How To Recover Deleted Canva Files Or Design?

Canva is among the best photo editing software present in the market right now. The software’s easy interface and wide pool of features make it an ideal choice for a large number of people. The software holds the files, designs, and works of millions of people and many times these may get deleted, either accidentally or intentionally by the user.

If you are among the millions of users of Canva and you have deleted any of your files or project that you wish to retrieve, then do not worry as it is a quite straightforward process. Read the complete article, and you will learn how to retrieve deleted Canva designs or files.

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Brief Overview
If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted a Canva file and wish to retrieve it now, then you must do so within 30 days from the day of deletion. Or else the file is gone forever. To recover deleted Canva designs navigate to Trash > Select the desired file you wish to get back > Three-dot icon > Restore.

How To Recover Deleted Canva Files?

If it has not been more than 30 days since the file deletion then you can recover a deleted Canva file or design using the steps below.

  • Select Trash from the sidebar on the homepage.


  • Select the file from the Designs, Images, or Videos tab, depending on which type of file you want to retrieve.

Deleted design from canva

  • Hover the cursor over the file to be recovered. Click the three-dot icon on the top right of the file and then click Restore.

recover deleted canva file

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Designs From Canva?

After learning the above steps, you are equipped to answer the question “How do I recover my deleted Canva file”. But if your mind is still hovering over a situation where you want to retrieve permanently deleted files on Canva, then you will need to read a little more.

When you performed all the steps that have been mentioned above and arrive at the fourth step, you will be getting two options to choose from either Restore or Permanently Delete. This is a stage when you will need to be extremely careful, as one wrong decision, and your file will be wiped out from the database forever.

If you choose the delete permanently option then your file cannot be recovered. Hence the answer to the question “how to recover permanently deleted designs from Canva” is simple, it cannot be recovered.

You do not need to worry though, as there is a negligible chance of someone mistakenly deleting the file permanently. As a warning appears on the screen displaying a warning that the action cannot be undone. Hence, you will need to double verify, which makes it almost impossible to mistakenly delete a file permanently.

Is It Possible To Recover Design From Deleted Teams?

Among several factors that make Canva so popular is its Teams feature. Canva allows a group of designers to work as a team on a single platform which results in smooth and quick communication and efficient implementation of ideas.

If you join or form a team on Canva then it does not mean that the team is going to exist forever. The team might be deleted by the owner, a position that you might hold as well, due to several reasons.

In such a situation, there are a few inevitable repercussions. Read along and learn what would be the fate of all the team’s projects in such a scenario and how can they be recovered.

If a team is deleted on Canva, then inevitably all the files and designs for everyone on the team would be deleted as well. If you are the owner of the team that has been dissolved now, but you want to retrieve all or some of the projects in that team, then you will first need to recover the deleted team first. Do not worry, as this one too is a simple and straightforward process. All you need to make sure of is to do it within 14 days, otherwise, you won’t be able to ever retrieve the Canva lost work.

Steps To Recover A Deleted Team On Canva

Act on time, as after the deletion of the team, the team owner has only a 14 days window during which they can retrieve the deleted file.

1. Jump to the Account settings from the homepage if you are using the tool on a laptop. The mobile users will need to select Menu first and then click on their profile photo to get the Account Settings.

2. Then select Manage Teams at the side. There will be no such tab if there was only one team as a minimum of one team is mandatory to keep the Canva Teams account active, hence if there is a single team, it cannot be deleted.

3. Then click Undo delete option present next to the team.

And there you go, you have successfully recovered the deleted team, and all the lost files along with that. Remember, these steps can only be performed by the owner of the deleted team. A regular member will not be able to recover a deleted team on Canva.

How To Restore Deleted Canva File? Final Verdict

Restoring the Canva file is easier than deleting them. Just follow the above-mentioned steps accordingly, and you can restore the Canva lost work. Just make sure that you do it in time i.e. within 30 days.


Can A Team Member Who Is Not The Owner Of The Team Recover The Deleted Team?

No, only the team owner is authorized to delete, and hence only they can undo the deletion and recover the team.

How Can A Regular Team Member Recover Deleted Designs Or Files From A Deleted Team?

A regular team member cannot recover the deleted team themselves, hence they are also incapable of restoring the lost or deleted files or designs.

If Deleted Can An Individual Account Be Recovered Like A Team On Canva?

Once deleted, an individual user account cannot be recovered. It is gone forever unlike a team which can be recovered by the owner of the team within 14 days.

Can The Files Be Recovered If They Are In The Trash For More Than 30 Days In Canva?

Canva will automatically delete the designs or files forever if they are in Trash for more than 30 days.

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