How To Recover Deleted eBay Account

eBay is a global e-commerce giant which provides a platform for millions of sellers and buyers to sell and purchase goods & services across the world. Losing an eBay account can be a big problem. If you are an eBay seller then it’s not just about losing your money but losing your valuable customers too.

In this article, I am going to share easy ways that will help you recover deleted eBay account. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
If you have requested eBay to delete your account then contact eBay support within 60 days to cancel the deletion process and recover your eBay account. If your account is deleted by eBay then there is no other way to reopen your eBay account.

How To Confirm If Your eBay Account Is Deleted?

Here are some methods that can help you to confirm the deletion of your eBay account:

1. Check If The Username And Password Are Correct

Before you assume that your account is deleted, first check if the Username and the Password are correct.

check if ebay username and password are correct

2. Reset Your Password

Still, if you are unable to access your eBay account then you need to reset your eBay password. To reset your password follow the steps below:

1. Click on Need help Signing in? and you’ll get an email on your registered email account.

Need help signing in

2. Go to your email inbox and open the mail you have received from eBay and copy the Security Code.

find old ebay account

3. Then paste your security code into boxes under Verify it’s you on your browser and click on Continue.

Verify it's you ebay account

Finally, enter your new password and select Continue and your password will be reset.

recover deleted ebay account

3. Sign In Using The Correct Website

It is possible that you are typing the right username and password but still, you are unable to sign in. This can happen due to the wrong website URL which can be understood with the following example:

Suppose, you had created your eBay account on and you are trying to sign in to then you won’t be able to access your eBay account because both are different eBay sites.

4. Check Your Email

If above mentioned steps don’t work then there are chances that your eBay account has been deleted. To verify the account deletion, go to your email inbox and search the emails from eBay. In case your account is deleted then you’d have received an email about it.

Recover Deleted eBay Account

If you have requested eBay to delete your account then you can request eBay to reopen your account. You can do so by contacting customer support within the 60 days time period of the account deletion process.

However, to reactivate your account it needs to be in good standing and should not have due payments or claim issues with buyers or the company itself. Otherwise, you will never get your account back.

Reasons Why Your eBay Account Would Not Be Recovered

Your eBay cannot be recovered if it has been deleted due to the following reasons:

1. You Have Been Inactive For A Long Time

If you are not using your eBay account for a longer period then eBay can delete your account. You will receive an email at your registered email address for the same.

2. eBay Has Restricted Your Account

eBay can restrict your account for various reasons and may stop you from making any transactions.

3. You Are Suspended By eBay For Policy Violation

Your account can be suspended or deleted by eBay for any period of time for violating its policies.

4. You Have Not Paid Fees Or Other Selling Fees

If you have not paid fees then eBay has the right to delete your account.

5. You Have Pending Payment Claims Or Disputes

eBay can delete your account for not completing the pending payments and unresolved disputes either with the company or buyers.

Tips To Save Your eBay Account From Getting Deleted

Here are some important tips that will help your eBay account from getting deleted and keep you in business for a long time.

1. Log In To Your eBay Account From Time To Time

Logging in to your eBay account on a timely basis can surely save you from getting your account deleted.

2. Stay Updated With eBay Policies And Follow Them

Always be aware of new eBay policies and rules & regulations to save your account from unknown problems.

3. Pay Your eBay Fees Timely

Keep in mind to pay your fees regularly. It will save you from getting suspended, restricted, or worse the permanent termination of your eBay account.

4. Maintain Transparency About Monetary Transactions

Stay clear about all of your monetary transactions and avoid using unfair means such as tax evasion, which is a criminal offense.

Final Verdict

To conclude, I have talked about the methods that can help you to confirm the deletion of your eBay account. I have also explained how you would be able to recover your deleted eBay account. Additionally, you’ll find the various factors for the deletion of your account including some bonus tips through which you can avoid getting your eBay account deleted in the future.


How To Confirm If Your eBay Account Is Deleted Or Not?

If your eBay account is deleted then you will receive an email on your registered email address.

How Do I Recover A Deleted eBay Account?

Once your eBay account is permanently deleted, you can’t get it back. However, if you have requested the eBay account deletion and wish to get it back then contact eBay support within 60 days.

How To Find My Old eBay Account?

To find your old eBay account, type the correct username and password in the eBay version of your country and if it’s not deleted then you will get your eBay account back.

Can I Recover My eBay Account Without Phone Number?

If you are unable to sign in to your eBay account using your phone number then click on Forgot Your User ID and enter the email address you used while creating your eBay account. After that, you will get an email within 24 hours with your User ID.

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