How To Recover Deleted Featured Photos On Facebook

Facebook allows its users to create a featured collection of their photos and share it on their profiles. However, losing such a wonderful collection of featured images is no better than being in a nightmare. In case, you are part of this unfortunate experience then do not worry. I know some easy ways that can help you to recover your deleted featured photos on Facebook.

Moreover, I will explain how you can recreate your deleted featured collection through a step-by-step process. Also, you will get some valuable suggestions to keep your favorite featured images safe from getting deleted.

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Brief Overview
A deleted featured collection can be easily recreated by adding featured photos from your Facebook archive, saved posts, or your device’s photo gallery. Moreover, you can recover permanently deleted featured photos on Facebook either by downloading your account data from Facebook or using data recovery software.

How Do I Recreate My Deleted Facebook Featured Collection?

If you have accidentally deleted your featured collection from Facebook then it will be impossible to get it back. The only thing you can do is recreate your deleted collection from your Profile page. You can do this by following the steps I have explained below:

1. Sign in to your Facebook account and open your Profile. Then select Edit profile.

Edit profile

2. Next, scroll down to the Featured section and tap 0n New.


3. Now, you can select your deleted Facebook featured images from your Camera Roll folder, Stories, Uploaded Photos, or Tagged Photos. Once you are done, tap on Next.


4. Finally, add the title of your lost collection and tap on Save to recreate your deleted featured collection.

Recreate Deleted Facebook Featured Collection

How To Restore Deleted Featured Photos On Facebook Featured Collection

To restore your deleted featured photos on an existing Facebook featured collection you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Profile.

2. Scroll down, and select the collection you want to add photos to.

Select collection

3. Then select Add new at the bottom right of your phone’s screen.

Add new

4. After this, tap on Add more.

Add more

5. Lastly, select your deleted featured photos and tap on the Next button. Then Save them to your Facebook Featured collection.

restore deleted featured images on Facebook

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How To Recover Deleted Featured Photos On Facebook From Android, iPhone, And PC

The deletion of your featured photos from Collections does not affect Photos and posts saved on your Facebook account and your device storage. They can be removed or deleted by you only.

If you have deleted your featured photos as well as your Posts and Archive stories then you may get them back by sending a Download request to Facebook.

However, if you want to restore your permanently deleted featured photos from your phone’s gallery or your PC Hard Drive then you can use data recovery software.

How To Download Your Facebook Data

You can easily send a request to Facebook to download your account data by following the steps below.

Note: For demonstration purposes, I have used the Facebook Android app but the below-mentioned steps can also be used from iPhone and Windows devices. 

1. Log in to your account and go to Facebook Menu.

2. Tap on the Settings icon.


3. Next, scroll down to Your Information and select Download your information.

Download information

4. Now, check the category types for the information you want to download or send a request to download all your account data.

5. Once the selection is complete, tap on the Create File button and your Download request will be sent to Facebook. Keep in mind that Facebook may take several days to prepare your download request. When your data is ready for download it will notify you.

How To Download Facebook Data

6. Finally, navigate to Download your information and tap on Available Copies. Now select the Download button and enter your password and your account data will be downloaded.

Restore Permanently Deleted Facebook Featured Photos With Data Recovery Software

Here I will explain how you can retrieve your permanently deleted featured photos on your Android, iPhone, and Windows devices using a data recovery tool. So you can upload your permanently deleted featured photos on Facebook.

How To Restore Permanently Deleted Featured Photos On Facebook On Windows?

Here I will be using this amazing data recovery tool known as Stellar Photo Recovery Professional. This app allows super fast recovery of your permanently deleted featured photos from your PC’s Hard Drive. You can do this by following the below-mentioned steps and get back your permanently deleted featured images on Facebook.

1. First, download and install the Stellar Photo Recovery Professional software on your PC.

Restore permanently deleted featured photos

2. Launch the software and select the drive from where you have permanently deleted your featured images. Then, click on the Scan button.


3. Once the scanning is finished, click on OK.

click OK

4. After that, select the folder or photos that you wish to recover. Next, click on Recover.


5. Finally, after the successful recovery, log in to your Facebook account and add your permanently deleted Facebook featured photos by selecting Edit Featured Collection.

You can learn about Stellar Photo Recovery in detail by going through my comprehensive review.

How To Get Back Your Permanently Deleted Featured Images On iPhone?

You can also recover permanently deleted featured photos from your PC or Mac using Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone.

1. First, download and install the Mac or Windows version of Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone on your device.

2. Then connect your iPhone with a data transfer cable to your PC or Mac device. Here I will be using my PC to get my permanently deleted featured images back on my Facebook collection.

3. Now, select the Camera Roll option on your PC screen and click on Next.

4. After this, the app will start scanning the photos from the selected location.

5. Next, select the featured photos you want to get back and click on the Save button.

6. Finally, upload your permanently deleted featured photos to your Facebook collection.

Learn how to use Stellar Data Recovery For iPhone in detail by going through my review.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Featured Photos On Facebook On Android?

If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your favorite featured images from your phone then you can retrieve them from the Deleted items of your Android phone’s gallery within 30 days of deletion.

However, if your featured images are deleted permanently then you can use the EaseUS MobiSaver Android app. With this application, you can easily restore up to 20 photos per day for free. Now, follow the below steps to get back your permanently deleted Facebook photos:

1. Download and install the EaseUS MobiSaver app from the Google Play Store.

recover deleted featured photos on Facebook

2. Allow the permissions to access your phone’s Photos and Media and agree to the Privacy policy and license Agreement.

3. Next, give your access to manage all files.

4. After this, tap on the Photo & Video option and let it complete the scanning of your deleted files.

Photo & Video

5. When the scanning process is over, tap on the OK button.

OK icon

6. Now, you will see your all deleted featured photos.

7. Lastly, check the images you wish to retrieve and tap on the Recover button. After that, restore your deleted Facebook featured photos from your phone’s gallery.

Recover button

Note: Keep this in mind, that you cannot recover more than 20 images per day. If you want to retrieve all of your permanently deleted photos at once then you will have to purchase the EaseUS MobiSaver premium subscription

Explore EaseUS MobiSaver in detail by reading my complete review.

Bonus Tips

1. Enable Facebook Archive

Do not forget to enable your Facebook archive option and save your posts that you do not want to display on your account. Moreover archive automatically saves your all stories after deletion. To enable your Archive on Facebook follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, go to your Profile page.
  • Then tap on 3 white dots beside the Edit profile button and you will be taken to Profile settings.
  • Now, select the Archive option
  • Finally, follow the instructions to activate the Archive.

2. Download Your Data

If you have accidentally deleted your Facebook posts or featured collection then requesting your account data for download is the best and free-of-cost option. However, Facebook may take from 24 hours to a couple of days to process and prepare your data for download.

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Final Verdict

I am sure that the above-explained methods will definitely be helpful in getting back your deleted featured photos on your Facebook account. Moreover, keep in mind to implement the important tips to keep your featured images safe from being deleted.


How Do I Update My Featured Collection On Facebook?

You can update your featured collection from the Edit Profile section.

How Do I Restore My Featured Photo On Facebook?

You can recover your deleted featured images from the archived posts, stories, tagged and uploaded posts.

Do Featured Photos Expire?

No, Featured photos do not expire like Facebook stories, they remain on your Facebook profile unless you delete them yourself.

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