How To Recover Deleted PUBG Account?

Being a PUBG lover myself I know that there are various factors that can cause the deletion of your PUBG account. Therefore, I will explore some easy methods to recover your lost, hacked, and deleted PUBG account with a step-by-step process. I have also added a detailed description for finding your PUBG account using your username only.

Additionally, you will learn the recovery of a hacked PUBG account and how to transfer your game data from an old PUBG account to a new one.

Moreover, I will share some valuable tips that will help you to keep your PUBG account safe from getting deleted again. So without wasting any time let’s start.

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Brief Overview 
To retrieve the PUBG account that you have requested to delete yourself, you need to sign in to PUBG on your phone and select Yes on the account deletion cancellation pop-up and get your deleted PUBG account back. However, if you miss the 7 days account deletion period then your PUBG account will be permanently deleted.

How To Recover Deleted PUBG Account?

Once you tap on Delete Account, your PUBG account gets deleted permanently within 7 days. In case, you have not confirmed the deletion request and you are within the account deletion period then there is a chance to get your PUBG account back.

To retrieve your deleted PUBG account follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your PUBG Mobile app and select the login method you used to sign in. For example, I am using my Google Play account.Log in to BGMI with Google Play
  • Tap on the Continue as button. Select Continue as
  • Next, you will get a pop-up notice on your phone screen informing the remaining time before your PUBG account gets permanently deleted. Do you wish to cancel your account deletion request? Select Yes and your PUBG account will be reopened.

Recover deleted BGMI account

Note: If you have missed the 7 days account deletion confirmation then your PUBG account will be permanently deleted and all your data including your game, player rank, currency, guns & skins, outfits, and Royale pass accessories will be lost forever. 

Find An Old PUBG Account Linked With Facebook

You can find an old PUBG account on Facebook in easy steps:

  • First, log in to your Facebook account on the Facebook app.
  • Open the PUBG app on your phone and tap on Login with Facebook.

Log in with Facebook

  • If your PUBG account is linked with Facebook then you will be logged into your old PUBG account.

Find an Old PUBG account

Can You Recover Guest PUBG Account?

A PUBG guest account stores your data on your device. If you uninstall and reinstall your game from the device then all data and game progress will be permanently deleted and you would never be able to restore your guest PUBG account.

Find Lost PUBG Mobile Account With Username

Finding a lost PUBG  account is easier than you think. If you remember your user id or nickname then follow the steps below:

  • Ask your friend to sign in and go to the game lobby of the PUBG app on their phone. After that, tap the Friends icon on your PUBG homepage.

Game lobby

  • If your friend recently played with you then scroll down the list and you will find your User ID.

Friend list

  • Otherwise, select the Add Friends icon.

add friends icon

  • And enter the username or user id in Advanced Search and select the Tier and Gender options. Next, tap on Search.

Advance search

  • Now, your PUBG account will appear below. Select your Profile Photo or Avatar Photo and note down the User ID and Username of your account.

 Avatar photo

Note: Tier and Gender options are helpful to shortlist your PUBG account when multiple usernames are starting with the same alphabet.  

Retrieve Hacked PUBG Account

If your PUBG account is being accessed by someone else other than you then follow the steps mentioned below:

Change The Password Of Your Social Media account Linked With PUBG

First, go to the login page of your social media account and change the password. After that, sign in to your PUBG account again.

Contact Customer Support

In case the above-mentioned steps do not work and you are unable to access your social media account then it is possible that your social media account is also hacked. The first thing you should do is contact customer support and file a report to get your hacked social media account back.

Can I Still Transfer My Old PUBG Account To PUBG Mobile?

No, the last date for the old data transfer was 31 December 2021. If you have missed the date then you would never be able to restore game data from your old PUBG account to a new one.

Bonus Tips

Here I have shared some valuable tips that will definitely be useful to save your PUBG account in the future.

  • Do not share your login id and password with anyone.
  • Do not log in to your PUBG account on unknown phones.
  • Always link your PUBG account to your social media account.
  • Save your password on your mobile or use a password manager.
  • If you have a Google Play subscription then cancel it after deleting your PUBG account.

Can I Recover Deleted PUBG Mobile Account? Final Verdict

It is possible to recover a PUBG account, however, there are some conditions that need to be fulfilled. Such as you need to recover the deleted PUBG account within the first 7 days of deletion. In case you have created your PUBG account with Facebook then you must have access to that Facebook account to retrieve an old account. There are more such tips I have shared in the article which will help you keep your PUBG account protected.


What Happens When I Delete My PUBG Account?

When you choose the Delete Account option on mobile and confirm the account deletion request, your account is permanently deleted.

Can I Unban My Permanently Banned PUBG Account?

No, once your PUBG account is permanently banned then there is no way to unban your account. The only thing you can do is open a new account and start over again.

Can I Recover Guest PUBG Account?

No, your game data is stored on your device. If you uninstall the PUBG app then all of your data will be lost forever.

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