How To Recover Deleted Tabs In Chrome

It is very common to mistakenly delete or close tab(s) while working on Chrome browser or any other web browser.  In case, you have lost crucial information by accidentally deleting your Chrome tab then you do not have to worry a bit. I will share easy methods to recover your deleted or closed tabs on Google Chrome.

Moreover, you will get some quick tips and tricks to secure your tabs from losing them again. So without wasting any moment let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
You can recover deleted tabs in Chrome by using the ctrl+shift+t shortcut key. Or they can be restored from the drop-down arrow icon of your Chrome browser. In case, you want to get back your old Chrome tabs then you will have to retrieve them from your search history. However, clearing your browsing data or your search history will erase the last remaining chance to reopen your old Chrome tabs.

How To Recover Deleted Tabs In Google Chrome

First of all, your Chrome tabs are not deleted instead they are closed. If you want to retrieve your deleted or closed Google Chrome tabs then use the following steps below:

1. First, go to the top right side of your PC screen and click on the drop-down arrow icon (Search tabs).

Recover deleted tabs in Chrome

2. Next, scroll down to the RECENTLY CLOSED section and finally click on the tab you wish to bring back on your Chrome browser.

Recently closed

3. Alternatively, use the ctrl+shift+t shortcut key and your most recently closed tab will appear on your screen. Moreover, Mac users can use cmd+shift+t to reopen the recently closed Chrome tab.

How To Restore Recent Tabs In Chrome

You can recover your recently closed Chrome tabs by following the steps mentioned below:

1. First, click on the 3 dots on the further right of your Chrome window.

three white dots

2. Then a list of options will appear on the right side of your browser screen. Here, go to the History option on the list.


3. Finally, click on the tab you want to restore.

How To Reopen Closed Tabs In Chrome After Restart

In case, you have accidentally closed your Chrome window or browser then you still have a chance to restore your closed or deleted tabs in a new Chrome window. To do this, follow the below-explained steps:

1. First, navigate to History by selecting 3 white dots.

2. Now, hover your mouse cursor over 7 tabs, and you will see the tabs from your last window.

Reopen closed tabs in Chrome after restart

3. Finally, click on the Restore window and your previous tabs will be restored on a new window.

Restore window

How To Get Old Tabs Back On Chrome

You can get back your old lost tabs from the Chrome History by following the below steps:

1. Open your Chrome browser and press the ctrl+H for Windows and if you are using Mac then use the cmd+H shortcut key.

2. Then scroll down the search history and finally click on the URL to get your old tab reopened on Google Chrome.

Get old tabs back on Chrome

Note: If you have cleared your search history then your old tabs will not be lost forever.

Bonus Tips To Keep Your Tabs Safe From Deletion

Pin Your Important Tabs 

If you use the same tabs over and over then you can pin your Chrome tab and get rid of entering the same URL to access the website. To pin your tab just right-click on the tab and select the Pin option from the menu.

Pin your tab

Enable Auto Restore Tabs

Once you enable the restore tabs settings, you will not have to worry about the recovery of your previous tabs.

1. First, select the 3 dots and click on the Settings.

Click Settings

2. Next, click on the On startup option from the left-side panel and select Continue where you left off.

Startup button

Add Bookmark

Always add a bookmark to your important Chrome tab(s) so that you can access it whenever needed. You can bookmark your current tab using the ctrl+D or cmd+D shortcut keys for Windows and Mac respectively. Moreover, Chrome allows you to bookmark all of your currently opened tabs by pressing the ctrl+shift+D or cmd+shift+D keys.

add book mark

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If you are using Chrome on your phone then tap on the 3 dots on the top right side of your phone screen. After that, select the Star icon and your tab will be saved as a bookmark.

Final Verdict

It’s possible to find and restore your closed tabs on Chrome but without a proper guide, a simple problem can turn out to be a big nightmare. However, if you have read this article till this section, then I am sure you will successfully recover your closed tab(s) in your Chrome browser without any hurdle. Additionally, I believe that implementing these security tips will enhance your browsing experience on Google Chrome.


What Is The Shortcut To Undo A Deleted Tab In Chrome?

You can undo your accidentally closed or deleted tabs by pressing the crtl+shift+t shortcut key on Windows and cmd+shift+t on macOS.

How To Restore Closed Tabs In Chrome After Restarting?

If you have enabled the Continue where you left off option from the Chrome settings then your closed tabs will automatically reopen. Otherwise, you will have to manually restore your past tabs from History.

How Do I Recover Closed Tabs After Clearing History?

Once you have cleared your search history then you will not be able to get back your closed Chrome tabs ever again.

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