How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung Phones

From affordable Galaxy J series like J7 to premium and expensive S series smartphones like S7, S8, S9, S10, S20, etc. Samsung has a good hold on the smartphone market. However, be it affordable or expensive all Samsung phones offer a good camera quality and therefore most people use Samsung phones to capture their memories. But since the photos are stored in the phone’s internal storage there is a high probability that they might get deleted from there due to accident or virus attacks.

If this ever happens to you, there is no need to worry because here we bring to you the best methods using which you can retrieve deleted photos on Samsung phones without much effort. So if this intrigues you then let’s get started.

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Retrieve Deleted Photos On Samsung Phone And Tablets

You have three options to retrieve deleted photos on a Samsung device based on the scenario in which the photo was deleted. If it has been deleted recently you can check the Recycle Bin of your phone but if it’s been more than 30 days since the photo was deleted then you can check the cloud storage to restore them from backup. However, if nothing seems to works you can take the help of data recovery software as your last resort.

Different scenarios in which your photos may get deleted from your phone or tablet:

1. Lost the photos from Gallery app within 30 days – Check Method 1

2. Lost the photos prior to 30 days but have enabled the backup on your phone – Check Method 2

3. Lost images before 30 days and also don’t have the backup – Check Method 3

Method 1: Recover Deleted Photos From Recycle Bin

Earlier a recycle bin was only seen on computers but now you also get a recycle bin on some smartphones. However, the recycle bin on Samsung does not store all temporary deleted data. It works only for photos and can be found under the Gallery app on your phone. Also, the deleted photos and videos are only stored in the recycle bin for a month time i.e. 30 days. After that, the photos are permanently deleted from there and you cannot recover them using this method so you need to show some urgency.

Steps to restore deleted photos from Samsung Recycle Bin

1. Open the Gallery app on your Samsung device.

Gallery app

2. Tap on the 3 dots icon on the top right corner and select Recycle bin from the options that show up.

recycle bin

3. Now select all the photos you want to recover and then tap on Restore.

recover deleted photos on Samsung phone

So that’s how easy it is to recover a deleted photo on Samsung. You also can undelete one or more than one photo at a time. However, the problem is if the photo is not available in the recycle bin then what will you do. In that case, you can either recover a permanently deleted photo from backup or by using a data recovery software which we are going to see next.

Method 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Photos From Cloud Storage

These days all mobile phone companies provide a cloud storage facility to their users using which they can keep a backup of their important data. Similarly, you get Samsung Cloud storage on all the latest Samsung smartphones which provide 5 GB worth of storage for free. So if you have enabled the Samsung Cloud backup then your photos must be there. Here’s how you can recover those photos from the backup.

1. Open the Settings app and go to Accounts and backup.

Accounts and backup

2. Go to Samsung Cloud >Backup and restore > Restore data.

restore data

3. Choose Gallery and tap on Sync.

Select gallery

With this, you will be able to restore your photos stored in the backup. The good thing about Samsung Cloud Storage is that it has a recycle bin of its own that stores a photo for 15 days. So if you happen to delete the photo from the backup as well you can still recover it back. To recover retrieve photos from Samsung Cloud’s Recycle bin you can follow the path Settings > Accounts and backup > Samsung Cloud > Gallery > Trash.

If you use Google Photos instead of Samsung’s own cloud storage for creating a backup of your photos then you can recover your deleted images from Google Photos using our tutorial on how to recover deleted photos from Google Photos.

3. Method 3: Restore Permanently Deleted Photos Using Data Recovery Software

If you have not enabled backup on your device then your last chance to restore your deleted photos on a Samsung tablet or phone is by using data recovery software. However, no data recovery software can work on Android phones or tablets without root permissions. It means you have to root your Samsung device before recovering lost photos from it using third-party software. However, if your photos were stored in the SD card and not on the internal storage of your device then you can retrieve the photos without rooting your phone or tab. We will discuss both scenarios one by one.

a) Recover Photos Deleted From Internal Storage Of Samsung

To recover photos deleted from your phone’s internal storage you need to root it. After rooting you can use the EaseUS MobiSaver for Android software for recovering lost data from your tablet or phone’s local storage. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide of how this tool works.

1. First, connect your rooted Samsung device to your PC. Now run the software and wait till it recognizes your device. Once your phone shows up on the dashboard click on the Start button to initiate the scanning process.

easeus mobisaver for samsung

2. Now, you will get a pop-up message on your device regarding permission to scan your device. Allow all the permissions and wait till the software scans your phone for lost data.


3. Once the scan is completed all the recoverable data will be shown on the screen. You can select the Gallery option from the left side panel to see only the recovered photos. After that, you can select all the photos you want to recover and click on Recover to restore the photos to your device.

recover photos

With this, all the selected photos will be recovered to your computer from where you can transfer them back to your phone.

b) Restore Deleted Photos From SD Card Without Rooting Your Samsung

If you happen to use an SD card on your phone to store your image then you can easily recover your deleted photos from it without rooting your Samsung tablet or smartphone. You can use Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore your permanently deleted photos from your SD card. Here’s how to do that

1. Remove your SD card from the phone and connect it to your PC. Now run the software and select SD card as the location to scan.

Select SD card

2. Now the software will run the scan on your SD Card for the lost photos. Wait till the scan completes.

Wait for scan

3. Once the scanning is complete you can preview your photos and restore them by clicking on the Recover button.

Recover photo from sd card

In just three simple steps you can recover your lost photos from your SD card using Stellar Photo Recovery.

Read our full review of Stellar Photo Recovery.

Final Verdict

Losing photos from the phone is a common issue that everyone faces these days. Samsung knew this and therefore they have provided a recycle bin and cloud storage facility for its user so that they can recover the deleted photos back without using any third-party tool. However, if you don’t find your photos in the recycle bin and backup then only data recovery software can help you out. Nonetheless, you should try all three methods one by one and we are sure that you will definitely find your deleted photos back.


Are Permanently Deleted Photos Gone Forever?

No, a permanently deleted photo still remains on the storage device until it is overwritten by some new data.

Can I Recover Deleted Photos From My Samsung Phone Back?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos back from your Samsung phone using recycle bin or from the backup. You can also use data recovery software for this task.

Can Photo Deleted From Gallery Be Recovered?

Yes, you can recover photos deleted from the Gallery app using recycle bin.

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