How To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform as over 500 hours of video content is uploaded on it every minute. There are millions of YouTube creators who are working day in and day out to churn valuable content for their subscribers on YouTube.

However, sometimes due to human errors or technical glitches the YouTube videos go missing. If you are a content creator it can be very heartbreaking for you to lose a video that you have worked so hard on. Since we are also content creators we know how it feels when your work gets deleted or went missing.

Therefore in this article, we bring to you some valuable tips and tricks using which you can recover your deleted YouTube videos. If you are a normal viewer and lost the video of your favorite YouTuber then also you can follow these tips to get them back. But before that let’s have a look at some reasons why YouTube videos may get deleted.

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How YouTube Video Go Missing?

There can be many ways in which you may lose your YouTube videos, like during editing you may mistakenly delete the RAW video from your computer. Or it may happen that after editing you may accidentally delete the video while uploading it to your YouTube channel.

Even after successfully uploading a video to your channel, it can get deleted from there as well. As sometimes YouTube may delete your video due to copyright issues or by mistake. But, irrespective of how your YouTube video gets missing, you can restore it using the methods shown in this article. So let’s get started!

Ways To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

As we told you that there are different ways in which a YouTube video may get deleted. Based on how you lost your video, you can use a particular method to recover it.

This method is helpful if you have lost the YouTube video from your channel. In this case, you need the URL of the deleted video. Once you have the link to the deleted video you can easily recover it using The website is the internet’s biggest library where you can easily find any video, images, documents uploaded on any website across the web.

1. So, first you need to get the URL of the deleted video. Once you find it copy the URL and keep it safe with you.

URL of youtube deleted video

2. Once you get the deleted video URL you can then go to the site and paste your link in the box next to the Waybackmachine logo.

recover youtube video with link

After that hit the Enter button on your keyboard. Wait for some time and it will show you all the history related to that video like when was the video first added to the archive, and more. If you find your video you can watch it or save it on your device. After that, you can also re-upload it to your YouTube Channel.

If you can’t find your video URL or the video is not there in the internet archive then you can try to search for the video using its name. Sometimes people re-upload a video to YouTube with a slightly different name.

Recover youtube video without url

In such case, you can go to the Google Search bar and type Site: www. video name. Using this search operator, Google will show you all the results of videos uploaded to YouTube with similar names. If someone has reuploaded your video, you may find it here itself.

Method 3: Restore YouTube Videos Deleted From The Computer

If you have deleted the YouTube video from your computer while uploading or editing it due to some reason. In that case, you can recover the deleted video from your device’s memory location using data recovery software.

You don’t have to go for a particular data recovery software but it will be better if you use software that also features a video repair function. So in case, your video gets corrupted due to careless deletion, the software can repair it while recovering it for you.

Some good data recovery software that features video repair is Stellar Data Recovery and Wondershare Recoverit. You can use any one of the above-mentioned software. The steps to recover videos remain the same in all. For reference, we are using Wondershare Recoverit, you can follow the same steps on any other data recovery software as well.

Steps To Use Data Recovery Software To Undelete YouTube Video

1. Launch the data recovery software and then select the location from where you may have deleted the YouTube video. After selecting the location run the scan by clicking on the Scan or Start button on the software dashboard.

Select location

2. Now the software will run the scan on your computer, it can take some time, wait for results. Once it shows you all the results search for video by name or file extension.

Recover youtube video

3. After you find the desired video file, preview it and restore it to your computer using the Recover button.

Recover video

After recovering the video you can watch it or upload it to your YouTube Channel (if it belongs to you). Using this method you can recover deleted YouTube videos from the internal storage of your computer or from any external storage device such as a Pendrive, Micro SD cards, or more.

However, if you happen to lose the videos from the internal storage of your phone then you cannot recover them using the data recovery software mentioned above. For recovering video from the internal storage of your Android phone or iPhone, you must use dedicated data recovery software for your smartphone.

Method 4: Recover Lost YouTube Video From Android And iPhone

In case you upload videos to your YouTube channel from your phone and have lost them from its internal storage then you can use the EaseUS MobiSaver for recovering lost video from the local storage of your Android phone.

However, for that, you must root your phone because MobiSaver doesn’t work without root permission. We have already reviewed the EaseUS Mobisaver software and in that review, we have mentioned that how can you recover deleted data from Android phones using EaseUS MobiSaver. You can follow those methods to recover your deleted YouTube videos from your Android device.

In the case of the iPhone, you can recover the deleted YouTube video without rooting/jailbreaking it. For that, you must install Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your PC and use it to restore the deleted video. You can check our review of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to learn about its working.

How To Recover Videos On YouTube Final Thoughts

Losing videos from YouTube can be frustrating. But not anymore as now you can easily recover YouTube videos using different methods shared in this article. We would recommend you keep a backup of your YouTube videos so you can recover them in case they get deleted in the future. With that being said, we hope you were able to restore your YouTube videos and will share this article further with fellow YouTubers.


Can You Get Back Deleted YouTube Videos?

Yes, if you are lucky you can use the methods  mentioned in this article to get back your YouTube video.

Are Deleted YouTube Videos Gone Forever?

Yes, deleted YouTube videos are gone forever YouTube doesn’t keep them safe.

How Can I Find A Deleted YouTube Video If I Have Its URL?

You can search for the video on the Internet Archive. You can find it there.

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