How To Recover Deleted Kik Account?

Kik is considered one of the best chatting apps out there. If you also use it then you must be willing to know how to recover your Kik account if for some reason it gets banned or deleted. Don’t worry keep reading the article and I shall show you some ways using which you can restore your Kik account. So without wasting any time let’s start.

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Why Have You Lost Your Kik Account?

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There can be many reasons why you can’t access your Kik account anymore. It may be because you have forgotten your password or username or you got banned by Kik for some unauthorized activities.

The other reason why you might have lost your Kik account is that you have deactivated or permanently deleted your Kik account.

If you can’t access your old Kik account then it is mostly because of the above-mentioned reasons. Don’t worry, I will try to help you recover your Kik account from all possible scenarios.

What Happens When Your Kik Account Is Deleted?

You must want to know what will happen to your Kik account if it is deleted. Well, it depends whether your Kik account is deactivated or it is permanently deleted.

If it is deactivated (temporarily deleted) then the following things will happen to your account.

  • You won’t be able to receive messages on your Kik account nor will you get any emails about your Kik account.
  • No one can search you on Kik by using your username.
  • All the people you’ve talked to on Kik can’t see your name anymore.

In case you have permanently deleted your account then the following things will happen to it.

  • Your Kik profile is permanently deleted and it cannot be recovered
  • No messages or emails from Kik
  • Your friends can’t search you using your username
  • Your chats will disappear and so will your name from the contact list of people you have talked to

How To Recover Kik Account In Different Scenarios

Retrieve Your Old Kik Account If You Forgot Your Password Or Username

If you have forgotten your password but remember the email id linked to your Kik account then you can easily retrieve your old Kik account by following these steps.

  • Go to the Kik Reset Password page.
  • Now type in your Kik username and e-mail.
  • You’ll receive an e-mail address click on the link provided in it.
  • As soon as you do that you will land on the change password page, now enter your new password and confirm it.

How To Reset Kik Account If Banned Or Hacked?

Kik can ban your account anytime if they feel you are playing with their guidelines. However, sometimes by mistake, some accounts get banned for no reason. Don’t worry if your account is banned even when you have not done anything wrong then you can appeal for it. Just reach out to the Kik support team and prove that you are innocent.

You might need to give proof in form of images, screenshots, or other files to tell them why your account should not be banned. If your account is banned then you will receive an email from Kik regarding the same. The reason why your account was banned will also be mentioned in the email itself.  If you want to appeal for removing the ban then you can follow the below steps;

1. Open the email and click on the ban appeal option.

3. It will ask you to enter your username and email. Fill in the right information.

4. Now you have to type your appeal in the description box. Make it clear and concise.

5. After that, click on the Submit button to submit your appeal.

Now once the appeal is submitted, you might have to wait for a few days to get feedback from Kik, so be patient.

How To Reactivate Kik Account?

In case you have deactivated your account or in other words, temporarily deleted it then you can easily reactivate it and access your old Kik account.

After deactivating your account if you ever feel like recovering your old Kik account, all you have to do is log into your Kik account with your old username and password. And your account will be restored, you can use it again.

reactivate kik account

How To Recover Deleted Kik Account?

It is really hard to recover your account once it is permanently deleted because Kik will remove all your data from their servers. However, if you know your email and username you can reach out to Kik support and ask them for help in order to recover your account.

It is possible that they might help you partially recover your Kik account i.e. full recovery of your old Kik account is not possible, but you might be able to recover some part of it. You can send an email to They might ask you some questions regarding your account in order to confirm that you are actually the owner of the account. Just give the correct answers and you might be able to recover your lost permanently deleted account.

Final Verdict

You can lose your Kik account for many reasons and we have already seen that. But you don’t have to panic because there is still some hope left and you can recover your Kik account. All you need to do is follow the methods that I have shared with you above. If your account is not permanently deleted then you can easily recover it.

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How Can I Access My Old Kik Account?

If it is permanently deleted then your old Kik account cannot be recovered.

What If I Forgot My Kik Password And Email?

If you forgot both password and email then there is no chance to restore your Kik account. However, if you have only forgotten the password but remember the email then you are in luck because you can reset your password.

Do Inactive Kik Accounts Get Deleted?

No, if you have an inactive account then you can reactivate it anytime by logging back into it.

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