How To Recover YouTube History (Watch & Search)

Watched a funny video on YouTube but can’t find it to share it with your friends? Don’t worry you can find it in your watch history and if you have searched for it then it will be there in the search history as well.

But what if you have uninstalled the YouTube app or manually cleared the history on it? Will you still be able to recover YouTube video watch history? Let’s find out.

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YouTube Search History VS Watch History?

It’s quite evident from the name what YouTube search history and what YouTube Watch history is. But some people might not be aware of it. So basically the YouTube search history is the log of all the searches you have made on the YouTube app or website. On the other hand, YouTube watch history is the log of the videos that you have watched on your YouTube account.

Now some people consider both watch and search history as the same, but it’s not true. If you have searched for a video and watched it then you will find it in your search history as well as the watch history. However, a video you have watched from your feed will be there in the watch history but not in the search. So both histories may show different results, hence they are not the same.

How To Recover YouTube History

If you’ve manually deleted the YouTube history then it is not possible to recover your YouTube watch or search history on your Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.

1. Recover Deleted YouTube Watch History

Google My Activity is a feature that keeps track of all your activities on your Google accounts. Since YouTube is also part of the Google ecosystem, you can easily find your YouTube activities on the Google My Activity page. This means all the videos you have watched on YouTube can be found there. To recover your deleted watch history you can follow the below steps.

1. Go to the Google My Activity page on your phone’s Google Chrome browser. Make sure you are logged into Google Chrome with the same email ID that you use on YouTube. On that page, tap on the option Filter by date & product.

my activity

2. Next, select the YouTube option and then tap on the Apply button.

select YouTube

3. As soon as you do that, you will see your YouTube Watch history on your screen.

recover youtube watch history

Remember, if you manually delete the watch history from YouTube then you will not see it on the Google My Activity because it is deleted from there as well.

2. Restore YouTube Watch History After Uninstalling YouTube App

If you have uninstalled the YouTube app from your phone or want to restore your watch history on your new phone then it is very much possible to do it. All you have to do is reinstall the YouTube app on your phone and at the time of installation choose the account that you have previously used to log into YouTube. As you log into your previous YouTube account your watch history will be visible on your phone. You don’t have to do anything special in this case to recover your watch or search history.

If you want to get back search history on YouTube then there is only one method to do it and that is using the Google My Activity. You can go to the YouTube Search history page using this link. Here you will see the search history along with the YouTube watch history.

restore search history

Similar to watch history if you delete the search history manually from your YouTube account then you cannot see it in the Google My Activity.

Can You Recover Deleted YouTube History? Final Verdict

It is very easy to recover the YouTube history i.e. YouTube watch and search history. In case you have uninstalled the YouTube app from your phone or you are using a new phone, all you have to do is log into your same YouTube account and recover your watch and search history.

Other than that you can also find YouTube watch and search history from the Google My Activity page. You have to log in with the same email ID you have used to create your YouTube account and you will be able to recover your history. However, you cannot recover a watch or search history that you have manually cleared from your YouTube account.


Can You Bring Back Deleted History On YouTube?

No, once the YouTube history is deleted from the YouTube account, it cannot be recovered. It is also removed from the Google My Activity.

What Does Google My Activity Do?

It's a place where you can find all the activities you done on your Google accounts like your searches, visited websites and much more.

Why Did My YouTube History Disappeared?

If you have not manually removed it then it can be due to some glitch. Restart your YouTube app and you may see them again.

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