deletion.

Can I Restore Permanently Deleted Spotify Account?

When you initiate the Spotify account deletion process you are given a reactivation link on your email address with 7 days validity. Therefore, you only get 7 days to restore your account. After that, your account is deleted.

After Disconnecting Facebook From Spotify My Account Got Deleted?

Click on forgot password on the Spotify login page and enter the email id you used for logging into your Facebook account. You will be sent an email with a link to set a new password. After setting the password, log in to Spotify & you will find all your Spotify data there.

Why Did My Spotify Account Got Deleted Itself?

If you violate the Spotify terms & conditions then Spotify can delete your account. Activities like reversing payments made to Spotify & fraud can lead to account closure.

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