How To Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos

Gone are the days when you have to depend on your phone’s storage for storing your photos. Now you can simply upload all your memorable photos to Google Photos and create a backup. Once the backup is created, you can even delete the images from your device storage to keep the phone memory free for other important stuff.

The other reason you should back up your photos in Google Photos is to access them from all your devices. And in case if you lost your phone or it gets damaged, your pictures still remain safe in Google’s cloud storage.

Recovering photos is also very easy from Google Photos in case you lose them. This article will be on the same topic: how can you recover deleted photos from your Google Photos account if you happen to delete them by mistake or by intention. So let’s get rolling!

What You Should Know Before Recovering Photos From Google Photos?

There are two conditions when you delete photos from Google Photos the first, you delete it by mistake, and the second is that you have deleted it permanently by intention. If you have done it by mistake, the photos will be in the trash or bin of Google Photos, which remains there for 60 days.

In the first case, you can quickly recover photos without much hassle. However, if you have deleted the images permanently by removing them from the bin or 60 days time period has elapsed, it becomes hard to recover the photos. However, you can still try data recovery software to recover the permanently deleted photos.

If your photos are still not recovered, you are then left with only one choice, and that is contacting the Google Support team. They might help you recover your images from their cloud storage.

So, here’s how you can recover your deleted pictures from Google Photos the right way.

Method 1: Recover Lost Photos From Google Photos Before 60 Days

You can restore your deleted images from Google Photos from any device be it Android, iPhone or computer. We are showing steps for each device so you can comfortably recover your photos from any of your devices. So let’s start.

Using Android Phone

  • On your phone launch the Google Photos app and log into your account if not already.
  • Next, you need to tap on the Library icon in the bottom right corner.
Google Photos Library
  • Now from the options that show up, tap on the Trash/Bin icon.
Trash icon on Google photo android
  • As you do that you will find all your deleted files are present in the bin, which was deleted in the last 60 days. Now select all the photos or videos you want to restore and tap on the Restore option at the bottom right corner.
Restore Photos from google Photos on Android

With this, all your chosen photos will be restored in your phone’s gallery and Google Photo library.

Note: You can follow similar steps on your iOS device to recover the deleted images from Google Photos.

Photo Restore On Computer From Google Photo Trash

  • On your desktop browser visit Google Photos, and login into your account from where you want to restore photos.
  • Once you are logged into your account select the Trash icon on the left side panel.
Bin icon
  • Here you will find your recently deleted photos, which you can recover. For that, you can select the photo or photos you wish to recover and then select the Restore option.
Restore deleted photos from Google photos PC
  • As you click on restore it will ask you to confirm your actions, click on the Restore button one more time and your photo will be restored in your library.
Restore option

Method 2: Recover Old Or Permanently Deleted Photos After 60 Days

Once you have deleted the photos permanently, it’s difficult to restore them. But there are many software out there that claim that they can help you restore your permanently deleted photos.

We have tried a few software for recovering permanently deleted Google photos but none of them seem to work. We will update it here when we find good software that actually works.

Method 3: Contact Google Support

The last method and your last hope to recover your permanently deleted photos is to contact Google Support. They may help you recover your deleted pictures from Google Photos. Here’s how you can find a way to contact the Google Support team.

  • Visit Google Drive Help and scroll down on the page to select the option Contact us.
Google support
  • Now a new page will open, here you have to fill in the Contact Us form, to contact the Google support team.
Contact us form

Once you contact the support team over call, chat, or Email, you can tell them your problem with a genuine reason behind losing your photos, and they will try to resolve your issue. In most cases, you will find your deleted photos by contacting the support team at Google.

Note: All the methods shown above are more effective when you take action quickly. Because it becomes harder to recover a photo after some time, so try to recover your image as soon as it’s deleted, or you may end up losing it forever.

That’s How You Can Restore Your Deleted Data From Google Photos

Photos are memories, and no one wants to lose them. But sometimes, due to a mistake or accident, the pictures get deleted from our devices. Therefore, we must keep a backup of our essential photos on cloud storage like Google Photos. But your photos can also be deleted from there due to some mistakes.

Nevertheless, you can follow the steps shown in this article to recover your pictures and videos from Google Photos. However, it’s hard to recover your permanently deleted photos even from Google Photos. But you can try other methods that we have shared here to get your pictures back.


Is Google Photos Safe For Storing Private And Important Photos?

Absolutely yes, because the photos are protected in your Google account. Which is protected by password, and therefore only the owner of the account can access the photos and not anyone else.

Do Photos Stay In Google Photos If Deleted From Phone's Gallery?

Yes, but only if you have created a backup of that photo in Google photos. Otherwise, your photo will be deleted permanently.

Do photos in Google Photos stay forever?

If you have not deleted your account with Google, your photos will stay in Google Photos for a lifetime.

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