How To Recover Deleted Canva Account

Canva is one of the best creative software with its versatile features such as graphic designing, photo/video editing, etc. It allows its users to create their projects as a team and store them safely.

It is possible that you may lose all precious data by deleting your Canva account either intentionally or accidentally. However, if you wish to get back your Canva account then read this article in which I will explain how you can recover your deleted Canva account. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Brief Overview
If you have submitted a Canva account deletion request yourself then you have a chance to reactivate your deleted Canva account.
To recover deleted Canva account, go to the Canva login page and sign in within 14 days of deleting your account. After that, your account deletion request will be canceled automatically. However, missing the account deletion timeline will get your Canva account permanently deleted.

How To Find My Canva Account?

You may think your Canva account is deleted but before you panic let’s confirm, is it really deleted? To check the deletion of your Canva account, follow the steps below:

Check If Your User ID And Password Are Correct

First, go to the Canva login page on your browser or app and click on Continue With Google or choose, Continue another way.

There you will see multiple options to log in to your Canva account, select the right option you used to sign in with. If your account is not deleted then you will be asked to type your password. Finally, enter the correct password and you will get your Canva account back.

Note: Keep in mind that selecting a different option will always show Create your account.

Reset Your Canva Password

It’s also possible that you may have forgotten your password and think that your Canva account is deleted. You can find your lost Canva account by resetting your password. To do so use the following steps below:

1. Go to the Canva Log in page and click on Continue another way.

Continue another way

2. Select Continue with Email and enter your email address then select Continue.

Sign into Canva

3. Now you will receive an email with 6 digit code.

security code canva

4. Finally, enter the code and click on Continue and you will be logged in to your Canva account.

Enter code and click on Continue

Note: This process won’t work if you had Signed up with Google because you never created a password while signing up using this method.

Recover Your Deleted Canva Account

If the above-mentioned steps do not work then it’s confirmed that your Canva account has been deleted.

In case you have requested Canva to delete your account by submitting the account deletion form then you have a chance to retrieve your deleted Canva account. Canva gives you 14 days to reopen your deleted account.

If you wish to get it back then go to Canva Log in Page and simply sign in to your Canva account. With this, your account deletion request will be automatically canceled.

For some reason, if you missed the 14 days time period then your account will be permanently deleted. After that, the only thing you can do is create a new account and start over.

Recover your deleted Canva account

Quick Tips Before You Delete Your Canva Account

There are some tips that can help you in securing your account or prevent you from losing your data.

Download A Copy Of All Your Designs And Projects

Canva allows its users to make a copy of all of their designs and projects and download them. Keeping a backup of your designs will also come in handy in case you want to recover deleted Canva files.

You can request Canva and download all of your work at once by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your Canva account and click on Account Settings.

Canva Account Settings

2. Now, click on Log in & Security and select Request to download.

Log in & security

3. Finally, a pop-up will appear where you need to select Request to download once again. Once you do this, all of your designs will be downloaded at once.

request to Download

Canceling Your Subscription Plan

You should consider canceling your subscription plan before you delete your Canva account. Otherwise, Canva will continue to charge you the monthly subscription fee even after the deletion of your Canva account. You can cancel your Canva subscriptions by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your Canva account.

2. Go to Account Settings.

3. Click on Payment & Billing.

4. Now click on the 3 dots and select Request Cancelation.

With this, your Canva subscription plan will be canceled.

Contact Support On My Canva Help Center

My Canva help center can assist you regarding any query you have. You can contact support by logging in to your Canva account and selecting Learn option on the top right side of your Canva homepage. Finally, click on the Help Center.

Contact the Support Center

Note: Canva support team may take up to 1 week to answer your query. Moreover, you should avoid giving sensitive details like your account password, credit card details, etc.

Can I Retrieve My Deleted Canva Account? Final Verdict

Yes as I have explained above, deleted Canva account can only be restored if you have requested Canva to delete your account and you are within the 14 days timeline of the account deletion period.

If you have not filed the account deletion request then you would need to confirm whether your account is deleted or not and then follow with the account recovery process.

If your account has been deleted for other reasons such as being inactive for a long time or breaching the Canva policies then you will not be able to retrieve your deleted Canva account.


Can I Recover My Canva Account?

Yes, you can access your Canva account simply by signing in. If you cannot sign in then click on forgot password and reset your password.

How Can I Recover My Deleted Canva Account?

Yes, you can retrieve your Canva account. If you have requested Canva to delete your account and you are within the account deletion period then just log in to your Canva account and it will be reactivated.

How Do I Cancel My Canva Account Deletion?

Go to the Canva log-in page and sign in using the same user ID and password you used to log in with and your Account Deletion process will be automatically canceled.

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