How To Recover Deleted Discord Server Or Channel? Is It Even Possible?

Discord is used by millions of people worldwide and the number keeps increasing day by day. People love using Discord because they can create a private server on it where they can invite their friends and people of similar interest to talk on topics they like. However, there are several such incidents where people have lost their Discord server and channel overnight. Sometimes it is done by mistake and sometimes Discord itself deletes your server without any prior notification.

In this article, we will have a look at why the Discord server and channel get deleted? And is it possible to recover your deleted Discord server or channel? Let’s find out.

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Why Does Discord Server Get Deleted?

There are two reasons why a Discord Server can get deleted; the first one is that the admin of the server has deleted it or it was deleted by Discord itself. Why would Discord delete a server you may ask? Well, if Discord feels that the server is violating its term of conditions then it may delete the server immediately without notifying the owner.

Sharing adult or violent content on your channels is the easiest way to get your server deleted by Discord. So you need to be careful of what type of content is shared by your friends on your server. Also if people vote your server as spam then also your server can get deleted.

How To Recover Deleted Server Or Channel On Discord?

Sadly, it is not possible to recover deleted Discord server or channel once it is deleted by either you or Discord itself. I am not saying it myself but there is an official tweet from Discord that validates this statement.

So, once the Discord server or channel is deleted there is no way to retrieve it and it’s gone for good. Discord advises you to stop trying to recover deleted servers and rather create a new server and invite people to it again. You can also read this discussion on the Discord community page to know more about it. Although y0u cannot recover a deleted server, you can for sure create a backup of your server and channel so that you don’t have to go through the same trouble in the future.

Backup Your Discord Server And Channel

To create a backup you will need a special tool also known as a bot that creates a backup of your server, channel, roles, settings, etc. The best bot for backing up your Discord channel or Server is Xenon. Here’s how you can use Xenon bot to backup your channels.

1. Go to the Xenon Website. Now you need to click on the Invite button.


2. Next the Discord tab will open, if you have already logged into your Discord account on the same browser it will ask you to choose the server that you want to backup.

add server

If you are not logged in you can log into your Discord account and then select the server.

3. Once the server is selected click on Continue and the Xenon bot will be added to your server.


Create A Backup Using Xenon

Once the Xenon bot is added to your server, now you can create a backup of it easily. To do so follow these steps;

1. Go to the server to which you have added the bot. Now load any channel on the server and type “/”. With this, some options will load on your screen. Select the option that says “/backup create“.

backup server

2. When you select the backup option, a backup of your server will be created. It will return a unique ID which will be used to check the info of the backup and to load the backup when you want it. So keep the unique ID safe with yourself, you can also note it down somewhere.

backup created

Load The Backup

Once you have created the backup you can load it later at any point in time. If you want to load the backup on the same server then you can type the command “/backup load” and then press enter.

Next, you need to paste or write the code (unique ID) returned while backing up the server.

load backup

After that, press enter and the backup will load. It will restore the deleted Discord channels, roles, etc.

If your server is deleted then you can load the server on any other server by entering the code “ā€“ /backup load backup_id: <UNIQUE_ID>“.

With this, you can recover your deleted Discord server and channel. If you want to use the Xenon bot to the fullest then you must learn more about its codes and to do so you can read this article.

Can You Recover A Deleted Discord Server?

You cannot recover a deleted Discord server or channel, however, you can prevent it from deletion. It’s simple to do it, you just need to make use of a bot that can create a backup of the server or channel of your Discord account. For this purpose, the Xenon bot is best. Moreover, it’s free to use so you must try it once.

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Is It Possible To Recover A Deleted Discord Sever?

No, unfortunately, you cannot recover a deleted Discord server.

Why Does Discord Server Get Deleted Itself?

If you violate the Discord guidelines then they are liable to delete your Discord server without notifying you.

Who Can Delete A Discord Server?

Either the owner of the server or Discord itself can delete a Discord server.

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