How To Restore Candy Crush Level Without Facebook

King’s Candy Crush is the best match-3 game available to all devices. This game hosts millions of players of every age group across the world. If you are not careful enough then you may lose your game progress. However, I know some ways to bring back your lost or unsaved Candy Crush level without Facebook with simple steps. Moreover, I will include some important tips to prevent your Candy Crush game progress from getting lost. So without wasting any moment let’s begin.

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Brief Overview
To restore your Candy Crush level without Facebook all you need to do is make a King account and your previous Candy Crush progress will be restored on your device. Moreover, you can access your old game progress by creating a King account and sending a recovery request to the Candy Crush Help Center.

How To Restore Candy Crush Level Without Facebook

If you love playing this game then you should save your unsaved Candy Crush game. This game allows you to save your Candy Crush levels by creating a King account without using your Facebook ID.

If you wish to restore your previous Candy Crush game levels then follow the methods explained below:

Method 1: Log in To Your Candy Crush Account

If you already have a Candy Crush account then you can get back your Candy Crush game level by signing in to your King account. To do this, follow the Candy Crush level recovery process:

1. Open your Candy Crush game and click on the Retrieve My Progress button. But before you do that make sure to log out of your Candy Crush account from other devices.

Retrieve My Progress

2. After this, select the correct login option that you used to sign in to play your game. For example, I will be using my Candy Crush King account for the recovery of lost levels.

Select login option

3. Then enter your account details and click on LOG IN. With this, your lost Candy Crush Game progress will be restored.

Enter account details

4. In case you do not remember your password then select FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?

Forgot Password

5. Next, enter your registered email and click on RESET PASSWORD. After that, an email will be sent to your email address.

How to reset Candy Crush password

6. Open your email and select GET YOUR PASSWORD.

Open email

7. By doing this, will be redirected to the King’s official website. Just enter your new password and click on Change Password.

Change Password

8. Finally, save your Candy Crush login credentials in the password manager and sign in to your game to retrieve the lost Candy Crush levels.

password manager

Scenario 2: Contact The Help Center To Retrieve Candy Crush Levels

If you have not saved your game then do not worry. You still have a chance to recover your lost Candy Crush progress. It can be quickly done by creating your King account and then contacting the Help Center.

However, Candy Crush does not guarantee the successful recovery of your lost levels. To do this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Note: You need to perform the below steps using the same device on which you played Candy Crush earlier.

1. First of all, create a Candy Crush King account using your email address. Next, go to the homepage and click on the Settings icon.

Settings icon

2. Now, select the Pink question mark button and you will be redirected to the Candy Crush Help Center.

Pink question mark

3. Next, click on “The progress I’ve made isn’t showing in my game. How do I get it back?”

Restore Candy Crush Levels Without Facebook

4. After this, scroll down and click on CONTACT US.

Contact Us

5. Then enter the email address that you used while creating your King account. Next, fill in the details describing your issue including your current Candy Crush game level, and click on the SUBMIT button.

Click on submit

6. Finally, your request will be sent to the concerned authority and you will be contacted by a Candy Crush agent through email.

Close button

How Can I Save My Current Candy Crush Progress?

If you are playing Candy Crush for the first time then you should save your unsaved gameplay by creating a King account. You can create a Candy Crush King account by following the steps below:

1. First, go to the Candy Crush homepage on your mobile or PC and click on the Settings icon.

Candy Crush homepage

2. Then select My Account.

My Account

3. Next, you will see two options, here you can select SIGN UP WITH EMAIL or you can Continue with Facebook. If you do not want to use a Facebook account then choose the first option.

Sign up With Email

4. After this, enter your email address and password. Moreover, the game will ask you to provide your Name and Last name which will be visible to the other Candy Crush players.

Create Account

5. Finally, select CREATE MY ACCOUNT and your current Candy Crush progress will be saved in your new King account.

Bouns Tips

Create Your King Account

Save your Candy Crush game by creating your King account. This will protect you from losing your game levels.

Use Password Manager

Do not forget to save your sign-in credentials in a password manager to get easy access to your Candy Crush account.

Shared Devices

If you play your Candy Crush game on more than one device then make sure to log out from other devices first. After this, log in to your King account on your device and start playing. This way your game progress would be safe from getting lost.

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Can I Recover My Candy Crush Level Without Facebook? Final Verdict

Yes, it is possible to get back your Candy Crush level without using your Facebook ID and I have explained the recovery process in very easy steps.

However, I cannot guarantee the successful restoration of your lost Candy Crush levels through the Help Center. Lastly, do not forget to practice the tips I have explained in this article and keep your favorite game safe.


Can I Reinstall Candy Crush Without Losing Progress?

You can reinstall your Candy Crush game and return to your previous levels by selecting the Retrieve My Progress button.

Is There A Way To Save Candy Crush Progress?

You can save your Candy Crush process by creating a King account or signing up with Facebook.

How Do I Keep Candy Crush Progress On My New Phone?

Log in to Candy Crush using your King or Facebook account and your Candy Crush progress will be back on your new phone.

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