How To Recover Deleted Raid Partition

Raid is a combination of 2 or more individual hard drives which is used to store the same data in multiple storage devices to save your data from accidental disk failure.

However, no matter how many improvements we make there is always a risk of accidental deletion of your most valuable data. If you have lost data from the Raid array system due to disk failure then do not worry. I will tell you how you can recover your deleted Raid partition with a step-by-step guide. As usual, I will share some valuable points for the safekeeping of your Raid partition.

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Brief Overview
You can quickly restore your deleted or lost Raid partitions using Raid partition recovery software. Also, these Raid partition tools can provide you with more technician support when needed.

What Is Raid Storage?

RAID (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks) is an array of independent Hard drives that store the same data in multiple drives. Moreover, the Raid array is created to fulfill its core objective of keeping the data safe and easily accessible by creating multiple doorways to access and safeguard your data.

How To Recover Deleted Raid Partition

In case, you have lost your Raid partition data then do not be afraid. You can retrieve your deleted and lost Raid data with the help of this RAID partition recovery software known as Stellar Data Recovery Technician Software for Windows. This Raid recovery tool allows you to efficiently retrieve your lost data from Raid 0, Raid 5, and Raid 6 levels. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps and restore your deleted Raid partition with a 2-stage process.

Stage 1: How To Rebuild Your Raid Using Stellar Data Recovery Technician Tool

1. First, download and install Stellar Data Recovery Technician software on your PC.

Restore deleted Raid disks

2. Then, open the Raid recovery software and select the type of data you want to restore or you can click on the All Data option.  After that, select the Next button.

select data type

3. Here you can either retrieve your lost data from your PC drives or you can get back your deleted data from Raid Drives of your PC. But for demonstration, I will select the Raid recovery option and then click on Scan.

How to recover deleted Raid partition

4. Now, the software will ask you to rebuild your deleted or lost Raid array. To do this, select the type or level of Raid you had before.

5. Select your connected hard drives and move them to the next Window. Then use the Up-Down arrow boxes to arrange them.

Up-Down arrow boxes

6. Then click on the Build Raid button and wait till the reconstruction process is done.

Build Raid

Stage 2: Restore Your Deleted Raid Data

7. Once your Raid is created, select the Raid and click on the Show Volume List.

Show Volume List

8. Now click on the Raid Volume(s) and select Scan.

Raid Volumes 

9. After this, you will be able to see the File Type, Tree view, and Deleted List of your scanned files on the left side panel. You can choose files one by one or you can select the folder from the Tree view tabs.

Retrieve lost Raid partition

10. Finally, select the Browse… button to save your recovered data and click on Start Saving. With this, your recovered Raid files will be restored to the Pre-selected location.

Start Saving

Note: In case, you manage a large server then you can consult with a Stellar server recovery consultant agent at 7669906221 or contact with email at

How Do I Recover Lost Partition From A Raid Disk?

If you have lost your data from your Raid drive then you can use EaseUS Partition Recovery software to get your lost Raid partition back.

1. First, install and launch the EaseUS Partition Recovery tool.

2. Next, select the lost disk and click on the Scan button.

3. When the scanning process is finished, Double-click the lost partition to preview the scanned folders.

4. Finally, click on the partition you wish to have back on your Raid drive and select the Proceed button. After that, the data of your lost or deleted partition will be restored on your drive.

Bonus Tips

1. Create A Backup Of Your Raid Drives

Always create a backup for your Raid drives to protect your valuable data from unknown threats.

2. Protect Your Raid With Antivirus Software

You can keep your Raid data safe with the help of a reliable antivirus tool. This will safeguard your data from any external breach or unwanted access.

Final Verdict

Maintaining a Raid system is surely a tough job to have. If you are an individual user who manages a large amount of data then this article is just for you. I have explained how you can easily recover or undelete your Raid partitions with Raid partition recovery software in easy steps. On the other hand, if you own a server or run a large institution then you should consult with a recovery specialist to get exceptional data recovery services.


Can I Recover A Raid 5 Array If 2 Drives Failed?

No, you will not be able to restore your Raid 5 array because losing 2 disks at once will affect the overall performance of Raid 5 and it will automatically shut down.

How To Retrieve Data From Raid Hard Drives?

You can get back your lost data using Raid partition recovery software.

Can I Recover Data After Deleting Partition?

Yes, a partition recovery tool can easily recover your deleted data from the lost partiton.

Can I Rebuild The Same Drive From Parity?

Your data is saved on different drives of your Raid array. If one of the disks fails then the system automatically starts the backup process using available parity checks.

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