How To Recover Deleted Todoist Tasks?

Todoist makes managing a hectic schedule more convenient than ever before. The software enables the users to just note down their tasks at the moment it strikes their mind, enabling them to arrange a well-managed schedule.

If you deleted a task or a project on your account and now you regret the decision and want to restore deleted Todoist task, but wonder how to do that? Don’t worry you have landed on the correct page. You are just a read away from getting your answers and recovering your deleted Todoist tasks.

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Brief Overview
As a paid user of Todoist, recovering deleted tasks or projects is a breeze. Simply import the backup created automatically by Todoist, and you’ll have them back in no time. However, if you’re a free user, it’s crucial to exercise extra caution because retrieving lost projects won’t be possible. It is strongly recommended that you consider upgrading to Todoist’s Pro plan if you value your tasks and cannot afford to lose them.

 How To Recover Deleted Todoist Tasks?

If you want to recover deleted tasks or projects on Todoist, then the only method is to import the backup. The option of a backup is available only to the users who have opted for the Pro plan or Business plan. A free user is not provided with a backup plan. The complete procedure for importing the backup and restoring deleted files is:

  • Select your avatar appearing at the top-right corner of your Todoist dashboard. Choose Settings.

Recover todoist deleted task

  • Open the Backups tab.


  • The download option will be appearing next to each backup. Download the backup you want to restore.
  • Now, the backup will be downloaded in a ZIP file. It has CSV files for each of the current projects and the active tasks as well. Remember, completed and active tasks won’t be there.
  • Finally, extract the contents of the ZIP file.

How To Import Todois Backup To Restore Tasks?

Once the Todoist task is downloaded in a CSV file, you can reupload it to your Todoist account and start working on it again. Here’s how you can restore a backup on Todoist.

  • You need to first create a new project.
  • Next, click on the three dots icon on the top right corner of your dashboard.
  • Now choose the Import from template option.
  • Finally, you can upload the CSV file you have downloaded from the backup.

So that’s how you restore a backup on your Todoist account.

How To Recover Deleted Tododist Task For Free Users

Todoist does not provide backup plans to free users. Backup is created automatically on the day a user opts for a paid plan. Since backups are the only way to retrieve the deleted tasks/projects on Todoist, hence a free user cannot recover their lost tasks.

So for all the free users, one thing is very important. They must delete their projects only when they are certain they will not require them in the future. As for them, there is no way to undo deleted projects on Todoist.

How To Create Tododist Backup

A backup is the only method of recovering the deleted Todoist project, so it is very important for a user to be well aware of it. Read this section and you will be able to make the most of this convenient feature.

Todoist automatically generates backup files for all the active tasks in all current projects of a user, enabling them to easily restore any project at any time. Well, if you do not want to rely on the software completely to form backups, and want to take the authority, you can easily do that. Click + Create Backup at the top of the Backups tab to manually create a backup of all the active projects you want.

Undoing Completion of a Task

Sometimes, it may happen that you might want to add a completed task back to the list of your incompleted tasks. Like visiting the grocery store again to fill up your kitchen. These are the tasks that are not repeated on regular or fixed intervals, you might need to repeat them depending upon the scenario you are in.

So will you need to again write them in your inbox, not really, you can easily undo the completed task. How to do that? Does it sound confusing? Well, it is not and is probably the easiest of all tasks.

To restore a task on your Todoist just visit the completed task view and there uncheck the completed task and instantly it will be added back to the task list.

Recover Deleted Task on Todoist: Final Verdict

If you are paid user of Todoist, you can easily recover deleted Todosit tasks or projects. All you need to do is import the backup. But if you are a free user, you need to be extra cautious as you will not be able to recover the lost project. So it’s advised that you use an upgrade to their pro plan if you are serious about your tasks and can’t afford to lose them.

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Can A User Create Tasks That Recur On Particular Days?

Yes, but only if the due dates added have the same pattern, like every Monday or every 10 days.

Is There A Maximum Limit To The Number Of Backups Created And Stored On Todoist?

Yes, Todoist creates and stores 21 backups at most on a user account. If the limit is crossed then the oldest backup gets deleted to make room for a new one.

Can A Free User Enjoy The Backup Feature On Todoist?

No, only Tododist Pro or business users can enjoy the backup feature on Tododist.

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