Does Inscryption Actually Delete Files?

Have you played the new card game Inscryption? I know it’s addictive and fun to play and in a short span of time, it has earned a loyal gaming community. If you love horror, puzzles, and fantasy then you will also love this game.

In the game, there is a stage where you have to give a file that you love the most to the game in order to fight the boss. The game threatens you that if you lose, your file will be deleted. Now, most people have this question, does Inscryption actually delete files? If you want to know about it then keep reading the article.

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Why Do You Need To Give Your File Access To Inscryption?

inscryption delete file

There is a level in the game where an Uberboat (The Archivist) asks you to give your beloved file from your hard drive to them. The file is then converted into a card. The older and the bigger (in terms of size) the file is the more resources you get, which helps you beat the boss. However, it also alerts you that if you lose, the file will be deleted. But does it really do it? Let’s find out.

Will Inscryption Actually Delete Files?

No, don’t worry Inscryption does not delete your file. The game does not have permission to control your files on the hard disk. All it does is create a “Read Me” text file with the name “Filename. Delete.txt”

If you open that text file it will read:

does inscryption delete files

The game wants you to manually delete the file as they cannot do it on their own. But why would someone delete their own file? Let’s find out that in the following section.

Should You Delete The Inscryption File?

As I told you, you don’t have to delete the file in order to play the game. However, if you manually delete that file you will get some achievements that you can’t get otherwise.

So if you want to get an achievement from Inscryption then you should definitely delete the file. But what if the file you choose was very important to you? In that case, you must not be willing to delete the file at any cost. Don’t worry I have come up with some solution using which you can get the achievement without losing your important file.

How To Secure Inscryption Files?

There are many ways using which you can still get the achievement without losing your important files. Some of them are as follows.

1. Use A Fake File Generator

A fake file generator is an online tool using which you can easily create fake files and use them instead of your original files. Now you can easily delete these files without any tension and get your achievements.

The good thing about such tools is that they are mostly free. You can also choose the size of the file, so you can make a large file that helps you in your game. One of the free fake file generators can be found here.

2. Backup Your File

Creating a backup of your file is also a good option to not let your important files get deleted. All you have to do is to create a copy of your file and keep it secure with yourself. You can also upload the file to a cloud server and recover it from iCloud or Google Drive whenever required. Now even if you delete your file you still have the backup so you are not losing your file but definitely gaining some achievements.

3. Make Use Of Data Recovery Software

A data recovery software is a special computer program that can recover deleted files from Windows or Mac. If you have already deleted the file without creating a backup then using data recovery software is your only option.

You can use any software, but I will recommend you try EaseUS Data Recovery because it can recover all types of data be it photos, videos, documents, and much more.

It’s easy to recover the deleted files using this software. Just install the wizard, choose the file location, and run the scan. It may take some time to recover the deleted files, so be patient.


Don’t wait too long after deleting the files, try to recover them as soon as possible. It is because once the deleted file is overwritten, no data recovery software can recover it.

Does Inscryption Archivist Actually Delete A File? Final Verdict

You have already got the answer that Inscryption archivist does not delete the file. All it does is create a “read me” text file that has a request message for you to delete the file manually. If you want to earn some achievements then you can delete the file or you can continue the game as it is. Even if you have to delete the file don’t worry, use the methods I have shared above.


What Is Inscryption?

It is a 3 act horror video game.

What Is The Archivist?

It is an uberboat used in the Inscryption game.

Can Inscryption Access Your Hard Disk?

No, it can't acess your hard drive without your permission.

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