How To Get Back Blocked Numbers On Android & iPhone

If someone is bothering you with unwanted phone calls or text messages then the first thing you would do is block that phone number so that they can’t contact you. Most people even delete a blocked number from their cell phones. But what if the blocked number is important to you? How would you get back a blocked number? Don’t worry keep reading the article and I will show you how to retrieve deleted blocked numbers on Android and iPhone. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Brief Overview
If your Android or iPhone contacts are not deleted, it’s simple to retrieve them by unblocking blocked contacts. In case the number is deleted then you can search for it in your Google contacts or iCloud backup. If no backup is found then you can try using data recovery software to retrieve the deleted blocked contact from your phone’s internal storage.

Can You Bring Back The Blocked Number?

how to recover blocked numbers

Yes, you can bring back the blocked number on your phone. If you have not deleted the phone number after blocking it then you can simply unblock the number and start receiving calls and messages from them. However, if you have deleted the number after blocking it then you have to first recover the deleted blocked number and then unblock it. To learn more read along.

How To Get Back Blocked Numbers On iPhone & Android?

If you have blocked a phone number on your Android or iPhone and want to get it back, it’s quite simple to do that. However, you must have not deleted the phone number.

If you have deleted the blocked phone number then you can skip to the later part of the article where I am discussing how to retrieve deleted blocked numbers. Here let’s see how to get blocked contacts back or in simple words how to unblock the blocked numbers.

How To Find And Unblock Blocked Numbers On Android?

  • On your Android device go to the Phone app. Next, click on the three dots icon in the top right corner.

three dots icon

  • Next, select Settings.

Android contacts

  • Now, choose the Blocked numbers option. You will find the numbers which you have blocked previously on your device. Find the number you wish to unblock.

blocked number

  • To unlock a number tap on the x icon next to it and then tap on Unblock.

unblock contact on Android

With this, you will be able to get back a blocked number on Android.

How To Retrieve Blocked Numbers On iPhone?

In order to get back blocked contacts on your iPhone you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app. Tap on the Phone option.


  • Look for “Blocked Contacts” and tap on it.

blocked contacts

  • Swipe from right to left across the contact’s number you want to unblock. Tap on Unblock.

get back blocked contacts on iPhone

With this, you have successfully recovered blocked contacts on your iPhone.

How To Get Back A Blocked & Deleted Number On iPhone And Android?

If you have deleted the blocked numbers after blocking them then you need to recover them from the backup or your phone’s internal storage. Let’s see how you can do that.

1. Check For Backup In Google Contacts & iCloud

If you have deleted a blocked contact from your phone storage then you can check for its backup on the Google Contacts or iCloud backup depending on which device you are using, Android or iPhone.

If you find the deleted contacts there then you can easily sync contacts from Google Contacts or iCloud to your cell phone.

2. Use Data recovery apps

Data recovery software can help you recover the deleted blocked contacts from your phone’s internal storage. You can make use of software like Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to recover the deleted contacts from the phone’s internal storage as well as its iCloud or iTunes backup. I have reviewed Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone, you can read it for a better understanding of how this software works.

Similarly, you can make use of tools like EaseUS MobiSaver to recover contacts from Android phones. This tool can be directly installed on the Android phone from which you want to retrieve the deleted contacts. However, you may have to root the Android phone in order to get back blocked numbers because, in my test of EaseUS MobiSaver, I found that it was only able to recover deleted contacts after rooting the target phone.

How To Bring Back Blocked Contacts? Final Verdict

It is very easy to retrieve deleted contacts from your Android or iPhone if they’re not deleted. You just need to find the blocked contacts and unblock them. If the number is deleted from your phone then you can check for the deleted blocked number in your Google contacts or iCloud backup. Also, if you can’t find a backup then you may also use data recovery software to recover deleted blocked contacts from the internal storage of your phone.


How Can I Retrieve Blocked Numbers On My Android Or iPhone?

Unblock them from the blocked list in your phone settings.

What If The Blocked Number Is Deleted From My Phone?

Check Google Contacts or iCloud Backup, or use data recovery software.

Is It Necessary To Have A Backup To Retrieve Deleted Blocked Numbers?

No, you can try unlocking the numbers directly or use other methods such as recovering them from your phone's internal storage using a data recovery software.

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