How To Recover Deleted Blink Videos & Account?

Blink is an Amazon-powered home security system that takes care of your house security with CCTV cameras. Blink offers different types of CCTV cameras at affordable rates out of which the most popular ones are outdoor, indoor cameras, and doorbell cameras.

In this article, I am going to share with you how to retrieve deleted blink video recordings because it is very common to lose your Blink camera clips for one reason or the other. But before that let’s find out if it is possible to get back deleted Blink videos or not?

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Blink stores all the recorded videos on their online server. The recorded video can get deleted from the Blink online account automatically or manually.

There is a time limit which is up to 60 days after which the video is automatically deleted to make space for the latest recordings. The time limit can be changed accordingly but not less than 3 days. Once the time period is over the video gets deleted on its own. You can also manually delete the video from your Blink account if you want. In both cases, the video is instantly deleted and cannot be recovered.

However, if you have chosen to store the videos locally in your pen drive then the video is not deleted automatically. Even if it gets deleted somehow you can recover it, let’s find out how.

How To Recover Deleted Blink Videos?

If you want to know how to pull up deleted Blink videos then I must tell you that it is not possible to do that if your videos were stored in your Blink account. However, in case you were using local storage for storing the recorded footage then you are very much in luck. You can recover deleted Blink videos using data recovery software and here’s how.

You can make use of EaseUS data recovery software, it is quick, safe, and reliable. The best part about this tool is that it comes with a video repair function which means it will not just recover the deleted Blink recordings but will also repair the videos if they are corrupted.

One more thing, it allows you to recover up to 2 GB of data for free. So you don’t have to purchase the software if you have to recover small footage. Also, it is quite easy to use, just follow the below steps and you can recover deleted videos from Blink camera.

1. Connect the local storage device in which the videos were stored to your computer. Next, Launch the software on your PC and choose the local device as a location to scan.

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2. Choose your scan type quick or full scan. After that, wait for a while, if you choose full scan then it may take up to a few hours. Once the scan is complete filter out other content and select only video files.

blink footage

3 Once you find the desired Blink footage, preview and recover it.

blink clip restore

You will most probably be able to get back deleted Blink videos this way.

How To Protect Blink Videos From Getting Deleted?

We have seen in the article above that it is not possible to recover deleted Blink clips once they are deleted from your account. However, what you can do is create a backup of your important video footage on your local storage device. So that even if the video is deleted from your account, you can always access it from your storage device. In case the video is deleted from the local storage, you still have a chance to recover it using data recovery software.

How To Recover Deleted Blink Account?

Just like you can’t retrieve Blink video clips once they are permanently deleted, you cannot recover a Blink account once it is deleted as well. So if someone shows you different ways to recover a deleted Blink account don’t believe them, they are lying.


Does Blink Have A Recently Deleted Folder?

No, sadly Blink camera does not have a recently deleted folder.

How Long Does Blink Save Video?

It depends, the maximum it can save is 60 days and the minimum is 3 days.

Can You Recover Deleted Blink Footage?

No, once the Blink Footage is deleted it cannot be recovered unless you have a backup.

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