How To Recover Deleted Drafts On TikTok?

TikTok has revolutionized how people create and consume content online. On TikTok, anyone can be a content creator and create short videos from their phone and become an internet sensation overnight.

Most people make a living out of TikTok. If you also earn money through TikTok then you must be willing to know how to recover TikTok drafts in case you accidentally delete them. Do not worry if you have lost draft videos on TikTok, just go through this article. Here I have come up with a solution that will help you recover deleted draft videos on TikTok.

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Why Did My TikTok Drafts Get Deleted?

TikTok recover draft

There can be many reasons why your TikTok draft videos get deleted, some of the most common reasons are listed below:

  • Sometimes people record a video but forget to save it in the draft which leads to the loss of the video.
  • It is also possible that at the time of video upload some network problem occurs.
  • The Save to album option is not enabled on the app.
  • Technical glitches or bugs in the app are also a reason behind the draft disappearing from the app.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Drafts On TikTok?

Yes, in most cases you can recover deleted drafts on TikTok because most of the time people think that their video is deleted but, in reality, it is stored in the draft folder which is easily recoverable. Even if you have accidentally deleted the TikTok draft, you can still retrieve the TikTok draft videos and I will show you how you can do that in the following part of the article.

How To Recover Deleted Drafts On TikTok?

Once you are done with recording and editing a video for TikTok, it allows you to either post the video or save it as a draft so that you can post it later.

If you post the video directly without saving it to the draft then the video is stored in the TikTok server. However, if you save it as a draft then the video is locally stored on your phone’s gallery. Some people save their videos in the draft and forget about them. Later they think that their video is deleted but actually, the video is not deleted, it is still stored on their phone.

If you want to get back your TikTok drafts all you have to do is check your phone’s gallery. You will find a TikTok folder where the drafts will be stored. But you should remember that a TikTok draft is only stored locally if Save to album option is enabled on your TikTok app.

In case the video is deleted from the phone’s gallery as well, don’t worry you can still recover those videos if you have enabled backup on your Android or iPhone on services like Google Photos or iCloud.

To get back a deleted draft in TikTok from Android just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Photos app and tap on the Menu option.
  • From there select the Trash option. Now choose the deleted TikTok videos that you want to get back.

recover deleted tinder draft

  • Lastly, tap on Restore to recover those videos.

In case you are using an iOS device then you can make use of iCloud backup to recover deleted drafts on TikTok from your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Scroll down and select the Reset option.
  • Next, choose the Erase All Content and Settings option and then tap on Erase Now.

But there are high chances that you cannot recover draft videos after deleting them because you have not enabled backup on your phone. In that case, you can get back deleted drafts using data recovery software. You can make use of data recovery software like EaseUS MobiSaver and Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone.

These apps will run a scan on your phone’s internal storage and recover the deleted videos from there. The chances of recovery depend on whether the video is overwritten or not.

If it is not overwritten then the draft video will get recovered easily. So make sure you stop using your phone as soon as you lose the draft in TikTok. This will decrease the chances of overwriting the data and increases the chances of recovery.

How To Get Back Draft After Deleting TikTok?

If you have uninstalled or deleted TikTok from your phone then your saved drafts will also be deleted from the draft folder. But you don’t need to worry, all you have to do is contact the customer support of TikTok to recover deleted drafts on TikTok after logging out. To do that you need to follow these steps:

1. Launch the app and go to Me and tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner.

Tinder me

2. Next, select Report a problem and then chose Video and Sound.

report problem
3. On the next screen select Drafts and after that tap on Other.

4. After that it will ask, whether your problem is resolved, tap on No. Lastly, give your feedback and tap on Report.

give feedback

After this, wait for some time and you will receive messages from TikTok. It will tell you whether you can recover deleted draft videos on TikTok or not? This method will also help you if you want to recover deleted TikTok draft on a new phone.

How To Protect TikTok Drafts From Deleting?

  • If you don’t want to lose TikTok drafts then you must enable the Save to album option. This will save your draft videos in your phone’s local storage automatically.
  • The next thing you could do is backup your TikTok videos before posting them, by saving a copy of them on your device.
  • Make sure device backup is enabled on your Android or iPhone so that even if you lose the TikTok draft you can restore them from the backup.
  • Do not switch your TikTok account from one phone to another as it may lead to the loss of draft videos.

Final Verdict

Recovering a deleted draft in TikTok is possible provided that you take quick measures to get back deleted TikTok draft videos. You should take precautions which I have shared with you in the article to protect your TikTok drafts so that you never lose them again.


Are TikTok Drafts Deleted After Some Time?

No, unless you manually delete the draft videos, they are not deleted from the app.

Where Are TikTok Drafts Stored?

The drafts are locally stored on the device from which they were uploaded to the app.

Can You Recover TikTok Draft After Logging Out?

Once you have logged out of the app you cannot recover the TikTok draft, they are gone for good.

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